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Friday, October 21, 2011

Anti-Gossip Spell (Wiccan)

Here's a spell design to put an end to gossip and halt the spread of rumors. To perform this spell you will need:

  • Black Candle
  • Candle-Holder
  • Salt
  • Cloves
  • Alum 

Directions: Begin by flipping the candle (that is, cut off the tip turn it upside down and carve a new tip out of the bottom) and then carving the names of the gossipers on the candle. If there are too many names or you'd simply like to be more comprehensive you can simply write "everyone gossiping about [name/situation]". 

Anoint the candle with oil, and place it in a holder. Sprinkle the salt, cloves and alum in a circle around the candle. When you are done, ground and center. Imagine yourself standing in a circle of power. Hold your hands over the candle and raise energy from all around yourself. Imagine the energy gathering above your head in the form of a ball of white light. Mentally move that energy down through your arms and out of your fingers into the candle as you chant the following spell three times:

Gossip directed at [name's] name, 
no longer serves to defame;
those spiteful words now fade away, 
til they're as gone as yesterday!

Imagine the candle now pulsing with the power that you have channeled from the spiritual realm into the world of man. Light the candle saying "so mote it be" and let the magick go to work. 

Blessed Be, 

Carolina Dean

Friday, October 7, 2011

13 Cantrips for Everyday Use

Cantrip (kntrp) Scots A magic spell; a witch's trick.
A Simple Servitor
  1. The Runes are comprised of 24 symbols that represents a plethora of needs, desires, states of being, etc... They can be traced on people, places and things to affect any number of change. For example, trace Fehu (Cattle) on your palm and visualize it glowing with a golden brilliance to attract money to you; alternately you can trace Ehwaz (Horse) in the direction of a difficult person and visualize them being chased away by a herd of wild stallions to move them away from you, or Hagalaz (Hail) to shatter a glamoury. These are just a few ways you can use the Runes in everyday life. 
  2. To easily cleanse and protect the home without resorting to smudging (which can often lead to false fire alarms) there are a number of herbs that you can boil in Spring/Holy Water on your stove such as Holly, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rosemary, or Bay Leaves. To do this, fill a pot with water and set it to boil. When the water begins to boil, toss in your chosen herb(s) and say a charm or prayer asking that your home be cleansed of any negativity. You can let the herbs infused water simmer on the stove for hours as it releases it scent into the home. As the scent of the boiling herb(s) drives the evil out, you can set various wards to keep out the evil such as placing a pinch of salt in each window or a charm such as an herb-sachet, the Square of Sator  or even a dressed Bat Nut over each door. 
  3. The evil eye, or envious gaze, is a look which is believed by many to cause sickness, ill-luck, or some other harm to the person to whom the evil eye is directed. For this reason, many methods have been devised to avert the dreaded look. The Greeks believe that garlic is so powerful, that by simply saying the word ‘skortha’, which is Greek for Garlic, it will avert the evil eye. However, in Jewish culture, it was believed that the evil-eye can be brought down on oneself or another by giving praise or a compliment. To avert the evil-eye and yet still be able to give praise a Jewish person will often say  Kaynahorah (kayne-a-hurr-rah), which means "no evil eye",  after praising another individual or relating some piece of good information. 
  4. In this hectic work-a-day world, many people often find themselves under a great deal of stress. They do not breathe correctly, they do not eat correctly, and they do not get sufficient rest. An easy charm to bring peaceful sleep is as follows: Each night, place a clear glass of water as close to your head as possible so as to collect negativity as you sleep, ward nightmares, and cleanse your spirit. In addition,  place a holy book beneath your head. For this purpose I use a small Gideon Bible.  
  5. The hands can be used to make certain symbolic hands gestures in order to channel magickal energies. In these cases, positive energy is generated with the right hand, while negative energy is generated with the left hand. Gestures need not be limited to magickal ones to work. There are many gestures used all over the world that often carry a universal meaning. For example, you can cast a money spell by chanting an incantation and making the money-sign which entails rubbing the tips of your thumb, middle and forefingers together.  Casting a spell for safe-travel? Invoke the hitchhiking sign. Throwing a minor spell of bad luck on an enemy? Throw the loser sign by forming a reversed capital L with your right hand and place it over your forehead. facing out. Are you trying to get someone to call you? Use the Call Me gesture by placing your thumb to ear and little finger to your mouth as though they were a telephone receiver.These are just a few ways in which you can use universal hand gestures in magickal ways. By using these gestures in our spells and rituals, we are tapping into the world’s shared belief in and understanding of them. 
  6. No one has ever become successful in this world without making a few enemies and there are a few simple ways of dealing with their negativity. First you can stop them in their tracks by writing their name on a piece of paper and then tearing it into several pieces. Place each piece in a separate compartment of an ice tray. Fill the tray with water and place it in your freezer calling upon the power of the elements of air and water to freeze your enemy and break up their evil. The second method sends all evil and negativity back to the individual. To do this, cut the tip off of a black candle and turn it upside down. Carve a new tip on this end and set the candle in a holder. Burn the candle on top of a mirror, or the shiny side of a piece of foil, to reflect the evil back to the sender. 
