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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Curse of the Mirrored Box (Hoodoo)

The curse of the mirrored-box is a very old type of reversing spell used in folk magic traditions to send evil back to its source. The source is usually another individual who is attempting to work evil upon a victim. Interestingly enough I first heard of this type of spell on an episode of Baywatch Nights.

There are several methods of constructing a mirror box. The most traditional method I know consists of purchasing, or otherwise obtaining, a new mirror. It is very important that you do not allow this mirror to capture your own reflection because you don't want to get any part of yourself mixed up in the spell. However, it can be very difficult (almost impossible) not to allow this to happen....unless you are invisible. The mirror is usually covered with a cloth and broken with a hammer or rock.  Finally, the individual pieces are glued inside a box. The box can be made of anything such as a cheap chipboard box like those found in craft stores, a shoebox, a small jewelry box, etc....I have even known crafty practitioners who make their own boxes to resemble tiny coffins in which they place dolls.

Other methods of creating a mirror box include, but are not limited to, gluing one small mirror to the inside bottom and inside lid of a an altoids can, constructing a box from 6 mirror tiles (four walls, a ceiling, and floor) with the mirrored side pointing inwards. Alternately, if you are in a hurry you can simply press a person's photo, hair, name-paper, or other small personal concerns between two mirror tiles. The tiles can then be bound with cord, twine, or even tape (yes duct tape has its uses in the magickal world too.) 

From there, The curse usually consist of ritually placing a prepared-doll, photograph, or other representation of the individual inside a mirror-box. The ritual can also include the burning of reversing candles and should be accompanied by one's sincere prayer that any evil the perpetrator is sending against you be directed back at him or her. In my own personal practices, I burn a prepared reversing candle on top of the box itself saying something along the lines of "[N], may all the evil you send to me now and forever return to you!" The candle is then allowed to burn down over the box, sealing the person inside, and setting the curse. 

Some practitioners choose to only keep the person inside the box until they feel that the danger is passed or until the individual learns his or her lesson. In these cases, the doll is removed from the box and the box is destroyed. Other practitioners go a step further and take the mirror-box to a graveyard where they petition a spirit to guard over the box and keep the individual "down". Once a spirit has agreed to these terms, the box is buried at their grave along with payment. 

As is the case with many curses, in the Hoodoo Tradition, it is very important that you consult with your divination tool, spirit guides, etc... to determine if this method is justified in your situation before you decide to invoke the Curse of the Mirrored Box. 

Now, I can't share the Curse of the Mirrored Box with you, without also explaining the Reverse-Mirror Box Spell. The Reverse-Mirror Box Spell is similar to the Curse of the Mirror-Box in that it is a box which has been decorated with mirrors on the outside, rather than the inside.  Some individuals create such a box by taking 6 mirror tiles and gluing them together to create a box with the mirrored-side facing out. Inside the box the individual would place a prepared doll, photograph, name paper, or written petition representing them self rather than another person. 

The purpose of such a mirror box is to protect the individual from any and all negativity that may be directed at him or her regardless of where it originates. However, some folks say that this type of box will also prevent you from receiving the blessings as well. It is up to the individual to decide if this type of protection spell is appropriate for their situation.

Happy Hoodooing!


Anonymous said...
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Carolina Dean said...

I understand the point, first of all that was a bit of a joke and second of all I don't spoon feed my readers everything and sometimes leave things out in order for them to figure things out for themselves.

Mario said...

For the Reverse-Mirror-Box spell wtih
shining side pointing outward, is it
ok to use mirrors that have caught
my reflection and the mirror-seller ?