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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hoodoo in Review: Road-Opening Soap

Elegba Road Opening Soap
Madrina Angelique's newly designed Elegba Road Opening Soap is handcrafted exclusively from olive oil, shea butter, luxurious oils and authentic traditional herbs and scents. 
Hand poured and infused with divine energy, each bar of Elegba Road Opening Soap is a powerful way to increase your personal power, clear away negativity and purify your body before any magical working. Elegba can remove obstacles, improve communication, provide spiritual protection and bring luck and good fortune. $ 11.00

Commentary: I have to say that I was excited to receive this product from Madrina Angelique as I thought that it was perfect for a personal issue I had been struggling with for several months. 
The soap, which measures approximately 3" X 3", came packaged quite nicely wrapped in a cardboard-like shell and arrived fully in tact with no chips or damage at all.  Though the scent, which I can only describe as "clean laundry" was rather strong inside the box, I found that it was more subtle when actually placed in the open space of my bathroom. When used, the Road-Opening Soap lathers up very well and a little goes a long way. This is not a soap that you will use up in a few baths but will actually last you some time. 

I have rather sensitive skin when it comes to harsh-chemicals and I found that when applied to my body the Road-Opening soap gave me a tingling sensation on my skin and washed off very easily without leaving my skin overly dry or without the sensation of having a film on your skin afterwards as some commercial soaps do. Once rinsed off and out of my bath, Madrina Angelique's Road Opening soap left  me feeling clean, fresh, and renewed. In addition, I found that the scent of the soap lingers on one's skin in a subdued, but pleasing manner. 

As for its purported purpose, well for the past few months I've been struggling with depression, lethargy, and a lack of desire to take an active role in the my own life. Since using Madrina Angelique's Road Opening Soap I have begun to feel my energy returning along with a new sense of interest  and hope in my own life and future. That being said, I would definitely recommend Madrina Angelique's Road Opening soap to anyone who is facing blockages of either a material or immaterial nature and who sincerely desires to break through them and tread the path of success. 

Carolina Dean 


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1 comment:

Voodoo Mama said...

I have also tried the soap and it is wonderful! I have dry skin (ashy anyone?) and this soap does not make my skin dry like a lot of bar soaps do. It smells fabulous, and the cardboard wrapper works fine when placed in a drawer with your clothes. BONUS!