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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moon Magick: Calculating Your Lucky Days

How to Calculate Your Lucky & Unlucky Days According to the Moon Sign


On the Observation of Times

In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 it states that "to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."  Most rootworkers and spiritual practitioners who come from a Christian background and hold the Holy Bible in esteem have interpreted this passage as meaning that there are certain times more efficacious than others related to their spiritual pursuits.

Most of you reading this are, or should be, familiar with the idea of planning various workings according to the phases of the moon. Generally speaking, workings of increase or of a drawing-in nature (such as prosperity, love, good-health) are performed during the Waxing Moon; when the moon is growing from New to Full. Workings of decrease or moving something away from you (such as hot-footing an enemy, banishing illness, and removing cross-conditions) are done when the moon is Waning, or going from Full to New.

The same concept applied to mundane activities as well. In rural communities, folks were known to plan different farming and agricultural activities according to the moon’s place in the zodiac.  Perhaps due to an aversion to using Astrology (as many devout people associated it with fortune-telling and the devil) the signs were referred to as the areas of the body that they ruled, rather than the signs themselves.

  • Aries, the Head- Initiating action, new beginnings, confronting things, getting in other people’s head, controlling and dominating people and situations, breaking habits.
  • Taurus, the Neck- money matters, planning long-range goals, public speaking, dental work, putting up preserves
  • Gemini, the Arms- intellectual Pursuits, juggling task, travel, protection
  • Cancer, the Chest- attending to family and home matters, weddings, signing agreements.
  • Leo, the Heart- creativity, protection, love, children, self confidence, good for making large purchases, and doing that that you want to last
  • Virgo, the Bowels- organizing, analyzing, getting a job, healing, breaking bad habits, buying medicine, healing pets.
  • Libra, the Kidneys- partnerships of all kinds, marriage, creativity, socializing, diplomacy, writing, contracts.
  • Scorpio, the Genitals- research, investigation, psychic development, divination, seduction, lust, buying antiques.
  • Sagittarius, the Thighs- expanding the mind, freedom beginning a diet or exercise program, spiritual pursuits.
  • Capricorn, the Knees- pursuing ambitions, self-control, protection, organizing, focusing on your career.
  • Aquarius, the Legs-  friendship, volunteering, originality, art, socializing.
  • Pisces, the Ankles- banishing negativity, psychic development,
For this reason no household was complete without an almanac (an annual book which gives the dates for the phases of the moon, the moon’s place in the zodiac, a tide table, and long-range weather data). Most almanacs have a regular feature called “Best Days” which detail the best time to breed animals, begin potty training a child, plant above ground crops, below ground crops, quit smoking etc…. For example, you would never have a tooth pulled when the Moon is in the Head (Aries) as it runs the risk of hemorrhaging; and a child would be weaned from the bottle when the moon was in the knees (Capricorn).

Many of these folks wouldn’t even think about beginning or ending a chore without first consulting the almanac. Now you too can harness the wisdom of your ancestors by planning important tasks according to the moon’s place in the zodiac. 

How to Calculate Your Lucky and Unlucky Days

Calculating your lucky and unlucky days according to Astrology is quite simple. Each month when the moon occupies the same sign as your Sun Sign, is thought to be a fortunate day for you. This is a good day to take chances, sign contracts, buy lottery tickets, etc. 

However, when the moon occupies the sign opposite your Sun Sign, this is thought to be an unfortunate day for you, and you should not make any major decisions, etc. on that day. Refer to the chart below to determine your Sign, and Opposing Sign.

With 12 signs of the zodiac and roughly 30 days per month, the moon will occupy each sign of the zodiac for about 2.5 days each month.

2012 Moon Sign Table 

 Carolina Dean

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