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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carolina Dean's Magickal Tips & Tricks

Those of you who are already members of my fan page by liking me on Facebook are aware that, as often as possible, I share magickal tips and tricks. Some of these tips are funny, and some are written in such a way as to make you think, but all of them should help you to become better magickal practitioners.  

Until now, these tips have been spread out on Facebook in the form of status updates. Now you can get all my tips and tricks in one place. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I will update this list as I publish new tips and tricks to the fan page and don’t forget to like me on Facebook!

Thank You,


  • Keep a glass of water by your bedside at night. It will gather negative energy while you sleep and nurture a more peaceful slumber. Flush the water down the toilet in the morning.

  • I learned this one from a prostitute who was also a witch....use the ancient butter charm (come, butter, come) to quickly bring sexual intercourse to an end. Simply replace the world 'butter' with the name of the man in question.

  • Open the seed of shepard's purse, if it is yellow you will be rich but if it is green you will be poor.

  • When doing a tarot reading for yourself and the final card(s) indicate a negative outcome. Place postive cards over the negative ones to lesson or negate the outcome. Leave the spread out for a few days, burn candles anointed with appropriate oils near the cards to shift fortune into your favor.

  • To cleanse a room of negativity, quarter an onion. Place 1/4 of the onion in each corner of a room. Dispose of the onion when it turns black.

  • To ease the heartache of a lost love, place Valerian Root, Marjoram, and Violet Leaves in a small bag and tie it shut with a string that has seven knots tied into it. Sleep with the bag under your head (inside the pillow case) for seven nights.

  • To cure your child of the 'thrush' read the 8th Psalm over him or her three times a day at morning, noon, and night for three days.

  • Carry a broomstraw with you tonight as you travel to the witch's Esbat. If you meet the devil you can cut him in half with it.

  • Tear the corner off of a dollar bill and give it to someone......they will never forget you.

  • To know if a man is interested in you, place lemon peels in your armpits in the morning and leave them there all day. When you go to bed, rub the four post of your bed with the peels and if the one you want is interested in you he will come to you in a dream and present you with lemons.

  • Tie a small piece of yarn or thread into a circle and keep this in your wallet or purse and you'll never be without money or friends.

  • To reduce a fever nail a piece of your hair to a poplar tree and say "Poplar Tree, Poplar Tree, I pray theee shake and shiver for me!"

  • Gather dirt from a crossroads and sew it into a little mojo bag with peony root slice, fennel seeds, a small ginger root, and three silver dimes. Carry this for general protection from evil, negativity, and black magick.

  • Sprinkle ashes from your hearth in your shoes for protection.

  • Lick the tip of your finger (you KNOW you want to) and draw protective runes on windows, tools, furniture, your car, etc.... to protect it from physical and spiritual negative energies.

  • Cut your hair and/or nails when the moon is waxing to encourage growth......

  • You wouldn't go online without protection so don't leave your house without some kind of protection either!

  • Hide a mojo bag in a child's stuffed toy to protect him or her while sleeping and bring good dreams.......

  • As a kitchen witch I believe that a house which is physically unclean is also spiritually unclean. Energy cannot properly flow in a cluttered house. So always make sure you home is clean both spiritually and physically so that your home will be a refuge of harmony and comfort to you.

  • Place just a tiny dab of condition oil on a light bulb. Turn on the lamp and allow the scent to permeate the room.

  • Point the figure of an elephant with trunk raised towards your front door to draw in money and prosperity!

  • When you find yourself stressed, write your problems down on paper and put the paper away for one moon phase. When the moon changes, take out the paper again and re-read it. You'll often find that your problems weren't as dire or severe as you originally thought!

  • Don't burn incense near smoke detectors!

  • Always stir your food clockwise to impue it with positive energy.

  • Cast positive spells when both clock hands are rising so that your work will carry the postive energy of your intent.....

  • Save the two bones from a chicken wing. Soak them in salted water overnight, and tie them together in the form of an equal-armed cross with black thread. Anoint with Van Van Oil and carry it with you for protection from evil.

  • Ritually cleanse your home at least four times a year at the changing of the seasons to keep your home spiritually clean, protected, and running smoothly!

  • Make cooking fun! Draw Runic symbols over your food as it cooks and sing for your supper to empower them for love, healing, and peace.

  • Keep your word. As a magickal person your word is law and an extension of your will. If you say you are going to do someting (no matter how simple or mundane) then do it. If not, then you are weakening and negating your will. Keep your word and you will find it easier to work your will in the world through spells and magick.

  • To bring rain, burn the photograph of an ugly or deformed person. It is said that the heaven's will cry out of pity for them.

  • To draw a new love to you, place a violet leaf in your right shoe the first Friday after the new moon and leave it there for seven days.

  • The Universe, God, Yahweh, Jesus, The Goddess, Buddha, Allah....whatever you wish to call the great mystery always within you and all around you through the divine spark of life. Your Higher Power is constantly speaking to your spirit by placing signs in your path, through dreams, and intuition. Do not fear change, but trust in the Higher Power!

  • Don't have a magic mirror, or need to hide your magickal activities? Burn a reversing candle in front of a window at night, it will act like a black mirror and reflect all evil and negativity back to it's sender.

  • Alot of ppl will not agree with me on this, but there have been times when I was on a budget or low on supplies and I had to make what I had last longer. There were many times I took a 12 inch candle and cut it into halves or thirds. This way I got 2 or three spells for the price of one!

