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Monday, June 6, 2011

Luna Strikes

A few days ago, I posted a letter from one of my site visitors ( who felt that I was misinforming my readers. Today, I received the following reply. Please note that the email was sent to me as one long paragraph and so I broke it up into several paragraphs for easier reading, however I left all grammatical errors and misspellings in place.

If u thought THAT was bitchy I wonder how you will take my next questions. 1 how can you call yourself a follower of harm ye NONE if you have spells for children and a section on curses? Did you not study ethics and what it entails? Did your teacher NOT teach you that you are responsible for the reactions to your actions? did you not know that if someone uses your info wrong, or takes it as wicca and someone gets HURT of DIES because a majority of ppl only use ONE site, then YOU are responsible. they are also responsible as it is their choice, but your incomplete info can cause harm in someones reaction. 

That symbol ISN'T the "most commonly used". in fact I went searching for it (after I emailed you) as I am well aware of all the "new age" versions of things (and how a lot of ppl who only THINK a wiccan in merely a "good" witch exist). not a single reference to the symbol was found. Not to say their isn't one, just that I don't think you are truly doing your research. If you are so easily offended by a nice way of putting things, I wonder how you will take my lack of sugar. Hears one praise for you though. Your symbol for Uranus was pretty good. I found your site while doing some research of my own (which I usually avoid doing on the internet due to all the fakes and ppl who give "bad" advice and 'facts' that are not facts) on the symbol of Uranus (I actually never use the internet to look up Wicca due to nut jobs and such but I actually didn't notice until your site was on until after clicking... wasn't paying attention. 

I admit it, I was irritated after two hours of research and so much BS it wasn't funny, so I didn't even look). Once at the site though I looked through it a little. I did not notice certain things until after the email otherwise it really WOULD have been "bitchy". Just to clear something up. A wiccan in lamens terms in a HEALER and a protector (shield spells and protection spells). If in your options all cause harm, you must look for the least harm in the big picture. cursing is a no no as it is HARM and giving an innocent that kind of responsibility is close to the crime of just destroying them, in fact that is exactly what it is in some cases. Magik is a wonderful thing but in the hands of someone who does not understand what they are doing of the weight of it... 

I must wonder for how many innocents (children) you are responsible for the actions of. curses I see too much. a common misconception of ppl who have the "good witch" theology. thing is. you use them? you are NOT wiccan. pure and simple. The only exception to the rule with children is if they are of the stage in life (usually varying from ages 8-12, and never without parental knowledge and consent) where they are prepared in their own mind to decide what they wish to believe and have decided they wish to believe in this path. I chose my path rather young and my brother chose a different one years later. did that make it easy? no. Did my teacher teach me spells right off? HELL no. I was taught ethics first and then asked if I wished to continue. then I was taught healing remedies. THEN I was taught the bare minimum about spells and set unto it with her watching over me and letting me form my own comfortable style. Please note. this teaching style was used due to the highborn natural thing, so I am unsure of how it would work on someone who isn't one. I am not even NOW ready to take on an apprentice. Why? mostly personal reasons. I enjoy learning from others. My lady elder (respectable term for a dear one to me who is a crone as well as a high priestess and a shaman) also looked at your page. In fact I double check with her to see if, in all her years along the path, she had seen the symbol you used for Pluto. nope. that was before I e mailed you.

The next and final thing you need to understand for the total weight of understanding? People DIE. Not just in high magik (usually of the more powerful varieties than what you wrote about... and that isn't something I use anyway), but they die because they are KILLED. Their are still those today who die because someone does LIKE the fact that they are (what is actually only the term since burning times) a "witch" (before the burning times wicca were "village healer"-more common term, "priestess"-less common term unless you were one talking to others, but always respected in those things.) and guess what they do little one? they kill them. do you know why this continues beside some very corrupt ppl in a church somewhere? 

site like yours with incomplete or wrong information. every death your site could prevent or has helped cause is also your responsibility. for your sake, I sincerely hope the death I witnessed as a child is not one of them (though I already know it is not). I have studied for years. You have been studying how long young one? I am not meaning to pull the seniority thing (which is annoying in of its own) merely referencing experience level. Still. There are those who have studied longer and know more than me. be more careful with what you put out, and please, either remove your status as "wiccan" or change your site. otherwise I will be informing others and spreading the word because your site is part of the problem. This is not a threat. again. nobody would hurt you.... just make sure others knew your site was not credible as a wiccan site. If you need a reference book for your own studies, a good one author is silver raven-wolf of Scott Cunningham... although before anything else I recommend "Wiccan beliefs and practices" by Gary Cantrell (you need it little one)... and a book about the knights code (this is how one thinks as a healer... minus the fighting... though their is a path today that uses that code in full.. just not Wicca).

Now obviously, this person has not thoroughly read my site because the section on curses contains philosophical information and notes hot to take them off. It DOES NOT contain curses that you can cast on others. The section on spells for children are spells designed to help and to heal them. But don't believe me, click the links and see for yourself.

As I states in my earlier response, I used the symbol for Pluto which I feel is most commonly used today. In fact, the original symbol for Pluto which combines the letter P and L is actually to honor Percival Lowell who is credited with discovering the planet (and yes, I know scientist no longer consider Pluto a planet).  Again, I did not forget to include any information at my site (although I know there are places I wish to go back and add information and update old information). I purposefully left out some information, as many writers do, to encourage the seeker to do their own work.

I don't believe Luna's statement that most people use only one site for their information. The current trend in metaphysical circles (which is in itself a controvertible subject) is eclecticism. Today's seeker isn't as interested in adhering to tradition as earlier ones were, but rather pick and choose their beliefs and practices a la carte so to speak.

