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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Holiday Helpmate (Wiccan)

Magickal Remedies for Shopping Safely this Holiday Season

Black Friday has come and gone for another year, however, there are still several more shopping days until Holiday---which ever one you observe, or not, as the case my be.

Even now all across the country, and perhaps the world, patrons at various Temples of Commerce offer up the mighty dollar to commercialized-gods in hopes of keeping up with the Joneses; a name, interestingly enough that has become synonymous with “an addiction or fixation for someone or something.”  That’s something to think about.

Already there have been numerous reports in the media concerning violence and other unsavory behavior being carried out in pursuit of the next big must-have item that will most likely be forgotten by New Year’s. However, if you are determined to throw yourself in the fray this holiday season then plan ahead so that you can shop securely if not wisely. Some of the tools which will allow you to remain unscathed include, but are not limited to, the following:

Getting Off on the Right Foot 

Getting off on the right foot is a very old expression that you probably have heard many times but which you gave little consideration. This phrase has it origins in the ancient Romans who believed that the right side was associated with the male creative power, which protected one from evil. In addition, since the heart was on the left-side of the body, the right-side was thought to be free of inhibiting emotions such as fear or apprehension. The ancient Romans also believed that kindly spirits accompanied a person on his right side and if one should begin a journey or venture on the left foot, that the good spirit would be left behind and an evil one would take its place.

So as you rise in the morning for your day of shopping, be sure to set your right foot on the floor first! Throughout our day, whenever you stop walking and then start again, be sure that you start with your right foot as well.

However, starting out on the right foot means more than this simple gesture. It also means being prepared by doing the following:

  • Get enough sleep the night before.
  • Make a list of all the places you need to go and what you need to get there.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion (layered clothing, no high heels, etc..).
  • Allow yourself more time that you think you’ll need in case there are delays.
  • Make sure you have your wallet, check-book, credit/debit cards, and proper identification before leaving the house. If you plan to make several purchases, be aware that some companies will limit the number of purchases you can make on a certain credit or debit card as well as the number of checks you can write in a day. 
 These are just a few ways in which you can ensure that your day of shopping gets off to a good start.

Be a Master of Time

Witches have always known the secret to mastering time. When a witch casts his or her magick circle they are creating a “sacred space in a place that is not a place and at a time that is not a time.” What this means is that they are setting their intention in the “here and now” by shutting out all the distraction of the work-a-day world. The witch declares that outside that circle is another world, but within it he is the master and creator of his own world.

Like the witches in their magickal circles you must set you intention by consciously deciding that you will be the master of time and not let time master you! Remember that time only exists because we measure it with our clocks and calendars and feed so much power into the thought of time. To master time, you must strip away the power you have given it by thinking of it as a fleeting thing. Instead of thinking about all the time you don’t have, focus on all the time that you do have.

On the Road

Navigating the roads during the holidays can be a stressful experience. The weather is usually wetter and colder, traffic is usually more congested, and because everyone is so stressed they don’t think about how their negative behavior can affect others or even spiraling out of control causing an accident.

It is the wise witch who wards his or her car and empowers it for safe travel. Ways in which you can empower yourself include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Making an offering to the gnomes before you leave your house.
  • Carrying a protective mojo bag that includes comfrey root, wormwood, and bay leaves. 
  • Hanging a safe-travel talisman from your review mirror.
  • Visualizing yourself in the center of a bubble of protective energy. 
  • Petitioning your spirit guide or totem animal to protect you on your journey.

When you find traffic moving too slow, or that your way is blocked, use this spell to end gridlock and open up the flow of traffic. Visualize an open road before you and firmly chant:

By Mercury the god of travel,
I command this jam to now un-ravel;
open up the way for me,
to get to where I wish to be!

