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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pandora: The First Witch

Note: Here's a little story I wrote as part of my magickal series to explain where witches came from. It is not intended to be read as a matter of fact, but rather a legend in the universe of witches I created.

Long, long ago, the world belonged to demons and darkness crouched in every corner of the earth. Mankind in its infancy could scarcely inccrease his number in the face of such oppression.  Then one day, the light appeared and drove the darkness into the confines of a book. The light charged mankind with the book's safety, adjuring him to never open the book, lest evil be unleashed upon the world again. 

The light walked among men as Gods and a golden age followed.  The book was passed down from parent to child with instructions that it was never to be opened. Overtime, it was forgotten exactly why the book was to remain un-opened, but it became a matter of tradition to do so.  After passing through a succession of keepers, the book fell into the hands of a young woman named Pandora.  For the most part, Pandora took her duty seriously, but in a moment of weakness, she allowed her curiosity to overtake her and she opened the book!

Almost immediately, the world changed as the horror of Pandora's act set in.  The people cried out in pain and pleaded for the Gods to intervene.  However, they were powerless, since mankind opened the door for evil, he inherited the karmic debt for reconciling evil.  The Gods, feeling the world's pain, left this plane for a dimension, where they could observe man and intercede on his behalf albeit indirectly, but still be insulted from his pain. 

Before their departure, the Gods gave Pandora the gift of magick with which to oppose evil in all its shifting guises.  As Pandora mastered her powers and slayed demons, she wrote about her experiences in the book that once held evil, and which came to be called the Book of Shadows. Eventually, Pandora had children  to whom she taught her craft, and they taught their children, and they taught their children.  Today, all witches can trace their lineage back to Pandora, from whom they inherit their powers.  However, along with the gift of magick, comes the bane of opposing evil in all it's changing forms

Carolina Dean 


Salem Witch Child said...

Lovely story. Thx.

Carolina Dean said...

Thank you. If you like this, please check out my magical series Between the Worlds.