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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Am I Cursed?

Today’s question comes from Barnabas Collins (not his real name) who writes:

Do you know any spread to know if someone is cursed?

Merry Meet Barnabas, or should I say Good Evening?

Thank you for your question. Any tarot spread has the potential to reveal that a person is under a curse, especially one which is designed to answer specific questions such as the Celtic Cross or a yes/no type of spread. In my own practices I often lay down the cards and then examine the spread as a whole. I mentally calculate how many cards relate to each element (fire, earth, air, or water) and determine how the elements are balanced in the spread. 

Let's look at a few examples:

Here we have an abundance of fire and a lack of air, with water and earth being in balance. This alone could be an indication that the subject of the reading is surrounded by or has a greater amount of energy than is normal for him or her. The balance of water and earth gives them the ability to use this energy in creative ways (think of mixing water and dirt to make clay and creating a beautiful piece of art, or laying a foundation with cement). However, a lack of air, or intelligence, would indicate that the person is having difficulty expressing their vision into logical terms. 

Based on the elements in this spread alone, I would not say that this person is not cursed, nor are they being targeted. 

Let's look at another four-card spread. 

Here we have a spread in which there is a balance between air and earth. They are fairly evenly matched, but let's take a closer look. Notice how the swords are pointed up as if ready to attack or defend? And the pentacles seem to be acting as shields for the individuals? To me, this would be a definite sign that there is conflict, which could be of a magickal nature or even a mundane one. Since both elements seem to be fairly matched I would say that the querent (the person asking the question) is holding their own.

After looking at the elements, I would read each card individually, examine their relationships with one another, and then again as a whole taking in everything that I have seen or sensed up to that point. 

For an example of relationships, let's look at that last spread again. 

These two cards are particularly interesting to me. If we put these two cards side by side and regard them as one single picture, notice how there are two figures in the background between the two larger figures in the foreground. One figure is weeping, while the second is walking away towards the ocean. The sky on the right is calm whereas the sky on the left is cloudy (deception) and even the clouds themselves seem to be attacking the sky with their pointy edges. In addition, the ocean on the left side shows rolling waves, while the waters on the right seem calm, the tiny lines suggest subtle, hidden movements. 

The person on the left seems to be dancing on one foot while they juggle two pentacles before them. The figure 8 suggest constant movement and the rolling waves in the background shows they have had their ups and down. However, the approaching ships bring good news (they are on TOP of the wave and not being overtaken by them) and reinforcements. 

Now you take all this together and a pattern of behavior emerges. It seems that the person on the right has a history of attacking others, either directly or through agents in the form of human beings, spiritual allies or magickal spells. While on the surface they may seem calm, cool, and collected they are actually very adept at deceiving others and getting them to do all the work for them while they stand back and enjoy the show. 

While the person on the left, however, has been kept "on their toes" he or she has held their own. Whereas the person on the right has lost allies, the person on the right can expect the arrival of people or information which will help him or her overcome.

As you describe the situation to your client, the situation or identities of those involved should become clear to him or her.

As you can see, the interpretation of Tarot cards in s highly individualized skill. However, many readers have their own set of cards or card-combinations which signal that a person is the target of a curse. These are cards which if they appear close to one another in a reading could indicate that a person is either cursed, or the target of one. 

Again, these combinations alone do not indicate a person is cursed, hexed, or jinxed. As the reader you have to regard them as just one of several elements in a reading which must be taken into account as you interpret the cards before you.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Carolina, and welcome to fright night!


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Always great information. I learn something new every time I read your blogs!