Once you arrive at your destination you might find a good parking spot difficult to locate. Lucky for you modern city-dwelling witches have come up with just the remedy. I am told that the ritual to Squat has been around for many years and, until recently, was a closely guarded secret. Squat is known as the Goddess of Parking Spots and some writers describe her as looking like a large, African-American female meter maid. To invoke Squat, you chant “Squat, Squat, find me a parking spot.” as you make your way to your destination.

When you get a parking spot, it is customary to leave Squat an offering. Some choices include adding extra time to a strangers parking meter, or leaving an offering of a partially opened chocolate bar on the ground near your car.

Since you’ll likely be going to several different places to shop, it is reasonable to assume that you’ll keep packages in your car. Law-Enforcement officers often put out tips this time of year telling people to make sure their cars are locked, and to keep any packages out of plain sight. You can reinforce your protections by drawing a protective symbol on the car’s doors, trunk, locks, etc…and don’t forget to lave a few Cumin or Caraway seeds in your car to deter theft of your valuables.

Of Products and People

Once inside the store, chances are that its going to be crowded, people are going to be rushed, and impatient. Remember to maintain your calm, and mind your manners. There is nothing in this store worth getting into a physical fight or possibly being killed over. Maintain your circle of protection around you and if you find yourself getting nervous or upset simple chant to yourself:

“I stand in circles of light,
through which no evil can hope to fight!”

If someone does get confrontational or overly aggressive with you, visualize a flaming-blue pentagram on their forehead and mentally chant:

“By this star set aflame,
I banish you in the name;
of universal harmony,
that you no longer trouble me!”

If you desire, you can also make the sign of the horns inconspicuously to reinforce this spell.

With all the extra people vying for the same deals, it can be quite difficult locating a specific product. When this occurs, visualize the specific item in as much detail as you can. See it far away and out of your reach and then bring it closer to you in your mind as you say:

“(Item) is somewhere in this place,
yet I cannot find its trace;
whether it be far or near,
before me now, let it appear.”

Then move on to the next item on your list and you can be assured that you will find what you are looking for before you leave.

If you find that you require assistance from a store employee, but cannot find one simply stand in one spot and say:

“Spirits of commerce,
Spirits of trade;
bid your agent
now come to my aid!”

Now keep your eyes peeled and you’ll soon spot or be approached by a store-employee. When dealing with the employee remember that they are probably under a great deal of stress, are probably working harder and for much longer hours that usual. They are the ones on the front lines, enforcing the policies and rules set down by the corporation. So be patient, be understanding, and focus on making the salesperson your ally and not your enemy.

At the counter, there will probably be long lines. Again, don’t blame the cashier. Try to be patient and use this time wisely to go over your lists and make sure you got everything that you needed or simply stand firmly on both feet, ground and center pulling up a reserve of energy from mother earth. Take some cleansing breaths and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

When you get to the front of the line, have you check, cash, or debit card ready. If you pay with cash, remember to fold it in half and kiss it before handing it over to the cashier so that it will return to you two-fold. If you write a check, you may want to draw a rune for prosperity in the memo column for the same reason.

The Road Home

You’ve made it out the store in tact. Now all you have to do is load up the car and make your way home. But where the hell did you park the car? Relax, this happens to all of us. Just remember the spell to find lost items. It consists of focusing on that which you wish to find and chanting, Jochebed, the name of Moses’ mother over and over again while you search for the item.

Once you locate your items, load up your car and reinforce the visualization for your circle of protective energy. When you get home, unload the car, and give yourself a few moments to rest. Then go to your altar and light a candle to the God and Goddess for their protection and blessings. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fowl Magic for Money & Love

Today, all over America, people are gathering together with friends, family, and loved ones to give thanks for their blessings. As part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, turkey is often served. 

Now the average housewife knows that leftovers, such as turkey bones can be used to make soup stock; however it is the wise and clever witch who can take those bones and fashion a powerful talisman for love or money. 

For Money

According to Denise Alvarado of Planet Voodoo, the wishbone can be painted with 18 K gold-leaf paint and placed on your Prosperity Altar to draw money and prosperity to you. If you desire, you can glue a small lodestone to the wishbone and feed it  with magnetic sand or money-drawing oil on a regular basis. 