  • Fill your home with music that you enjoy to raise your spiritual vibrations and drive out dem demons and debils and anyone more than 10 years older than you.....

  • Add a few drops of condition oil to household products.

  • If your state allows you, save your old driver's license when you get it renewed. Since it has your photo, signature, and birth information you can use it as a personal concern in your spells and rituals. You can turn it into a talisman by drawing symbols on it in permanent markers, place it under candles, or into mojo bags for a start.

  • Save the envelopes that your holiday cards arrive in (especially if they are hand-written) you can cut out the individual's signature and use it in spells concerning that person such as mojo bags, poppets, etc....

  • If G-D (whatever you conceive him or her to be) was sending you a message, it would be CLEAR! If the message was for you, it would come in a language you would understand. If you find yourself fretting over the meaning of a supposed sign or spiritual message..then there is NO message.

  • To separate a rich man from his fortune, gather dust from an ant hill and throw it in his face.

  • Don't bring a wand to an athame fight !

  • Don't forget to burn a candle on your ancestor altars this Sunday in honor of all the Mothers in your family line all the way back to the First Mother.....

  • Lore from various traditions state that evil spirits are turned off by foul odors, so to protect yourself and your home from these astral nasties store your stinky socks and shoes by the front door or under your bed !

  • To speed up the power of a honey jar, place an image of St. Expedite nearby it and include a petition to him in your prayers!

  • To shield yourself from the negative effects of a Mercury retrograde pin the Seal of Mercury over the Square of Mercury, uttering a prayer affirming your protection and then carry it with you.

  • Use a pendulum to help you choose the correct grave from which to gather dirt and communicate with the spirit within. Don't forget to pay for it either!

  • As Sookie learned on True Blood this past Sunday...if you find yourself in the land of the Fey, eat no feed, accept no drink, or you'll never be able to leave!

  • Remember whatever symbols you place on your altar will be magnified when you feed energy into it. You may think that picture of yourself on your Love-Altar is to remind you of a time when you were younger, thinner, etc... but what you're really telling the universe is that you want to stay alone! So may sure those pictures show you with someone who loves and cares about you.

  • After you "breathe life" into your mojo bag don't forget to give your new ally a name. In my practices I name my mojo after someone who has already achieved the goal I wish to achieve. For example, a writer who wants to attain success, fame, and riches might name a "crown of success" mojo little stevie after Stephen King, or JK after JK Rowling.

  • DON'T light your prosperity candles with ten-dollar bills!

  • Do you have a smoke detector(s) in your working space and fear your incense/candles will set them off? Put a shower-cap over it to keep the smoke from triggering an alarm. Just be sure to remove it when you incense/candle has burned out!

  • If you have a physically demanding job carry a whole High John the Conqueror Root in your pocket for strength and stamina! Anoint it with "Crown of Success" Oil or "Five Finger Grass" Oil to ensure you do a good job with all that strength

  • Whenever I make a mojo bag to draw/increase something I add the items in such a way that the ingredients build up or increase. For example 1 lodestone, 2 pinches of this herb, 1 tablespoon of another this way the bag carries the energies of "increasing" and "expanding". For bags designed to move something away from me or decrease, I do the opposite.

  • Place a page from the bible (it can be photocopied) and place this under your "welcome mat" outside your front door to trip up thieves.

  • For protection while traveling (esp for long-haul truckers) hang a pair of baby shoes from your rear-view mirror. For added potency, protective herbs, gris-gris, or a mojo bag may be stuffed inside the shoes.

  • Save those turkey bones and let them dry out. You can use them in spells, mojo bags, or a stand-alone talisman to secure love and seduce another.

  • One of the most important aspects to performing successful magic is BALANCE! You can't do half-assed magic and expect to get full results!

  • A Human-Figure Candle makes a handy effigy in a pinch. Just "load" the bottom of the candle with personal concerns by digging a cavity to insert them and then reseal the wax. Name the doll for the individual and then employ it as you would any doll-baby or poppet.

  • If you don't have any personal artifacts for a deceased family member, simply write their full name on a piece of paper and include whatever pertinent information you have (birth/death date) as well as any happy memories or stories involving that person. In this way you are preserving the memory of that event/story and creating your own personal artifact.

  • If you cannot do something as simple as change the way you think, then you will NEVER perform successful magick! Thoughts are things, and you attract what you dwell on. Dwell on the negative and you get more negative; but make your thoughts positive and you attracting positive things, people, and opportunities. Magick, real power, starts WITHIN YOU!

  • Whenever you need a good cry, cut an onion.

  • Burning a candle for one's goals is akin to a journey. The top of the candle represents the beginning of your path and the bottom of the candle is where you end up regardless of your intended destination. The signs or marks that appear on a candle (soot, wax, etc..) the events that transpire while the candle is burning works like a record of your journey, your experiences, and what you can expect to occur.

  • Trying to develop your psychic gifts? Visualize the alphabet from A-Z holding on to each image in your mind before moving on to the next. This process forces the two brain hemispheres to work together and results in increased psychicism.

  • You have heard that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This line of thinking is true for individuals as well. When you have the need to magickally assualt another individual, it is important to target their weaknessess in order to ensure a more successful outcome.

