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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Court Case Spell

I have not had a great deal of experience with court-case spells but recently had to do some work on my own behalf in this area.  Without going into too great a detail, I created this spell out of my own need to win a hearing against a former employer that would determine whether or not I would be able to continue to provide for myself and maintain my present lifestyle. Had I lost this hearing, I surely would have been homeless. 

I approached my problem from three angels. They were:
  1. A Honey Jar on the Judge
  2. Curse of Confusion
  3. Freezing My opponents

Honey Jar on the Judge

Please refer to this link for more information about Honey Jars. For this part of the ritual I will add that I was able to google the judge's name and find a photograph of him from the archives of his old law firm, which I included in the honey jar along with calendula flowers and dill seeds.

Since they are notoriously slow-acting, I built my honey jar the same day I learned the name of the judge that would be presiding over my case. I place the honey-jar in front of an image of St. Expedite  (thank you Dr. E, for that tip) and petitioned him to speed up the effects of the jar. Each morning, I would burn a newly prepared candle dressed with Fast Luck Oil on the jar and read Psalm 5 while focusing on my desire.

Curse of Confusion

Before I begin to describe my curse, let me explain that these people were bearing false witness against me and I confirmed through divination that my cause was righteous and that it was all right for me to proceed. To perform this spell you will need:

  • Black Candle 
  • Small Deep Dish
  • 7 Pins 
  • Vinegar
  • Black Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Paper and Pencil 
  • Bible
This spell was begun 7 days prior to my hearing date. I begun by writing the names of my opponents and opposing witnesses on individual slips of paper. I placed this paper in the dish and poured vinegar over the names. I sprinkled in the black-pepper, red-pepper, and poppy seeds. Next, I wrote the same names on the black candle and pierced the candle with 7 pins dividing the candle in 7 equal sections (the 7th pin goes through the wick). 

I lit the candle and made my petition to the Lord to deliver me from my enemies and then prayed Psalms 35 a total of three times. I let the candle burn down to the top-most pin, snuffed out the flame and then dropped the pin into the vinegar. The following day and each day thereafter I lit the candle and made my petition followed by reading Psalm 35 three times. 

The honey-jar and the confusion candle were on my altar at the same time. I placed the Honey Jar on the right and the Confusion Candle on the left side of the altar with a ritual knife in between them with the sharp end of the blade facing the confusion candle.This was done to keep the energies I called forth from contaminating one another and to prevent my opponent from unduly influencing the judge in any way. 

On the final day, I lit the honey jar candle AND the last bit of the confusion-candle shortly before my hearing was to take place (over the phone). In addition, after I had read Psalm 35 over the confusion candle for the last time, I took my bible and placed it on a table between myself and the direction of my enemies for good measure. 

Freezing the Witnesses

This part of my work was also begun on the same day that I got my discovery package in the mail containing the names of my judge, the people representing my former employer, and the witnesses as well as all the witness statements and evidence. 

Again I wrote the names of my opponents and their witnesses on individual slips of paper and attached them to a black cloth doll. I placed the doll on a piece of tin-foil and sprinkled it with a few drops of War Water, a pinch of red-pepper, and some crab-shell powder. I wrapped the tin-foil around the doll (shiny side inward) so that every lie or evil deed my opponents would throw at me would reflect back on them. Finally, I placed the doll in a zip lock bag and placed it in my freeze upside down in a corner. 


Long before I was able to begin my spell-work (I was waiting on paper-work) I received two readings from two other practitioners. Each of them told me that things seemed bleak but that everything would eventually turn out in my favor. I, myself, wasn't so sure and wasn't about to leave anything up to chance and began planning my work. 

At one point, I was really scared and looked for comfort from the Holy Bible. I asked my question and opened the bible at random and put my finger down on Acts 24:13 which reads:

"Neither can they prove the things whereof they now accuse me."

It was then that I knew everything WAS going to be ok. 

The Results

My hearing lasting about an hour and though I was nervous at first I answered all the questions put to me truthfully. I was able to get some of my opponents evidence thrown out but they were not able to get any of my evidence thrown out. 

I knew that my spell was working when not one but two of the witnesses slipped up and basically said that they were lying about their accusations and agreed with my own testimony; in addition the individual who was representing my ex-employer showed that she had no clue what she was doing. The hearing ended and two days later, I received the determination of my case in the mail. I won!


I received my determination over a month ago but am only writing about my experience now because my former employer had until June 16th to appeal the court's decision and they did not do so. I must also point out that I reluctantly confided in some of my magickal friends who did some pro-bono work on my behalf as well. If you are interested in using their services click on the links below to be taken to their respective websites. 

And finally, I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to them as well as my other magickal friends who do not have their own businesses but who lit candles and sent up prayers on my behalf! Thank You All!

Carolina Dean