 For Love

Magic usually makes use of correspondences, things that relate to one another in a way that compliments one's magickal goal. For example, red is associated with love and desire, the new moon is associated with beginnings. Therefore a spell to attract a new love to you may be begun on the New Moon using a red candle. The connection between turkey-bones and love-magic may not be immediately apparent, however, I suspect that it has something to do with the idea that turkeys are dumb animals. There is a long standing belief that a turkey will look up with its mouth open while it is raining resulting in its death by drowning. 

How many of us have ever fallen in "love" with another person or become so infatuated with another that every time you were around them your tongue got all tied or you did something dumb either to get him or her to notice you or just because you were so distracted by their presence? Although I cannot find any source to support my theory, I believe that turkey bones are used in love magic to confer some of that dumb-ness to the target of your affections so that they will be more easily swayed to desire you. In addition, I do not think that it is a coincidence that boner is one of the euphemisms for a man's erection. These are just a few associations to consider as you read the spells given below. 

In his seminal work, Ozark Magic and Folklore, Vance Randolph writes "Many a mountain girl conceals dried turkey bones about the room in which she meets her lover, or even secrets them in her clothing, in the belief that they will render him more amorous."

If you desire to make use of such a talisman, you can personalize it by writing the man's name on the bone in red ink with a fine-tipped sharpie, or wrap his photograph/personal concerns around the bone and secure it with red thread (red being the color of desire.) In addition, the bone can also be anointed with an appropriate oil such as Love-Me Oil, or Lavender Love Drops (for gay men and lesbians). 

To attract a new love, write all the qualities that you desire in a lover on the turkey bone with a fine-tipped sharpie or alternately write them on paper and secure it around the bone with red thread; add this to a mojo bag with lavender buds (which are said to attract men) and coriander seeds (which are said to attract a new love). You may substitute a whole Queen Elizabeth Root for the lavender buds if you wish to attract a female. Anoint the mojo bag with an appropriate oil of your choice.

To sweeten an existing love to you, again write his name on the bone or wrap his personal concerns around it and secure with red thread. When the moon is new on a Friday, place the turkey bone in a honey-jar and burn a red candle on it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to stimulate their desire for you.

To tie a man's nature to you, obtain a piece of red-yarn equal to the length of his erect penis--all without his knowledge. Have sex with him, but do not have an orgasm yourself as you do not want to tie up your own nature. Anoint the red-yarn with his captured semen and tie this around the turkey bone. Wrap the bone in a pair of your own used underwear and keep it in a secure place where no one else will see it or touch it. 

To Make Wishes Work 

Most everyone is familiar with the wish-bone rite where two people hold on to one end of a wish-bone and pulls the two ends apart making a wish. It is said that the person who gets the bigger piece of the wish-bone will have their wish come true. The origins of this ritual are actually quite old, and have their beginnings with the Etruscans who were known to perform a divination ceremony in which a hen pecks at grains scattered on the ground inside a circle drawn in the dirt. 

When the bird was killed, the clavicle-bone was kept and stroked as one made their wish----hence wish-bone. The Romans adopted this practice, where it later passed to the English, but not before they added the rite of two people pulling on the bone that we are familiar with today. This is also believed to be where the expression "lucky break" comes from.

Another method of preparing a wish-bone to bring about one's desires, which can be found in Hex and Spellwork by Karl Herr, is as follows:

Take a wishbone from a chicken or turkey from which you have eaten. Remove all the meat from the bone and dry out the wish-bone, then lay it on a dish or saucer. Wrap the wish-bone's right side with red yarn or thread while making your prayer or petition. Finally, feed the wish-bone ground mullein leaf, sprinkling it over the bone, making your wish and store the it in a dark place where it will not be disturbed as it goes to work for you.  

