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Friday, July 8, 2011

Where There's Fire....

Smoke Detector Covered in Cling Wrap
As working-witches we often have candles and incense burning in our homes and sacred spaces on an, almost, daily basis. This was fine for the witches of yesteryear, but today’s witches, many of whom rent homes or apartments with very specific rules and regulations, have to deal with technology such as smoke detectors and heat sensors in their home as well that prevent them from burning their candles/incense in the way that they would like.

I know many witches who charge and empower their candles at their altar and then move them to burn in their sink, bathtub or even their stove. I’ve done this myself, for safety reasons, when I have needed to burn candles overnight or while I am not home. However, I prefer not to have to move my candles away from the altar when I am awake and in the apartment. There is a reason that we work at our altars, after all.  

I am quite lucky that I have a two-bedroom apartment which allows me to have a whole room dedicated to my craft, however the three smoke alarms and one (sensitive) heat sensor are in inconvenient places. I’ve known some people who actually take the battery out of their smoke alarms, however, mine are hardwired into the apartment’s electricity and, frankly it is too much of a hassle to do this every time I need to burn a candle or some incense. It is also directly stated in my lease that tampering with the smoke-detectors in any way would be a violation of my lease and grounds for eviction. Therefore, I’ve had to be creative when coming up with solutions.

To combat smoke-detectors I place shower-caps over them while I am burning candles and/or incense. If you don’t have a shower cap handy, you can use a piece of cling-wrap or secure a plastic bag over the smoke-detector with a rubber-band. Typically when I prepare my magickal-candles they will be anointed with oil and then rolled in a mixture of dried herbs. When lit, the dried herbs can cause the flame to flare up and burn really hot setting off the heat sensor. I've learned that instead of rolling my oiled up candles in the dried herb(s), to sprinkle the herbs in a circle around the candle. This way the candle burns more normally and does not set off the heat sensor.

For safety reasons, always remember to remove the shower-cap when you are done burning your candles and/or incense.

Carolina Dean 

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