  • If it can be postponed you should never have surgery when the moon is in the head or, as the old-timers believe, you run the risk of bleeding out and other complications.

  • Pour a circle of salt around your candle to protect against other magickal practitioner’s interfering with your spells.

  • Save your shoestrings before discarding old shoes and use them in knot-magic spells for yourself.

  • A change purse makes an excellent mojo bag in a pinch, especially one designed for attracting or hanging onto money.

  • Need a mirror box and don't have time to glue pieces of a mirror inside a box? Simple, place the individual's photo, name paper, etc... between two mirrors (reflective-side in), bind them together, and place in a box. Alternately, you can wrap the bound mirrors in tin-foil (shiny side in) to hold it all together and add an extra layer of reflection.

  • Dedicating a candle-holder allows you to burn candles openly for magickal purposes without raising suspicions.To dedicate a holder you will need one whose bottom is lined with felt. Carefully peel back one section of the felt. Write your petition and fold is as per your usual practice. Fold it up and place it in the base of the holder behind the felt and then glue the felt back. When you are done, you will then use the candle for only the purpose for which you wrote your petition. 

  • Another option for those who feel the need to hide their candle-burning activities is to  make use of  scented candles like those you find in the supermarket.  Most everyone burns these types of candles in their home so it would not be surprising to find one burning in your environment. To use a scented candle try to choose a scent that matches your goal.

  • One of the best things you can do manifest your desires (especially for long-term pursuits or those projects which require consistency) is to build an altar to your own success!
  • NEVER put anything on an altar dedicated to a spirit that you do not intend for the spirit to have. For example, let's say that you keep your altar on top of your chest-of-drawers in the bedroom. You go into the bedroom to change your clothes and place your wallet, change, watch etc...on top of the chest for a moment while you change out of your clothes. Now, though you may have not intended it, the spirit mistakes your wallet, change, an offering! I already hear some of y'all saying well that is not what i "intended" so the spirit should understand. Trust me, misunderstandings happen between spirits and humans all the time and there are spirits that would use a situation such as this to teach you a lesson. So if you do do something like this and have to take back the unintended offering, be sure to leave something in it's place!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Absent Friends....

Since the publication of the Hoodoo Almanac, I have seen a huge increase in the number of emails, and facebook friend requests that I normally receive. I appreciate that many of you want to be my facebook friend and I am truly honored by the amount of faith and trust that you all have bestowed upon me as well as all the good will that my fans have directed towards me. If you want to be my friend because you like my writing, that's great, but I would also LOVE a thoughtful comment posted IN MY BLOG rather than simply liking the link on facebook. However, if you only want to be my friend in hopes of getting something for free out of me and not out of a genuine desire for friendship I would rather you simply subscribe to my public updates on facebook or like the Carolina Dean Fan Page until you reach a higher level of spiritual maturity. 

For years, I have done by best to help those who have come to me for assistance often doing work for free or very little compensation, traveling to sick clients who were not able to come to me, and even volunteering in our prison systems teaching Spiritualitiy to incarcerated seekers.  However, I have also wasted a great deal of my time answering emails and providing advice to those seeking {free} assistance only to have those same people disregard my advice and complain that nothing in their lives have changed (pssssttttt ...nothing has changed because YOU have not changed). In many cases, I spent hours writing very long, detailed emails in answer to people's situations only to never hear from them again.  This is one of the reasons that I instituted Mailbag Mondays...answering selected questions from my readers publicly in my blog in hopes that the information found in my answers would be of benefit to a greater number of people. 

In fact, I have spent so much time giving my attention to new "friends" that I have alienated many of my old friends and supporters and have not been what I consider a good friend to them in quite some time and to those of you whom this applies to I apologize and will try to be a better friend to you in the future. 

I have rarely, if ever, received an email from a fan or stranger asking me how I am or what they can do for me. There have been many times in my life where I did not know where my next meal was coming from, or cried myself to sleep because I was alone. In fact, there was a time when I considered taking my own life. I have my own problems and difficulties in life, however, I CHOOSE to focus on the good in my life rather than the bad and give my complete trust in a God who LOVES me and for this reason I have been very blessed. If you are my friend, if you want to be my friend, and you want to do something for me...then pray for me as I would for you.

For all my self-sacrifice I have had my name dragged through the mud. I have been labeled a Warlock by so-called Wiccans for sharing information, I have been labeled a "drag queen" (as if that is an insult) and a sexual predator for telling the truth about an incident in which I was the victim of sexual harassment by an individual who thought that I was a woman.  I have never claimed to be perfect. I have used my blog to share my successes as well as my failures. I have made mistakes, one of which was allowing myself to get into a public dispute with another individual only to apologize in order to maintain peace and move on with my life. However, some of the same people who publicly defamed me, referred to me in the feminine, and belittled my contributions to the magickal community turned around and joined my fan page as if they never said anything and expected me not to notice.

I DO NOT make my living as a spiritual worker so I am blessed in that I do not need your business. I have a full-time job in the non-magickal world and make more than enough money to cover my needs. I write because I ENJOY it. I make dolls because I ENJOY it. If I could I would give them away for free, but I can't. In fact, I have spent a large portion of my own money sending supplies to online friends and fans who were in need. A significant amount of my portion of the profits from The Hoodoo Almanac went to help send an underprivileged child to summer-camp as well. I am not revealing these things to you now seeking praise, but rather to paint a clearer picture of what I do with my time and how much of what I do is often a thankless task. 