These are just a few ways in which you can conjure up some fowl-magic for money and love.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Graphology: 101


  1. The study of handwriting, for example as used to infer a person's character.
  2. The study of written and printed symbols and of writing systems.

Carolina Dean's Handwriting
This blog has been written for all those people who I personally know and have corresponded with over the years (i.e. those who already have my private home address). In the process of writing a short-story,  I have recently become interested in Graphology, or the study of handwriting, and will undertake a study of the subject using McNicol's Handwriting Analysis: Putting it to Work for You

I am requesting that you all, my friends, submit a handwriting sample to me via snail mail. Please understand that, if you agree to send me a sample of your handwriting, don't expect me to return an analysis of your handwriting in return as it is not my intention to provide such a service at this time or in the foreseeable future.  These samples will be for my personal use as I study the science of Graphology. 

In addition, if you have friends who would be wiling to submit samples of their handwriting to me, then please include those with your own. 

If you agree to submit a sample, please keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Write your sample on a piece of blank 8 1/2 X 11 " paper. 
  2. Write your sample with a pen. 
  3. Write at least two spontaneous paragraphs about anything that you wish. 
  4. Use your normal handwriting. 
  5. Place a few additional sheets of paper underneath what you're writing so as to prevent any interference in the writing surface affecting your sample. 
  6. Finally, sign and date your sample.
Thank You,

Carolina Dean

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Potters' Standard Book of Spells

Harry Potter Spells in the Real World of Withcraft

The Boy Who Lived

It has now been more than 10 years since the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling which was followed over the years by six additional books telling the story of "the boy who lived". In the summer of this year, Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Part 2 was released on the silver screen (being preceded by 7 movies based on the books) and with that Harry's story comes to an end. Between these moments, there has been both praise and controversy. The author herself has gone from rags to riches, and children all over the world have discovered the love of reading. 

I was in my mid-twenties when I first heard of Harry Potter. Both my magickal and my non-magickal friends recommended Sorcerer's Stone to me. However, I saw the book labeled "young-adult" and thought that it was, frankly, a children's story and therefore beneath me. For this reason, I had very little interest in anything Harry Potter and as such never read any of the books and only saw a handful of the movies. 

However, within the past month I collected all seven books in the series and read them one by one. I found the first book rather boring as it did feel like a children's book and the fact that I had seen the movie demystified the central plot of the story for me. However, I persevered and found myself being drawn into the universe of Harry Potter with each successive entry into the series.  Like so many other fans, I have my favorites (Half-Blood Prince) and those I didn't like so much (Order of the Phoenix). I can see how Rowling grew as a writer over the course of the series. It is very evident that she puts a great deal of thought into her books with regard to foreshadowing, naming of characters, and the writing of her spells, which brings me to the point of this blog. 

Readers of this blog will recall that I have an ongoing series of posts titled Magic in Popular Culture (MIPC) in which I take a spell, ritual, belief, etc... from a work of fiction such as movies or books and analyze them for efficacy in the real world of magic and witchcraft. As part of my ongoing experiments in adapting such fictional spells to real world witchcraft I have studied the magick of Harry Potter and observed the following results. 

Overview: Intent + Energy = Magic ?

Let me begin by saying that, very simply stated, magick equals energy plus intent. What does this mean? Every spell begins with a purpose or a need which forms the basis of your intent. As witches, we frame our intent in several ways including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Spoken Words: These may take the form of a rhyming incantation, a phrase in a foreign language, or simply a prayer. The words used will usually include a brief description of  the problem or situation and state what is needed or wanted by the caster in order to address the problem. Consider this spell to stop gossip, for example:
Gossip directed at (N's) name, 
no longer serves to defame;
those nasty words now shrink away
til they're as gone as yesterday.
  • Visualization: Visualization is the ability to "see" with the mind's eye that which is not physically present. It is one of, if not the most important, tools available to the witch. I have likened Visualization to a form of Sympathetic Magick. However, instead of creating physical images of one's goal, you make mental ones! Visualization is how we communicate our desires to the Universe. From casting circle, calling the quarters, cleansing objects, casting spells, performing divination, and even healing, visualization is an essential part of every magickal act.  Therefore it is the wise witch who hones his or her powers of visualization.
  • Symbols: In the practice of magick, symbols are often symbolic of our desires. They are found on Tarot Cards, Astrological Charts, and Talismans to name a few. In addition they can be carved onto candles, written on paper, draw in dirt, or even in the air! Symbols also appear in our dreams, and it has often been said that the Universe speaks to us in the language of symbols. It is the wise witch who takes every opportunity to learn to "converse" in this language.  
  • Gathering Correspondences: Correspondences are the relationships that can be used for magickal workings. They make use of the connectedness of things. It is helpful to think of correspondences as a list of possible ingredients from which you can make selections. There are three types of correspondences, they are:

