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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fowl Magic for Money & Love

Today, all over America, people are gathering together with friends, family, and loved ones to give thanks for their blessings. As part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, turkey is often served. 

Now the average housewife knows that leftovers, such as turkey bones can be used to make soup stock; however it is the wise and clever witch who can take those bones and fashion a powerful talisman for love or money. 

For Money

According to Denise Alvarado of Planet Voodoo, the wishbone can be painted with 18 K gold-leaf paint and placed on your Prosperity Altar to draw money and prosperity to you. If you desire, you can glue a small lodestone to the wishbone and feed it  with magnetic sand or money-drawing oil on a regular basis. 

 For Love

Magic usually makes use of correspondences, things that relate to one another in a way that compliments one's magickal goal. For example, red is associated with love and desire, the new moon is associated with beginnings. Therefore a spell to attract a new love to you may be begun on the New Moon using a red candle. The connection between turkey-bones and love-magic may not be immediately apparent, however, I suspect that it has something to do with the idea that turkeys are dumb animals. There is a long standing belief that a turkey will look up with its mouth open while it is raining resulting in its death by drowning. 

How many of us have ever fallen in "love" with another person or become so infatuated with another that every time you were around them your tongue got all tied or you did something dumb either to get him or her to notice you or just because you were so distracted by their presence? Although I cannot find any source to support my theory, I believe that turkey bones are used in love magic to confer some of that dumb-ness to the target of your affections so that they will be more easily swayed to desire you. In addition, I do not think that it is a coincidence that boner is one of the euphemisms for a man's erection. These are just a few associations to consider as you read the spells given below. 

In his seminal work, Ozark Magic and Folklore, Vance Randolph writes "Many a mountain girl conceals dried turkey bones about the room in which she meets her lover, or even secrets them in her clothing, in the belief that they will render him more amorous."

If you desire to make use of such a talisman, you can personalize it by writing the man's name on the bone in red ink with a fine-tipped sharpie, or wrap his photograph/personal concerns around the bone and secure it with red thread (red being the color of desire.) In addition, the bone can also be anointed with an appropriate oil such as Love-Me Oil, or Lavender Love Drops (for gay men and lesbians). 

To attract a new love, write all the qualities that you desire in a lover on the turkey bone with a fine-tipped sharpie or alternately write them on paper and secure it around the bone with red thread; add this to a mojo bag with lavender buds (which are said to attract men) and coriander seeds (which are said to attract a new love). You may substitute a whole Queen Elizabeth Root for the lavender buds if you wish to attract a female. Anoint the mojo bag with an appropriate oil of your choice.

To sweeten an existing love to you, again write his name on the bone or wrap his personal concerns around it and secure with red thread. When the moon is new on a Friday, place the turkey bone in a honey-jar and burn a red candle on it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to stimulate their desire for you.

To tie a man's nature to you, obtain a piece of red-yarn equal to the length of his erect penis--all without his knowledge. Have sex with him, but do not have an orgasm yourself as you do not want to tie up your own nature. Anoint the red-yarn with his captured semen and tie this around the turkey bone. Wrap the bone in a pair of your own used underwear and keep it in a secure place where no one else will see it or touch it. 

To Make Wishes Work 

Most everyone is familiar with the wish-bone rite where two people hold on to one end of a wish-bone and pulls the two ends apart making a wish. It is said that the person who gets the bigger piece of the wish-bone will have their wish come true. The origins of this ritual are actually quite old, and have their beginnings with the Etruscans who were known to perform a divination ceremony in which a hen pecks at grains scattered on the ground inside a circle drawn in the dirt. 

When the bird was killed, the clavicle-bone was kept and stroked as one made their wish----hence wish-bone. The Romans adopted this practice, where it later passed to the English, but not before they added the rite of two people pulling on the bone that we are familiar with today. This is also believed to be where the expression "lucky break" comes from.

Another method of preparing a wish-bone to bring about one's desires, which can be found in Hex and Spellwork by Karl Herr, is as follows:

Take a wishbone from a chicken or turkey from which you have eaten. Remove all the meat from the bone and dry out the wish-bone, then lay it on a dish or saucer. Wrap the wish-bone's right side with red yarn or thread while making your prayer or petition. Finally, feed the wish-bone ground mullein leaf, sprinkling it over the bone, making your wish and store the it in a dark place where it will not be disturbed as it goes to work for you.  

These are just a few ways in which you can conjure up some fowl-magic for money and love.

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