That being said, I may come across as stern and possibly indifferent to some of those who have come to me (especially those who seem to think I owe them something because I write a blog or own a website.) Sometimes I hide behind humor and emails may go unanswered for days. But, I will tell you this. I have a great deal of compassion for you whether you realize it or not. My heart goes out to you because I've been there too. I cry for you because I have more love in me than I know what to do with...and I pray for you too. I don't want you to think you need another human being to have power in your life. I don't want you to believe in me, I want you to believe in yourself----because I believe in you. I believe in you because, I have been where you are now. I serve my community through the free exchange of information that, I hope, my readers will use to empower themselves so that you can have the love you desire, the good health you deserve, the prosperity that is yours for the asking, and all the good that is your birthright!

I never sought fame, I never set myself up as an expert in these matters, nor do I wish to be anyone's guru.  I DO NOT accept online clients and ONLY take clients who are in my immediate geographical vicinity and then I limit the number of active clients I have at any given time to a certain amount so that I can give them the attention they deserve. The only exception to this policy are those whose name goes on my healing altar as well as request from my online friends who wish me to pray or light a candle for their well-being in times of need. There are plenty of ethical workers out there who I am sure would welcome your business. It is not my desire to take work away from full-time workers who can better assist you.  If you are looking for an ethical worker, email me privately and I will provide you with the names and websites of a few workers whom I trust implicitly. I do not recommend them lightly as I have used them myself on occasion. 

Thank you for your understanding in these matters. 

Blessed Be and Happy Hoodooing! 

PS: If you get the reference I am alluding to in the title of this blog then you truly REALLY know me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Perform a Spiritual Checkup

What is a Spiritual Checkup and Why are they Important?

From time to time, we get so busy with our everyday lives that we forget how important it is to take the time to care for ourselves. Sure, we visit the doctor or dentist when something ails us or we are in pain and some of you are even diligent when it comes to getting your yearly checkups to make sure there aren't any problems and everything is working properly.  But, how often do you perform a spiritual checkup for yourself?

All too often people wait until something is wrong before they take an active part in their own well-being. Sure, as magickal practitioners we put up our protections and if everything seems okay then we assume that our magic is working. I've also seen many people who put a great deal of faith in their own magic while discounting the power of others which can be a huge mistake.

However, those protections don't always work and sometimes things get through. Evil might come all at once like it breaking down your door and charging in like it owns the place, or it might just seep into your life through a small crack that you weren't even aware of. That's why it is important to perform a spiritual check up from time to time so that you can be aware that something is amiss before it has the opportunity to fully get to you and do the most damage.

For the average person, a spiritual checkup should probably be performed once about every 6 months. Other times when it would be wise to perform a spiritual check up include your birthday, New Year's, or anytime you feel that you need one. For one person that may be once every month for another it might be four times a year.

How to Perform a Spiritual Checkup

Begin by gathering several candles. They can be Vigil candles as in the illustration above or regular offertory candles. Set them up on your altar and designate each candle for a different area of your life. You can do this by assigning a specific color to each area of your life or if you only have white candles you can carve a keyword on each candle. If you go the second route, be sure to slip a piece of paper under each candle with its designation written on it or draw a little diagram for yourself so that you know which candle corresponds to what area of life it represents. 

When your candles are ready, light them and pray Psalm 91 with the intention of having any dangers revealed to you. You will then observe the candles as they burn and take notice of how they burn or any marks they they leave behind. 

For example if the candle designated for Money burns down clean, but the one designated Love burns dirty it could be a sign that someone is working against your relationship to break you up out of jealousy for your happiness or to take your partner from you. If you are single, and do not wish to be, it could be a sign that someone has cursed your love life so that you remain alone and lonely.

If this is the case, you should then think about how your relationship has been going lately. Have you been having problems out of the ordinary? Has your partner been distant? Have you been fighting more often? If so, you might want to have a reading performed on your behalf to look into the situation more in depth. Even if you don't think anything out of the ordinary is wrong it would be wise to do some work to strengthen and protect your relationship as well as to cleanse yourself and your environment. The same goes for any area of you life where negativity may be indicated. 

Happy Hoodoo-ing! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enter for a Chance to Win a FREE Copy of The Hoodoo Almanac

Its time for another FREE giveaway! This time you are entering for a chance to win a FREE copy of The Hoodoo Almanac, written by Denise Alvarado, Alyne Pustanio, and Carolina Dean !

About the Hoodoo Almanac 

Published in the tradition of respected almanacs over time and throughout history, The Hoodoo Almanac is a new source of wisdom and Hoodoo lore for rootworkers and conjurers around the world. We bring to you a true Southern perspective of folk magic and folklore as only those who have lived and breathed it can do.