    1. Astrological Correspondences- This term refers to the energies of the Moon Phases, Days of the Week, Hours of the Day, and the position of the Moon in the Zodiac, as they pertain to the timing of casting your spells.
    2.  Natural Correspondences- This term refers to those things occurring in nature which relate to our goals in a direct manner. These correspondences include color, shape, sound, numbers, herbs, incense, gems, elements, animal energies, deity energy, the energy of the cardinal points, the winds, etc….  
    3. Personal Correspondences- This term refers to those correspondences which resonate with us on a deeply personal level, and which empowers us more than any other correspondence.
  • Enacting Rituals: Sympathetic Magick works on the principle that ‘invisible bonds connect all things’. Sympathetic Magick can be divided into two categories, Homeopathic Magick and Contagious Magick. The Scottish anthropologist Sir James G. Frazer first described these types in his book The Golden Bough (1890).

    1. Homeopathic Magick holds that “like attracts like.” A classic example of this type of magick is the melting of a waxen image of an enemy resulting in his or her death. Visualization is a form of sympathetic magick, instead of creating a physical image of your goal, you are create a mental one. Many taboos come from homeopathic magic. People avoid certain harmless things because they resemble various harmful things. Among the Inuit (Eskimos), for example, parents have traditionally warned their sons against playing a string game, such as cat's cradle, in which children loop string around their fingers. They feared that playing such games might cause the children's fingers to become tangled in the harpoon lines they will use as adults.   
    2.  Contagious Magick holds that “things once in contact with one another continue to exert an influence on one another after they have been separated.” An example of Contagious Magick from a folk magick remedy to cure a wound would be to rub some medicine on the object which caused the wound in the first place. People who believe in contagious magic fear that an enemy can gain power over them by obtaining parts of their body. Therefore, they carefully dispose of their nails, hair, teeth, and even their body wastes. 

Potter's Standard Book of Spells

As we have seen above, one of the ways in which witches frame their intent is through the use of words (either verbal or non-verbal). Similarly the spells in the Harry Potter series, more often than not, take the form of short phrases in either...

  1. One or more foreign Languages (Accio)
  2. A bastardization of said language (Cistem Apero)
  3. Made-Up Words (Muggletum)
  4. Any combination of the above (Repello Muggletum)
With an understanding of what these words are supposed to mean, I believe, the working witch can successfully adapt these basic spells to real word applications.

Accio [AK-ee-o]
Description: This spell is used in the Harry Potter series to call an object to the caster. It is usually cast by saying Accio followed by the name of the object of desire. For example Accio Spoon!
Etymology: The Latin word accio means "I call" or "I summon". 
Real World Application: Try Accio when looking for lost objects.

Alohomora [al-lu-ha-MOR-ah]
Description:  This spell is used to open and/or unlock doors. 
Etymology: Alohomora is derived from the West African Sidiki dialect used in geomancy meaning: Friendly to thieves as stated by J.K. Rowling.
Real Word Application:  This spell may be used to break through the protective wards of another witch. 

