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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mailbag Monday: Attracting Success in the Entertainment Industry

Today's question comes from Talented in Tribeca, he writes...

I love the way your website is so comprehensive ! That said, I am seeking to work regularly as a working professional Actor in prime-time evening television and then eventually major motion pictures! I am always getting my Acting training and working diligently towards my objective through performing in no pay or low-paying theater roles as well !

I expect to work extremely hard, however all I want is to have a well-respected, tough, influential
Talent Agent that will see me, meet me, and speak to me, and be truly excited about representing me for prime-time tv and major feature films ! I just want a Talent Agent that will believe in me and work extremely hard at pitching my talents to the right people to cast in major Acting roles on prime-time tv & major motion pictures !

Please advise me on what can be done.
MM Talented, 
This first thing I would recommend to you is the same thing that I would suggest for anyone who is trying to get ahead in the world today, especially with the present state of our economy, and that is to build an altar to your own success.  Find a spot somewhere in your home or apartment that you can dedicate to your own success and  fill this space with images, curios, and charms that speak directly to that objective.
You can start by dressing your resume/head-shot with Steady Work and Crown of Success Oils and then placing this in a nice photo frame. You can go an extra step by placing a small packet of success type herbs behind the photo in the frame. Next, you can obtain a lodestone and fix it to attract the best talent-agent for you. Write your desire for a suitable talent-agent on a piece of paper, then cross and cover this with your name written nine times. Anoint the paper with Attraction Oil and place it on a saucer with the lodestone on top. Anoint the lodestone with some Attraction Oil and feed it some magnetic sand asking it to attract the best talent agent for you. 
If you have a specific talent-agent in mind, obtain their business card, photo, trade-article mentioning their name dress this with attraction oil and place it under the lodestone as well. When you DO get a talent agent, obtain his or her business card and use this to create a honey jar on them so that he or she will like you and will want to do things for you to assist you in having a successful career. 

In addition, you can obtain and burn Steady Work and Crown of Success vigil lights at your altar and it would probably be a good idea to purchase a custom-mojo hand from a reputable company such as Lucky Mojo or Planet Voodoo for your specific purpose.

These are just a few things that can assist you in finding success in your chosen profession. As you well know, you have to have a thick skin to work in the entertainment industry so most of all don't get discouraged. Keep reaching for the stars....or you'll never be one. 


Carolina Dean

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