The Hoodoo Almanac contains legends, rituals, herbal secrets, moon magick, magickal botany, herbal charms, a baneful botanica, tarotscopes, notable people in Hoodoo history, weather forecasts, lore and quaint recipes and a variety of matter useful and entertaining.
Learn how to work with Aunt Caroline Dye, Mama Mary, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Clare and Black Hawk, to name but a few. Learn signs and omens, learn how to make several Three Kings formulas, how to make blessed chalk, a whole slew of information about plants and plant lore, and that's just the tip of the rootstock. -----From Planet Voodoo

***How to Enter to Win***

  1. To enter, you MUST be a member of the Carolina Dean Fan Page AND a resident of the United States. I will not ship outside the U.S.A.
  2. Once you are a member of the Carolina Dean Fan Page by liking us on facebook, leave a comment in this blog entry describing any spell, belief, trick, remedy, etc...that you learned from your own family.
  3. Your comment will then constitute one (1) entry for the drawing to win. 
  4. You may only enter once!
  5. Contest ends on July 13th and I will announce the winner in the comments section below AND at the Carolina Dean Fan Page. 
  6. When the winner is announced you must contact me via email with a valid U.S. address to which I can mail you your copy of The Hoodoo Almanac.  
  7. If your facebook name is different from the name associated with your comment, please sign it with your facebook name. If I cannot connect a comment to a member of the Carolia Dean Fan Page, the entry will NOT be counted.
  8. I reserve the right to disqualify any person for any reason. 

Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out & About: Conjure in the Community

One of the things that I like about living on our island is the fact that there is a Naval Base here. What that means is that not only are there folks here from all over the United States, but also from all over the world! Working with the public, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Shamans, Priestesses, Pagans, Wiccans, a practitioner of Voodoo, general magickal practitioners, and even one lady versed in some form of Filipino Witchcraft. Through these relationships and chance meetings I've have been lucky enough to learn a great deal about a lot of different magickal traditions often trading spells, recipes, and techniques.

On the flipside, I have also had the unfortunate luck to meet a few narrow-minded individuals who labeled me a devil-worshipper, several invitations to different churches, and more "I'm going to pray for yous" than I can shake a stick at. For the most part, the good outweighs the bad.

Some of the people I've met were open about their spiritual beliefs, proudly wearing their pentagrams around their neck, esoteric tattoos, or traditional clothing indicative of their spiritual path. Others, however, were much more subtle in how they expressed their spirituality. There were a number of times when someone reached in their pocket and pulled out a handful of change along with a high john root, or I spied a lady with a mercury-dime ankle bracelet or something other. In another instance I was in the right place at the right time when two older Jewish ladies ran into each other at a local store I where I was working. I giggled to myself as they complimented each other on how well they looked ending their sentences with the phrase kenahara!

I have recently observed other signs that magic  is afoot on the island. Not too long ago I found a burned out tea-light near an intersection with a petition under it written on pink paper. I was tempted to pick it up and see what it said, but I decided to let it be. In another instance, I was driving to work one morning when I happened to notice a paper bag folded neatly and sitting in the middle of a crossroads! 

Just yesterday, I stopped in the grocery store on my way home. While waiting in line to check out, the lady in front of my reached in her bra to pull out her debit card (because apparently that's where women keep them) and a little red mojo bag accidentally fell out! She snatched it up in the blink of an eye and said "You didn't see that, you hear?" to the cashier. She turned to look towards me, but I quickly pretended to be scanning the magazine headlines as I unconsciously stuck my hand in my pocket to touch my own mojo bag......

The lesson here is, the next time you are out and about pay attention to the people and things going on around you because you just might make a friend or at the very least learn something new along your journey!

Happy Hoodooing


Monday, June 18, 2012

Mailbag Monday: The Well-Read Hoodoo

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I absolutely love your blog and website(s) and find myself reading over posts several times a day. There is so much to absorb and its all so interesting. I was wondering where do you find your inspiration and who do you read?

Time Enough at Last!

Merry Meet Time,

Thank you for your question. I often get inspiration from my daily life, personal experiences, and from people like you from all over who approach me with their questions and problems.

As for who I read, here are links to several of the blogs that I enjoy:

If you like my blog, then chances are you'll like theirs too; so go read some posts and be sure to leave them comments to let them know how much you enjoy their work. As a writer myself, I am sure that that will mean a lot to them.

Happy Hoodooing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mal'occhio: The Evil Eye

In MAL'OCCHIO, filmmaker Agata De Santis sets out to uncover the world of the evil eye - where one can become physically ill by another's envious glances, where the only remedy is a phone call to the old woman down the street, and prevention involves wearing strange-looking amulets. Agata travels to Italy, New York, and to her mother's kitchen in Montreal to decide once and for all if the evil eye is real.

Commentary: I was lucky enough to catch this documentary early Saturday morning on Canadian TV. I found it to be very interesting in that this was the first instance that I can recall of a group of people being filmed explaining their beliefs from inside their own culture rather than having a reporter or writer outside their culture obtaining this information and relaying it back to the masses or dismissing it as the superstition of primitive or uneducated people. 

According to this documentary, the evil eye occurs when someone envies you for some reason be it a financial windfall, your good looks, getting married, etc... However it can also arise when someone compliments you or heaps upon you too much praise. For the most part, the aunts and mothers in this film seem to believe this is often done unintentionally in that the person doesn't necessarily wish harm upon their victim but that it is a natural consequence of their jealousy.

One segment featured  Rossi and Company a famous souvenir shop in New York City's Little Italy. Here the owner, Ernest Rossi, described many of the amulets that you can purchase which will {allegedly} protect you from the evil eye. Some of these amulets include a red horn, which resemble a red pepper; and the "hand" or mano cornuta--- a hand with the thumb and two middle fingers folded in. Perhaps the most powerful amulet of all, according to Mr. Rossi, is the “Gobbetto” amulet. The Gobbetto is a well-dressed hunchback in a suit and top hat, holding an umbrella, horse shoe, and horn. 