Aparecium [ AH-par-EE-see-um]
Description: This spell makes invisible objects visible 
Etymology: Latin apparere, "to appear"; -ium and -cium are common Latin noun endings. 
Real World Application: Use this spell to see the unseen (i.e. spirits, fairies, ghosts, etc...)

Bombarda  [bom-bar-dah ]
Description: Used to create an explosion 
Etymology: Derived from "bombard"
Real Word Application: Again this spell can be used to break through another witch's protective wards, to break through obstacles, and ope the way. 

Cave Inimicum [Kah-way ih-nih-mih-kum]
Description: Used to warn of an approaching enemy.
Etymology: a Latin phrase which translates to "beware of the enemy". 
Real World Application: Used to charm objects (such as bells) near your front door to warn of enemies, intruders, or thieves. 

Colloportus [cul-loh-POR-tus]
Description: This spell is used to magickally lock a door. 
Etymology: Perhaps a portmanteau of the Latin words colligere ("gather" or "collect") and porta ("gate"). The Greek root kolla also means "glue" and becomes collo- in many English words. Notably, the spell causes a door to seal itself "with an odd squelching noise". It may also be derived from portcullis, which was used in medieval times as a barricade or last line of defence.
Real World Application:  This incantation can be used to ward door/windows to your home, or car as well as the doors to safes and hidden compartments to prevent the entrance of thieves. 

Confundo [con-FUN-doh]
Description: Used to confuse enemies. 
Etymology: The word "confundus" appears to be derived from the Latin confundere, meaning "to confuse; to perplex", whereas confundo means "I confuse". Similarly, it may also derive from the English word "confound".
Real Word Application: Much like the book version, this spell can be used to temporarily confuse another person though I would recommend saying the incantation while with tracing the Rune Jera as inconspicuously as possible. 

Depulso [ De-pul-soh ]
Description: Used in the Harry Potter series to drive away an enemy. 
Etymology: rom the Latin “depulsio”, meaning “driving away”. Also is similar to repulse meaning "drive away with force". 
Real World Application:  This incantation (along with the Mano Cornuto) can be used to banish someone "in your face", low-level spirits, or negative energy.

Episkey [ eh-PIS-key ]
Description: Used to heal minor wounds 
Etymology: The word comes from the Greek "episkeui" ("επισκευή"), which means "repair".
Real World Application: Just like in the book, this magick word can be used to heal minor wounds and blemishes by tracing a counter-clockwise circle around the affected area. 

Expecto Patronum [ ecks-PEK-toh pah-TRO-num]
Description: A defensive spell used to conjure an incarnation of the Witch's or Wizard's innermost positive emotions to act as a protector against dementors. 
Etymology: Patronus means "protector" or "guardian" in Latin, reflecting the role the Patronus Charm plays.  The Latin word exspecto or expecto means "I watch for" or "I await", thus the charm's incantation roughly translates into "I await a protector".
Real World Application: This spell can be used, along with strong visualization, to summon an invisible protector in times of danger or fear. The form of the protector will depend on your visualization. I suggest your totem animal, or a figure that inspires protection such as an Angel. 

Finite Incantatum [ fi-NEE-tay in-can-TAH-tem]
Description: Used to negate spells or their effects. 
Etymology: Latin finire, "to finish": "finite" is the plural imperative form, so it translates to the command, "[all of you] end". Incantatem is apparently intended to recall "incantation"; the Latin verb form incantatum would mean "someone or something enspelled".
Real World Application: Use this incantation (with Hagal or Mano Cornuto) to break minor spells. 

Protego Totalum [ prah-TEH-go toh-TAH-lum]
Description: Used in the Harry Potter series to create an impenetrable shield in a given area. 
Etymology: Latin protego meaning "to protect" and Latin totus meaning "as a whole"
Real World Application: Used this incantation to cast a circle of protection around yourself, set up a protective ward by drawing a pentagram or Rune (such as Algiz) in the air or on the object to be protected.