  7. Servitors are very basically energy which has been giving a form and assigned a specific task to perform. The more complex the task or purpose, the stronger the witch's will and level of power used to create the servitor must be. Servitors are typically bound to an object to take it out of the realm of thought and into the realm of concrete reality. The object can be anything from a simple symbol to a doll or statue. To create a simple servitor, as opposed to a more advanced one, first choose a photograph that speaks to your need or the task that you wish your servitor to perform. For example, you might choose a photograph of a hound-dog to create a servitor that will find information for you; or a fairy to grant minor wishes. Hold the photo in your hands and give your servitor a name by which you will command it saying something like "I name you [N]. You are [N]." Breath on the photograph and then anoint it with one drop of your blood saying "I breathe the breath of life upon you and feed you this blood to give you strength to [here explain to the servitor what it is that you wish it to do]. Finally, impale the photograph with a pin and say "with this pin, I bind you to this task". When the servitor completes its assigned task, remove the pin and burn the photograph. 
  8. Sometimes no matter how much we ward our homes, avert the evil-eye, or send back still get through and then we need to cleanse ourselves. The Egg Roll is a form of  healing in which a fresh raw egg is ritually passed over a person's body. The purpose of the ritual is to remove curses and blockages, take off negative spirits, and cure spiritual illnesses. After the Egg Roll has been performed, the egg is cracked and its contents dropped into a clear glass of water. The yolk is then observed for signs of the outcome of the work. Common signs include blood, a discoloration, bubbles and threads. A certain level of experience is required to interpret the signs found in the yolk. The Egg Roll may have to be repeated several times for full effect, however many people see relief with only one treatment. 
  9. There are times in our lives when we WANT someone to like us, such as an attractive love-interest, or potential friend; and then there are times in our lives when we NEED someone to like us such as a judge, a boss, or potential employer. Luckily, there is a very old type of working called the Sweet Spell to sway a person to like you, to love, you and to want to help you. Begin this spell when the moon is new on a Friday. Write your wish on a piece of paper and place it in a jar of honey, syrup, or jelly. If you have any personal concerns wrap the paper around them as well. Melt a candle to the jar's lid (which should be metal) and light it as you chant : "{N}Sweet, sweet, sweet to me is what I wish for you to be; Sweet, sweet, sweet to me is now what you shall be!" Burn a new candle on the lid of the jar each consecutive Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and make your petition.
  10. Ever meet someone casually but didn't get their phone number or really know anything about them, but you know you want to meet them again? Well this spell is designed to allow you to cross paths with this person again. To begin, pluck two straws from your household broom and name these after yourself and the other individual. If you don't know the name of the other person, simple say something like "the cute boy I met in Wal-Mart on Tuesday" and visualize their face. Cross these two straws forming an X and before this burn a white candle  As the candle burns, focus on meeting the individual again and chant the following spell: "Where once was I, there was he; bring forth this one, I wish to see! Continue to focus on your desire visualizing the individual's face in the candle's flame, then allow the candle to burn out on its own. The following day, keep your eyes peeled for this special someone. 
  11. For Protection While Traveling Over Land make an offering to the Gnomes by burying a shiny object such as a gem, crystal or stone in the earth outside your home just before you leave on your journey. Chant: I offer up this gift to share, that the Gnomes may hear my prayer & all their protective powers lend, to see me safely to journey's end! So Mote it Be!
  12. A relatively easy, yet powerful, spell to banish another person from your life is as follows. The first Saturday after a full moon, mark a candle with the individual's name. Drive a pin through the candle between each letter in the person's name, dividing the candle into as many sections as there are letters in the person's name. Light the candle and chant: "{N}, as each day this candle wanes, your presence here cannot remain; as light from dark and white from black; go away and don't come back!" Let the candle burn down to the first pin and then snuff out the candle. The following night and each night thereafter as the moon wanes, burn a portion of the candle until it is completely spent.
  13. This is one of my all-time favorite spells. I use it almost everyday. It is designed to get traffic that has slowed or stopped moving again. It even works to move those annoying drivers in front of you out of the way so you can move forward on your journey. It goes as follows, trace the  symbol for the planet Mercury before you and say: By Mercury, God of travel, I command this jam to now un-ravel; open up the way for me, to get to where I wish to be! 

Carolina Dean