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Monday, September 26, 2011

MIPC: Method for Redress of Fitts

To determine if a Man's mortall Suffering be caused by bewitchment, catch his water in a witch-bottel and throw in some pins or nayles and boil it upon a very hott fire. Throw the bottel into the fyre whilst reciting the Lord's Prayer follo'd by this most effective Incantation:

Agla Pater Dominus Tetragrammaton Adonai:
Heavenly Father I beseech thee, bring the Evil doer unto me.

When his Water is well Boilt so shall the Sorcerer be drawn unto the fyre. And so with the pins and crafte may he be entreated to free his Victim from Diabolicall machinations. 

Fuel for Sure Withdrawal


  1. When the Sorcerer appeareth, hee may be implor'd to reverse the malefaction by diverse means. Ref. death-philters. 
  2. Simple reversal, whereby the bottel its contents be placed in a pot upon the fyre within not more than three feet of said Malefactor combined with stinging Nettle and ground roots of Mandrake altogether to bring his bewitchment back unto him, and 
  3. If lessen'd effect be desired withal do the same adding Goldenseal and mint whilst reciting the Most effective Incantation.

The Physic Book of Deliverance Dane 
Katherine Howe, ©2009
pages 301-308

Commentary: The use of personal concerns in the practice of magick is based on the theory of contagious magick which states that “things once in contact with one another continue to exert an influence on one another after they have been separated.”  The term includes anything that is associated with a person’s physical body either having once been a part of it or having intimate contact to the body, such as urine, hair, fecal matter, sweat, blood, semen, vaginal secretions, etc...

Personal Concerns represent a practitioner's connection to another individual and are used to cast spells for good or evil which are to have an affect on the person to whom they are linked. Generally speaking, the more intimate and personal a link is to the individual the more powerful it is regarded. The most powerful concerns originate inside the body and decrease in strength as you move away from the body. 
There are a number of ways in which personal concerns are used in magick, some of which include:
  1. Incorporated into a doll.
  2. Folded into a written-petition.
  3. Included in a mojo bag.
  4. Wound inside a jack ball.
  5. Incorporated into a charm or talisman.
  6. Included in a packet. 
  7. Hidden in food. 
  8. Sealed in a Honey Jar. 
It is known that during the time of the Salem Witch Trials (circa 1692) a person's urine was often employed to determine if they were bewitched, as well as to cure their illnesses. There are two main ways in which this was done. They are:
  1. To determine if a person was bewitched, his or her urine was baked into a cake with some wheat meal and then fed to a dog. If, after eating the cake, the dog acted as if it were bewitched suffering the same symptoms as the individual. In some instances, the cake was thrown into a fire in the belief that destroying the cake would destroy the bewitchment.
  2. The afflicted person's urine was boiled upon a fire along with some crooked pins and then thrown on a fire after a time. In 1654, a cunning woman named Anne Green who resided in Northeast England was said to cure headaches caused by bewitchment by boiling the person's urine on a fire along with some of their hair and then tossing it on a fire, destroying the fire. 

As you can see, the "Method for Redress of Fitts" as given above is based on sound principles of magic. However, there is no need to draw the person who bewitched the victim to oneself in order to entreat him or her to remove the spell as destroying the bewitched urine in fire after boiling it for some time was all that was required for relief.

Carolina Dean


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