Other segments included amulets which are pinned to a baby's undergarments until communion and a visit to a laboratory where the Olive Oil and Water Test (see below) were scrutinized under laboratory conditions. 

I was delighted when the producer's own Italian Aunt and Mother shared their prayers and cures for the evil eye. I will not share the prayers that were prescribed by the producer's aunt as they are not mine to give away and I have not had the opportunity to use them myself for their efficacy. In addition, I have as yet been unable to find these prayers in any source.  However, the Olive Oil and Water Test which was demonstrated twice in the film has several variations which can be found all over the internet and in various books. 

The version given in this documentary follows thusly. Begin by filling a shallow bowl with water. The bowl is given to the victim who holds it on his or her head. Sprinkle salt in the water making the sign of the cross. Next, three drops of olive oil are placed in the bowl which is then removed and observed. It is believed that if the person has the evil eye the drops of oil will spread out. However, if they remain whole the person does not have the evil eye.If the individual has the evil eye, the ritual is repeated until the drops of olive oil remain whole. 

I have seen at least once instance whereupon a similar cure was performed in this way. To effect the cure, the point of one sewing needle was inserted into the eye of another and dropped into the water. Then a pair of scissors were taken and jabbed into the water over and over again while saying "crush the evil eye" or something similar.

Growing up on the South, the following procedure was given to my by one of the old timer to cure the evil eye. Take a potato that has "eyes" on it. Wash off the dirt and write the name of the person who gave you the eye on the potato. If you don't know the name of the person, just write evil eye. Next, stick a pin in every "eye" of the potato in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then take a pair of scissors, or a sharp knife, and pass over the potato to cut it off. Finally, bury the potato off of your property. 

Your mileage may vary, 

Happy Hoodoo-ing 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Japan's Divorce Toilet & How You Can Flush Evil Away

Japan's Divorce Toilet 
Kristen Wong

In the Gunma Prefecture in central Japan, women have been praying to the porcelain god, but it has nothing to do with recovering from a night of binge drinking. The Mantokuji Temple is known as the "divorce temple," and within it are a couple of toilets that many modern Japanese women hope will answer their prayers. Read More....

Commentary: What a simple, yet power affirmation! Of course other cultures and magickal traditions hold similar beliefs about toilets. One worker I know gives a modern take on an old spell to curse an enemy by carving an enemy's name on a black candle and dressing it with crossing oil. The candle is burned a little each night on the back of the toilet tank as the moon wanes. Finally, when the moon is Dark, the candle is turned upside down and extinguished in the toilet water calling for the enemy to be similarly extinguished. The candle is later disposed of at a crossroads or thrown in the individual's yard.An older form of this spell exists from the time when outhouses where popular and instructs the individual to tip the candle into the pit beneath the outhouse where it would remain.

While I am on the subject of the toilet, I will caution my readers to always make sure that everything goes down when you flush. Don't be embarrassed if you have to flush more than once or twice! There are many old spells that call for capturing a victims urine or fecal matter in a bottle along with various herbs and charms to stop up the bowels or enflame the kidneys. 

Your own feces or urine can be used in spells and magic as well. Most of you should be familiar with witch-bottles that are often filled with your own urinie (among other things) and are used for protection. A few drops of your urine can be placed in a lovers coffee or tea to bind him or her to you. A person's first mornings urine is often called for in magical baths of cleansing and protection. There also exists a certain type of gambler's hand (mojo bag) that calls for having your female lover go out into an alley and urinate on it while you are inside playing cards.

One spell (which utilizes your own feces) calls for writing the name of anyone, or anything that you'd like to banish on a piece of bath tissue and set aside. Later, you use the tissue as usual to wipe yourself and dispose of the it by flushing it down the toilet.  Finally, a spell to break up a couple calls for writing the names of the two parties on a piece of paper with one name on the left and one name on the right. The paper is then torn in half to separate them. Their names are then smeared with feces and flushed down the toilet. Although another sources states that they should be placed in a brown paper bag along with dog feces and left at a crossroads.

Alternately, if you are attempted to break up the couple so that you can have one of them for yourself you would only smear feces on the name which represents the person you wish to be rid of and flush it down the toilet. The paper representing the individual you desire would be used in another spell to get him or her desire you. 

As mentioned above, its not only human feces that is used in magic but that of animals as well. One recipe for Goofer Dust includes the dried feces of a pigeon. 

Finally, I would also caution anyone who wishes to become a professional rootworker to always keep a box of medical gloves on hand---especially if you have clients mail you personal concerns. Hair, fingernails, etc...aren't terrible gross but you will occasionally receive packages containing bodily fluids that you would not want to handle without protection. That's not superstition, its just good sense! 

Happy Hoodooing! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Disposing of a Doll-Baby

Dear Carolina Dean,

I have a doll-baby I made of my ex-boyfriend when we were together. I often used it to set spells on him to dominate him in our relationship and cause him to be faithful to me. Now that we are no longer together, I want to get rid of it, but I don't want to do it in a way that will bring any harm to him. Help!


A. Bouchard 

Merry Meet A. Bouchard!

