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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Witches Guide to Basic Home Protection

“A House whose Inhabitants Turn on it, will Turn on its Inhabitants.”
                                                               ---House of Shards, A Charmed Novel

A witch’s home is her temple and, as such, it should be a haven of refuge and harmony where one feels protected from the destructive forces of nature, man, and the spirits. Working-witches understand the importance of consecrating their sacred spaces during ritual, but often fail to sanctify the very place in which the rituals of daily life are enacted. 

The first step in consecrating your home is ensuring that it is clean both physically and spiritually. Cleaning one’s home physically entails mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, sweeping cobwebs from ceilings, wiping down walls, appliances, washing dishes, dusting furniture etc…. all the daily chores that you should be doing anyway. Using spiritual products in conjunction with your cleaning agents can give your cleansing efforts added power. For example, you can add a few pinches of Kosher-Salt to your wash water. When cleaning your house, pay special attention to corners for it is said that evil spirits and negativity like to travel in straight lines and for this reason that often accumulate in corners.

In addition, the removal of clutter is essential for the free flow of energy through your home. The axiom "a place for everything and everything in its place" comes to mind.  Finally, it is the wise witch who recognizes the power of discarding those keepsakes which evoke painful feelings and memories such as photographs of old lovers, letter they wrote you, etc….

Once the house is physically clean, it must then be spiritually cleansed. A House-Blessing is typically performed when moving into a new dwelling, and/or for the purpose of cleansing the dwelling, such as after a divorce, a death, or even a prolonged illness.  The main function is to cleanse the house of all unwanted energy or beings, to seal portals to the outside world, and to make it a sacred and personal space.

There is no standard ritual for blessing a home, however a very basic blessing can be performed by ritually smudging each room with sage, sprinkling holy-water throughout the house, often in conjunction with ringing a bell or banging on pots with a wooden spoon to drive out evil. The entire ritual should be performed in one day, rather than room by room over a period of time, and renewed four times a year at the changing of the seasons. It can be performed alone, or with those of like mind.

Once your home is both physically and spiritually clean you should feel a definite change in the energy of your surroundings. You home should emanate positive vibrations that uplift the soul and ease the mind. This is not to say, however, that your job is done. The next step in securing your home entails setting up protective wards to seal your home from evil.

Wards can be divided into two types, they are visible and invisible. Visible wards are those wards which take the form of occult-objects such as amulets or talismans, placed strategically around the home for protection. Some examples of visible-wards include but are not limited to the following:

  • A talisman such as the Square of Sator placed over a door or entrance-way.
  • Dried herbs hung in the kitchen or over a fireplace.
  • Salt placed on window sills.
  • Cumin Seeds or Caraway placed with one’s valuables to deter theft
  • Crystals or herbs such as bay leaves placed in the corners of a room.
  • A poppet hung upside down over entrance-ways to trip up thieves.
  • A sieve placed under one’s bed to protect one from being “hag-ridden”
  • A “kitchen witch” placed near the hearth to stave off accidents such as house-fires or cutting yourself while preparing meals.
  • Red Brick dust laid down in a line across your front door to prevent those who wish to bring you harm from entering your home.

Invisible wards are those that a person cannot see (i.e. they are hidden) or which take the form of an innocuous object that are not recognized as having protective powers and which have been put into place to protect a dwelling, seal portals, and deter evil. Some such examples include:

  • Symbols such as Runes or Pentagrams drawn on doors/windows in Clove Oil or with one's wand, athame, or even just your finger. 
  • Ammonia or Lemon Juice poured down drains and toilets to bar evil from entering through them.
  • The “Wall of Ancestors” (i.e. a wall near the front door where photographs of deceased loved ones are hung and who are called upon to protect the home from intruders visible and invisible).
  • A glass of water placed by one’s bedside at night for protection while sleeping.  
  • A mirror or other shiny object which has been charmed to deflect negativity.
  • A candle burning on the table during dinner.
  • A Witch-Bottle or Devil-Trap which has been buried on your property.
  • Wind Chimes that include bells placed outside one’s door or window.
  • Magickal Servitors created for the express purpose of protecting your home and driving out evil.
  • A broom beside the front door either on the outside of the house or just inside the door. 
  • Asking one's power-animal to patrol your home while you are asleep or away. 
  • Locks can be spelled with a simple incantation and/or anointed with High John Oil to make them stronger as well as effective against non-physical intruders. 
  • A tea made from tobacco leaves can be sprinkled around the home and its surfaces such as walls and doors washed with it to dispel ghosts and prevent them from entering the home. 
Once you have set up these basic wards, your home should then be reasonably safe from most attacks both magickal and mundane. However, it is very important that an attitude of constant vigilance be adopted. Therefore there are a few more guidelines that must be mentioned here to ensure protection and safety in your home. They are:

  1. As a magickal person you will undoubtedly collect various objects of an occult nature such as crystals, wands, tarot-cards, charms, etc… therefore it is important that you ritually cleanse and bless any such object that you intend to bring into your home either beforehand or shortly thereafter. Objects of a negative nature will often give off vibrations that will be picked up by one's subconscious or intuition. They may feel heavy in the hand, they may make you feel uneasy or produce physical symptoms such as headaches. When this occurs, pay attention and act accordingly!
  2. NEVER cast a spell or perform a ritual that calls upon any energy or force with which you are unfamiliar or unsure of. You do not want to invite something into your home that you cannot get rid of or control. Irresponsible use of Ouija-Boards fall into this category as well.
  3. Inviting someone into your home often negates any protections that you have in place, therefore be VERY careful who you invite into your home. If you have to allow someone into your home, such as a repairman, be sure to toss some salt behind them as they leave to that they will not return.
  4. If you intend to have guests in your home for an occasion such as a party or dinner, be sure to remove your personal belongings from your bathroom such as your hairbrush or toothbrush to ensure that they are not stolen to be used against you magickally. I have known witches who collect such coveted possession even from friends “just in case” the friendship should ever go sour. 
  5. If you are lucky enough to have a physical animal-familiar or even a "friendly ghost" or any pet that lives with you, do not discount their ability to sense or detect evil that you cannot. When they try to communicate danger to you, PAY ATTENTION. 

As you can see, protecting your home and sealing it off from the path of evil is about more than just locking your doors at night. These are just a few ways in which the wise witch can ensure that his or her home, as well as all that it contains, is both safe and secure. Be well. 

Carolina Dean

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