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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun with Telepathy

I have a very good friend, whom I'll call Jean Grey and whom I've known for about three years. Jean and I worked together for he who shall not be named and, knowing that I am single with no family here in Washington, she always invited me to her home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

After we both left this employer, we continued to socialize together often as well as to talk on the phone at least once a day. It was only within the last year that we each began to notice how in synch we are.

There have been many times when we have been together when we knew what the other was thinking, could finish each other sentences, etc...At other times I would think about her, only to have her call me shortly thereafter. We have never had an argument of fight and often tease each other and bicker like an old married couple. We often joke that if she was a gay man or I was a straight one that we would make a great couple.

Today, while driving to her house for a visit, I began thinking about our connection and wanted to do a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could project a thought to her and have her know what I was thinking. About 15 minutes away from her house, I began visualizing her and projecting the thought "triangle" over and over to her. 

When I got to her house, I asked her what she had been doing in the last 15 minutes and she said that she had been on facebook looking at someone's profile. I told her that on my drive over I wanted to see if I could project my thoughts to her and had been projecting the thought of a certain shape to her for the past 15 minutes. She immediately spoke up and said that it was triangle! 

However, remember I said that she had been looking at someone's profile on facebook? Well, just before I arrived she was looking at tattoo one of her friends had gotten which took the form of a Eye Within a Triangle! So, that begs the question...was I reading her mind at the time or did I successfully project the thought to her??? Perhaps the world will never know.....

Carolina Dean

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~*Rhi*~ said...

This happens with me all the time! I can never figure out if we are projecting or reading...I've finally decided that we are on the same "wavelength" of the Universal mind & are simply connected.

Wild & Bright Blessings!