When your doll has accomplished its assigned task and you don't need it anymore. It is important to release that part of the person's spirit before you dispose of the doll. To release the spirit, gently take the doll apart and remove the personal concerns that it contains so that they are no longer apart of the doll. When you are done, simply make the sign of the cross over the doll and say:

"Let my words which bound you, now set you free that you may return from whence you came. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen." 

Ofcourse, there are other methods, but this is the simplest of them.
Similar to candle-remains, disposing of your doll-baby encompasses a wide range of options for the spiritual practitioner. Some spells include instructions for disposing of a doll as part of the working. For example, a mirror-box containing an enemy's doll may be buried at the grave of a powerful spirit where it will be kept down.

How you dispose of your doll will largely depend on what the doll was used for. In most cases, you can simply release the spirit of the doll, remove any personal concerns and simply throw the doll away. If you are inclined, it may be burned, buried, thrown in running water, or left at a crossroads.

In some cases, the craftsmanship of a doll may be so beautiful and elegant that you will want to keep the doll as a work of art to be admired. In this case, release the spirit of the doll, and remove any personal concerns. Then you can display your doll as desired.

I strongly suggest that you dispose of your doll in a manner consistent with the work. If the doll was for a positive purpose and worked well for you, it should not come to a violent end such as burning or being thrown in water but rather buried with honor.  If you are unsure of how to dispose of your doll, perform a divination or petition your spirits for answers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hoodoo in Review: Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag

Do you know the meaning of LAVENDER LOVE DROPS? This original formula is made with occult herbs often claimed to engender passion and loving kindness in lesbians and gay men. This is not for one-night stands -- LAVENDER LOVE DROPS is said to bring true, passionate, same-sex love!" 

------------------Lucky Mojo Curio Company Catalog

Lavender Love Drops
Though I originally purchased this product in 2003, I vividly remember the day that it arrived in my mailbox. There was this certain man whom I was determined to have. For the sake of this review, let's call him David Beckham (this reason for this will be made clear below).  I made up my mind to do something to make David mine on the night of the New Moon which actually fell on a Friday that month and which made the timing for a love spell all the more powerful. 

The new moon was approaching in less than a week so I ordered the Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drop Mojo Bag right away! To my surprise, the package arrived in the mail on that very Friday afternoon when I got home from work. Now, when I placed my order with Lucky Mojo I didn't tell them what I was planning or how important it was for me to get the package by the New Moon, and yet there it was!

This was the very first commercial mojo bag I had ever purchased and I was excited by the possibilities that it represented. When a friend of mine stopped by that afternoon to pick up some papers on her way out of town, I showed her the contents of the package which included several herbs, curios, Lavender Love Drops Oil, and a Purple Mojo Bag on which was sewn a little Heart and Lovebirds Charm.  

Fifteen minutes after my friend left, I realized that she had accidentally left with the directions that came with the package. I was frantic, how was I going to fix this mojo hand without the directions? When would the new moon fall on a Friday again? The timing was just too perfect to waste. So I called my friend on her cell phone and begged her to turn around. She did some grumbling, but she knew how important this was to me and returned the papers I needed.

Looking over the directions (which I still own almost a decade later) the only things I needed that did not come with the hand were a couple of dimes minted in my and David's years of birth, and a red offertory candle. However, these were easily obtained.  I had also had the foresight to have captured some of David's personal concerns in the form of an unwashed T-Shirt he had left unattended. I cut a small piece of cloth from over the heart of the shirt and this was to be included in the mojo bag as well. 

Following the directions to the letter, I fixed the mojo-bag that very night. From the moment I completed the ritual I had a positive feeling about the outcome. The following Monday, I noticed small changes in David's behavior. I caught him watching me whenever he thought I wasn't looking. He began talking to me more often and about more persona things like what I did that weekend, etc...(boy if he only knew!) 

Things were progressing slowly, and I was eager to see more evident signs that David was to be mine. Then one day while driving home from work I passed as sign on the road that I must have passed a 1000 times before. It said "You Are Now Entering Beckhamville," which was the name of the town I grew up in before the Civil War. Sometime after the war when my hometown was incorporated, the name was changed to Great Falls after our beautiful water falls. As you recall, "David's" last name was Beckham. I took this as a clear sign that I progressing towards my goal. 

Things stayed about the same for the next few weeks, and then one late one night I got hungry and drove up to the only fast-food place we had at the time which was about 20 minutes outside of town next to a gas station at the on ramp to the freeway.  It was after midnight and the last person I was expecting to run into was David, and yet there he was! My fries where not ready so the cashier asked me to pull around to the front of the building where she would bring them out to me. It was Summer so I had my window down. David was coming back from somewhere and was filling his car up with gas. He saw me as he was walking inside to pay for his gas. We began talking and he came back to my house to hang out. 

That night, David and I began what was to be a year-long relationship. Ultimately, we realized that though we really cared for one another we were at different point in our lives and wanted different things. We parted ways amicably when he accepted a job in the Midwest. At first, I wanted to keep my mojo-bag as a memento of my relationship with David. After all, I had carried it for a year. However, I decided to bury the mojo bag in my back yard near a magnolia tree to seal our parting and ensure that we can remain friends. Today, David is a successful businessman, a husband, and a father living in the Midwest. He still writes me about once a year and we have remained good, though distant, friends.

As you can see, my experience with this product was completely successful and I was quite happy with the results I obtained using the Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag and spiritual supplies. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for the beauty of its craftmanship, the authenticity of the formula, or the powerful results one can achieve with its use. For more information about these and other Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies please refer to the links below.


