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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Remedy for Retrograde Planets

Each of the seven classical planets (associated with the 7 days of the week) have both a Seal and a Kamea, or Magic Square. Whereas the Kamea sets forces in motion, the seal brings them to a halt. 

During periods of retrograde, when a planet appears to move backwards from its normal trek around the sun, those area of life governed by the planet tend to suffer setbacks and breakdowns. For example, Mercury is believed to rule communication and travel and so during a Mercury-Retrograde it is common for breakdowns in communication and interruption of travel plans to occur.

A simple ritual to shield yourself from these negative disruptions is as follows. To perform it you will need the following items:

  • Square of Planet
  • Seal of Planet 
  • Pin
  • Candle of a color associated with the planet 
  • Sharp Knife 
Perform the ritual shortly before the retrograde begins. Take a knife and cut the tip off of the candle, then dig a new wick out of what was its original bottom. Draw the planetary symbol on the candle, set it in a holder and light the candle, saying:

"I now sever the ties that bind,
the energies of (planet) to that of mine;
& until s/he resumes his/her normal course
our energies shall remain divorced!"

Next, place the Planetary Seal over the Kamea and secure it with a pin, saying:

"As (Planet) stumbles over
 his/her own footprints
I shield my self 
from all consequence;
no worries, no troubles,
nor any grief
from these concerns, 
I now have relief!"

Place this under the candle and let it remain. When the candle burns out wrap the talisman in a clean, white cloth and carry it with you for protection. When the retrograde end, ritually removed the pin and burn both the Seal and the Kamea

It is very important that you remove the seal from the square when the retrograde ends, because the seal not only blocks all negative effects of the planet but the positive ones as well; and you will not be able to reap the positive benefits of the planet so long as the spell is in effect.

Carolina Dean


AmethJera said...

Can the illustration you used be copied and used as is, or do I need to find a separate Seal and Kamea?

Carolina Dean said...

No, you can't use the one in my illustration. That would be like using a picture of a pin-stuck doll instead of sticking the pins in a doll yourself.

You can find the seals/kamea in the links within the body of the entry.