Reducto [e-DUK-toh ]
Description: Breaks objects.
Etymology: English reduce, "to bring down;destroy"
Real World Applications: This incantation has several possible uses including penetrating the protective wards of another witch (try drawing the Rune Hagal while invoking the spell), reducing eruptions such as boils and blisters, as well as cursing machinery to break down. 

Salvio Hexia [ SAL-vee-oh HECKS-ee-ah]
Description: one of several spells that were used to help strengthen Harry's camp-site, and had no seen effects. Possibly deflects minor hexes aimed at an object (the tent)
Etymology: Possibly derived from the Latin "salveo," meaning "to be in good health," and used as a form of greeting and farewell, and a pseudo-Latin derivative of the English word "hex"—hence, "Farewell, hexes!" 
Real World Application: Use these power-words to deflect or destroy minor curses. 

Vulnera Sanentur [vul-nur-ah sahn-en-tur ]
Description: Used to heal major wounds. 
Etymology: Vulnera Sanentur derives from the Latin vulnus, "wound," and sanare, "to heal"; it is translated "may the wounds be healed.
Real World Application: Use this incantation to heal minor wounds (especially scraps and cuts) as well as to speed up the healing process in regards to major wounds such as broken bones, deep cuts, and cuts associated with surgery. 

As you can see the wizarding world of Harry Potter is rife with magic spawned by the imagination of a very clever writer and empowered by the childlike belief of millions of fans all over the world. These are just a few of the ways in which you can harness this power for better living through the magick of Harry Potter!

Carolina Dean 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Witches Guide to Basic Home Protection

“A House whose Inhabitants Turn on it, will Turn on its Inhabitants.”
                                                               ---House of Shards, A Charmed Novel

A witch’s home is her temple and, as such, it should be a haven of refuge and harmony where one feels protected from the destructive forces of nature, man, and the spirits. Working-witches understand the importance of consecrating their sacred spaces during ritual, but often fail to sanctify the very place in which the rituals of daily life are enacted. 

The first step in consecrating your home is ensuring that it is clean both physically and spiritually. Cleaning one’s home physically entails mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, sweeping cobwebs from ceilings, wiping down walls, appliances, washing dishes, dusting furniture etc…. all the daily chores that you should be doing anyway. Using spiritual products in conjunction with your cleaning agents can give your cleansing efforts added power. For example, you can add a few pinches of Kosher-Salt to your wash water. When cleaning your house, pay special attention to corners for it is said that evil spirits and negativity like to travel in straight lines and for this reason that often accumulate in corners.

In addition, the removal of clutter is essential for the free flow of energy through your home. The axiom "a place for everything and everything in its place" comes to mind.  Finally, it is the wise witch who recognizes the power of discarding those keepsakes which evoke painful feelings and memories such as photographs of old lovers, letter they wrote you, etc….

Once the house is physically clean, it must then be spiritually cleansed. A House-Blessing is typically performed when moving into a new dwelling, and/or for the purpose of cleansing the dwelling, such as after a divorce, a death, or even a prolonged illness.  The main function is to cleanse the house of all unwanted energy or beings, to seal portals to the outside world, and to make it a sacred and personal space.

There is no standard ritual for blessing a home, however a very basic blessing can be performed by ritually smudging each room with sage, sprinkling holy-water throughout the house, often in conjunction with ringing a bell or banging on pots with a wooden spoon to drive out evil. The entire ritual should be performed in one day, rather than room by room over a period of time, and renewed four times a year at the changing of the seasons. It can be performed alone, or with those of like mind.

Once your home is both physically and spiritually clean you should feel a definite change in the energy of your surroundings. You home should emanate positive vibrations that uplift the soul and ease the mind. This is not to say, however, that your job is done. The next step in securing your home entails setting up protective wards to seal your home from evil.