Out of curiosity, I used the email "Luna" used to contact me to find her on facebook in order to learn a little bit more about this person who keeps referring to me as 'young one'. I won't give her real name, but according to her facebook page Luna graduated from high school in 2007 which would make her about 22 years old.  

So, Luna, as YOUR ELDER, I would advise you to tuck your pointy little hat back between your legs and head back to Hogwarts to get your facts straight. Better still, try practicing what you preach. Think about the harm YOU are creating with your negative attitude. YOUR thoughts, WORDS, and deeds come back to you for good or ill, isn't that the Threefold Law? 

Carolina Dean  


Brother Christopher said...

unless Luna didn't graduate high school until her 50's? it happens, you know.

I love her friend who is a "crone, high priestess and shaman" yet doesn't give a name or any evidence to support this claims. Its the internet, you can claim anything

Carolina Dean said...

In that case, I'm King of the Witches and inherited my titled from Alex Sanders. I have his handwritten letter telling me so, but I have to keep it in another dimension or else earth's atmosphere will emulsify the magickal paper it is written on...also in magickal ink (i think its the blood of a virgin unicorn.).

pogperson said...

Yours is one of the best and most helpful magical sites on the web, and I'm pretty sure I've said that to you before but - if not - I'm saying it now. You're extraordinarily generous with your knowledge, and it's knowledge worth having.

Ignore this self-important, illiterate twit. She reeks of jealousy and desperation and, in light of her ill-conceived and ungrammatical attack on you, is the last person who should be lecturing anyone on ethics or anything else; she's put her ignorance out there for all to see, but hasn't got the sense to be embarrassed. This dimwit doesn't deserve the time it took you to make your (very measured) response. You're a class act, my friend, and she's an angry little mosquito.

Best regards,

Carolina Dean said...

Thank you posperson, I appreciate your vocal support!

Raven said...

I might add that "Luna" doesn't have a clue what she/he is talking about. A Wiccan does NOT mean a "healer" or "protector;" it means somebody who's a member of an initiatory priesthood, as founded by Gerald Gardner. It's got nothing to do with being all lovey dovey, white-lighty. "Harm none" is but ONE piece of advice in the much larger Wiccan Rede (rede, in this case, means "advice.") There were no Wiccans killed in the "burning times" because there was no Wicca yet; there wasn't, until the 1950's. I highly, highly doubt the person who wrote this ridiculous rant knows Wicca from Harry Potter.

Long story short: you've gotten on the bad side of some silly fluffy bunny, who will probably ditch magic for whatever the next big fad is. I wouldn't let it get to you; anybody who doesn't know that cursing is a traditional part of magic, is not somebody who's opinion I would value much.

Carolina Dean said...

Thank you Raven. I don't plan to address any of Luna's concerns any further.

Sara & Joseph Magnuson said...

"every death your site could prevent or has helped cause is also your responsibility. for your sake, I sincerely hope the death I witnessed as a child is not one of them (though I already know it is not). I have studied for years. You have been studying how long young one?"

Wow. This sounds like psychotic rambling. I understand people are not necessarily at their best when shooting messages over the internet, but COME ON! If you're going to level this kind of comment/accusation please clear away the crazy-cobwebs...

Love you Carolina Dean! Keep doing what you're doing.

-Joseph Magnuson

Carolina Dean said...

Thanks Joseph,

Did you see where she wrote

"for your sake, I sincerely hope the death I witnessed as a child is not one of them (though I already know it is not)."

I didn't catch it the first time, the original email was poorly written, but clearly this person is disturbed.

Joseph Magnuson said...


Yep, sure saw that! In fact, that's what lead me to post it. There are many semi-disturbing (as well as incorrect) things said in the diatribe against you, but that was definitely the pinnacle of "What!?".

I recently heard that Salem, Massachusetts is starting to take on massive amounts of homeless because self-proclaimed "witches" and "wiccans" have been arriving in droves...only to be street wanderers. Some people do have mental disturbances and happen to practice "magick".

This is in no way against actual Wiccans and Witches, Warlocks or Root Doctors, or the many legitimate practicing-people, as I love you all, but people like "Luna" give us ALL a bad name!

-Joseph Magnuson

Jesse W. Campbell said...

Mercy. This summer is truly taking no prisoners. Uranus and Pluto are hardcore. :-O

I realize that this person is completely off in her accusations and reasoning, but I still want to take a moment to thank you for all you do. Thank you for your perseverance, forthrightness, and eloquence Carolina!

Your work has become an indispensable reference for me for many hard to answer questions and as a neophyte I am VERY GRATEFUL for the benefit of experience that you've chosen to share with us all. THANK YOU! :-)


Carolina Dean said...

Thanks Jesse,

FYI in later emails Luna admits that she didn't read my site past skimming it, even after I attempted to correct her.

In one of her last emails to me, I discovered that she even thinks I am a woman! She has vowed to spread the word across the net that my site is terrible and misleading. All I can say is if any of her friends are like her, then I don't want them visiting my site.

Thanks Again,


AmethJera said...

WOW...THAT IS SOME KIND OF PSYCHOSIS! (Luna=Lunatic...hummmmm...)
I have to say that was one hell of a rant, Dean-How did you get so lucky as to attract the attention of one so obviously disturbed? The internet, although a wonderful tool for communication, is also the bane of communication as well because, as we all know, anyone can say anything while sitting comfortably behind their keyboard. They can spew any nasty, negative venom they want from the comfort of their home with the 'shield ' of their computer firmly in place, knowing they will not be held accountable for their words, which brings me to this lovely statement:

"Did your teacher NOT teach you that you are responsible for the reactions to your actions?"

Did hers?

The think I find most disturbing about the entire episode is not that this diatribe seems to be fueled by alcohol or drugs, but that this person claims to have graduated from high school.

You mist be doing something right!