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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My Written-Petition
First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all my followers for not abandoning this page after I had not posted as consistently as I have before. As many of you may or may not know, until recently, I was on unemployment and searching for not only a job, but also a job that would allow me to maintain my present lifestyle or something better. 

It took 14 months and I don't know how many prayers, spells, and just plain old begging but as of the last week of July I have returned to the work force. My new job is very physically demanding and after being so inactive for such a long time, dealing with depression, and has been an adjustment to say the least. I have already gone down one notch on my belt and I can see that my clothes are fitting better. 

As I continue to adjust to my new circumstances, I will be blogging, working on my websites and writing articles for Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly as well as The Witch's Hour Magazine -----so please be patient with me.

Workin' Man Mojo Bag Recipe 

  • Gravel Root 
  • Guinea Peppers
  • Salt 
  • Whole Buckeye
  • Lodestone (fed)
  • SIlver Dime 
  • St. Expedite Medal
  • Small Key
  • Written Petition
Suggested Timing

  • Moon Phase: New to Waxing
  • Day: Thursday or Sunday
  • Hour: Jupiter, or the Sun 
Suggestions for Your Petition:
  1. Write a brief paragraph outlining what you are looking for in a job. Turn the paper sideways and write your name crossing this description nine times. 
  2. Write your name seven times cross and cover this with the words GOOD JOB in bold letters.
  3. Write your name three times, cross and cover this with the exact Job Title that you desire and then write your specific petition for this type of job in a circle around the name and job title. Make sure all the letters connect, for example bankmanagerjobcometome. You can spread this out in one long sentence, or write the statement over and over until it forms a circle. 
  4. To add some punch to your mojo bag, you may want to write your petition on a two dollar bill. Before folding the paper place at least one hair from your head in the center to further personalize your mojo. 

Suggested Prayers

  1. Psalm 23- An all purpose prayer.
  2. Psalm 32- Calls love, grace and mercy upon those who pray it. It has been used by the unemployed to obtain a new job.
  3. Psalm 70- For fast results in matters of money.
  4. Psalm 112- To get a loan or job.

Carolina Dean 


Nicolette Wong said...

Glad to hear that you got your work situation sorted out and you'd be losing weight! Hope your new life goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I’m happy that things are finally looking up in your favor. Congratulations!!! It’s time for the happy dance. I loved what I read on your blog and looking forward to reading more or your work.

The Workin’ Man Mojo Bag Recipe can a female use it?

Carolina Dean said...

Yes, a female can.