Wards can be divided into two types, they are visible and invisible. Visible wards are those wards which take the form of occult-objects such as amulets or talismans, placed strategically around the home for protection. Some examples of visible-wards include but are not limited to the following:

  • A talisman such as the Square of Sator placed over a door or entrance-way.
  • Dried herbs hung in the kitchen or over a fireplace.
  • Salt placed on window sills.
  • Cumin Seeds or Caraway placed with one’s valuables to deter theft
  • Crystals or herbs such as bay leaves placed in the corners of a room.
  • A poppet hung upside down over entrance-ways to trip up thieves.
  • A sieve placed under one’s bed to protect one from being “hag-ridden”
  • A “kitchen witch” placed near the hearth to stave off accidents such as house-fires or cutting yourself while preparing meals.
  • Red Brick dust laid down in a line across your front door to prevent those who wish to bring you harm from entering your home.

Invisible wards are those that a person cannot see (i.e. they are hidden) or which take the form of an innocuous object that are not recognized as having protective powers and which have been put into place to protect a dwelling, seal portals, and deter evil. Some such examples include:

  • Symbols such as Runes or Pentagrams drawn on doors/windows in Clove Oil or with one's wand, athame, or even just your finger. 
  • Ammonia or Lemon Juice poured down drains and toilets to bar evil from entering through them.
  • The “Wall of Ancestors” (i.e. a wall near the front door where photographs of deceased loved ones are hung and who are called upon to protect the home from intruders visible and invisible).
  • A glass of water placed by one’s bedside at night for protection while sleeping.  
  • A mirror or other shiny object which has been charmed to deflect negativity.
  • A candle burning on the table during dinner.
  • A Witch-Bottle or Devil-Trap which has been buried on your property.
  • Wind Chimes that include bells placed outside one’s door or window.
  • Magickal Servitors created for the express purpose of protecting your home and driving out evil.
  • A broom beside the front door either on the outside of the house or just inside the door. 
  • Asking one's power-animal to patrol your home while you are asleep or away. 
  • Locks can be spelled with a simple incantation and/or anointed with High John Oil to make them stronger as well as effective against non-physical intruders. 
  • A tea made from tobacco leaves can be sprinkled around the home and its surfaces such as walls and doors washed with it to dispel ghosts and prevent them from entering the home. 
Once you have set up these basic wards, your home should then be reasonably safe from most attacks both magickal and mundane. However, it is very important that an attitude of constant vigilance be adopted. Therefore there are a few more guidelines that must be mentioned here to ensure protection and safety in your home. They are:

  1. As a magickal person you will undoubtedly collect various objects of an occult nature such as crystals, wands, tarot-cards, charms, etc… therefore it is important that you ritually cleanse and bless any such object that you intend to bring into your home either beforehand or shortly thereafter. Objects of a negative nature will often give off vibrations that will be picked up by one's subconscious or intuition. They may feel heavy in the hand, they may make you feel uneasy or produce physical symptoms such as headaches. When this occurs, pay attention and act accordingly!
  2. NEVER cast a spell or perform a ritual that calls upon any energy or force with which you are unfamiliar or unsure of. You do not want to invite something into your home that you cannot get rid of or control. Irresponsible use of Ouija-Boards fall into this category as well.
  3. Inviting someone into your home often negates any protections that you have in place, therefore be VERY careful who you invite into your home. If you have to allow someone into your home, such as a repairman, be sure to toss some salt behind them as they leave to that they will not return.
  4. If you intend to have guests in your home for an occasion such as a party or dinner, be sure to remove your personal belongings from your bathroom such as your hairbrush or toothbrush to ensure that they are not stolen to be used against you magickally. I have known witches who collect such coveted possession even from friends “just in case” the friendship should ever go sour. 
  5. If you are lucky enough to have a physical animal-familiar or even a "friendly ghost" or any pet that lives with you, do not discount their ability to sense or detect evil that you cannot. When they try to communicate danger to you, PAY ATTENTION. 

As you can see, protecting your home and sealing it off from the path of evil is about more than just locking your doors at night. These are just a few ways in which the wise witch can ensure that his or her home, as well as all that it contains, is both safe and secure. Be well. 

Carolina Dean