Are you an author/publisher, tarot-reader, candle-worker, or spiritual practitioner and would like Carolina Dean to review your book, product or service? Contact me with your website, brief biography, and the type of product or service you would like me to review. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Losing Your Religion

Dear Carolina Dean,

I've always been interested in the occult and metaphysics. Five years ago, I began studying and openly practicing Wicca. However, about 7 months ago I discovered Hoodoo and was intrigued by these practices. I did not do it intentionally, but the more I studied and practiced Hoodoo the less time and energy I gave to the God and Goddess.  In fact, it happened so slowly I didn't realize it had happened at all until I went to clean my alter and realized I hadn't observed an Esbat or a Sabbat in months!

Now when I kneel at my Wiccan Alter I don't feel the same energy as I did before. I feel as though I have betrayed the old Gods by not giving them the same devotion that I had before. I find myself torn between Hoodoo and Wicca and don't know what to do? I'm thinking about leaving Wicca and taking up the practice of Hoodoo in its most traditional form. At the same time, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Wicca behind just yet. 

What do I do? Help!


Confused in Camelot

Merry Meet, Confused!

When I first read your question I was prepared to point out to you, as many before me have, that you CAN be Wiccan and practice Hoodoo at the same time. Wicca, as we know it, is a religion that you can tailor to suit your needs. There really is no reason why you can't use Hoodoo magickal techniques within the context of Wiccan ritual. However, I would be remiss not to warn you that in doing such you must be aware that you are not practicing "traditional" Hoodoo.

Nonetheless, my spirit-of-divination tells me that "energy flows where attention goes" and that perhaps you're not feeling that old white magic because you haven't been giving that part of your life the time and energy that you once did? My advice to you is to put away your Hoodoo practices for a set period of time in which you will totally devote yourself to your Wiccan practices. I suggest a minimum of three months. 

During that time, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What do I like about Wicca? What do I dislike?
  • How does Wicca differ from Hoodoo? How are they the same?
  • Does Wicca empower me or am I just going through the motions?
  • Does Wicca really meet my spiritual needs? 
  • What, if anything, does Hoodoo offer me that Wicca does not?

If after this period of time you decide that Wicca is still for you, you are going to have to figure out a way to either 1) meld your two practices into one cohesive system that works for you 2) keep your Wiccan practices and your Hoodoo practices totally separate of 3) completely stop practicing Hoodoo. 

If you do decide that Wicca no longer suits you, then I would suggest that you mark the occasion with a special ritual written by yourself in which you invoke the God and Goddess into the magick circle, give thanks for what they taught you and explain why you are moving on. When you are done, deconstruct your altar with reverence and store your ritual tools, book of shadows, etc... away until such time as you decide what you would like to do with them. 

Lastly, I would like to point out that performing such a ritual does not permanently bar you from becoming Wiccan again at a future date. Many people have left their chosen religion, only to return again.

Blessed be, and Good Luck to you on your journey!

Do you have a question that you would like Carolina Dean to answer? Submit your question here and it may appear in a future edition of Mailbag Monday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ganesha: Opener of the Way

Picture The Hindu God Ganesha is one of a number of deities whose devotion and worship has crossed cultural barriers. He has been venerated by both devout Hindus, Buddhist and he has even entered into the practice of Hoodoo----by those who mainly identify as Christians. It is only fitting that he is known in various traditions for removing obstacles and opening the way. 

In Hindu mythology, he is the son of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. He is often depicted with the head of an elephant owning to a legend that his father once destroyed his original head in anger and quickly replaced it with that of an elephant. Ganesha is believed to have been the scribe for the Mahabharata and thus is associated with teachers, students, and writers.

Common symbols associated with Ganesha include his vehicle the rat, who can sometimes be seen stealing offerings of sweets left for the God, swastikas, his large rotund belly, books, and the elephant goad (noose).

Ganesha is associated with spirits who are known for removing obstacles and opening-the-way as well as for success in worldly endeavors. For this reason he is often petitions for success at the outset of any venture or undertaking. 

Working With Ganesha 

                                           New Moon Ritual to Open the Way

The new moon is traditionally observed as a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Many spiritual practitioners often begin works of drawing love, prosperity, success, health, etc...towards themselves or their clients during the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon so that their blessings grow with the moonTherefore, it is wise to petition Ganesha to open the way for you before you begin your work so as to remove all obstacles to your success.

Begin by cleaning a yellow offertory candle with ammonia or holy water and then inscribing the words "open the way" in large bold letters on the candle. As you fix the candle, focus your thoughts completely on those objectives that you wish to accomplish in the coming month. Bring a vision into your mind's eye of your goal successfully manifesting.

When you are done, place the candle in a holder and anoint it with Road Opener Oil. Place the candle before an icon of Ganesha. Make an offering of sweet cakes or candy to Ganesha saying:

"Accept these humble offerings, oh Lord, in recognition of and thanksgiving for my many blessing. Pray guide me along my path so that I may not encounter those obstacles that would hinder my success! Amen."

Light the candle and say the following prayer a total of nine times.

Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul.
O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.
Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause.
Shew me thy way, O LORD; teach me thy path.
Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

When you are done, allow the candle to burn down. When it is spent, inspect any remains for signs or messages from Ganesha.

  • This prayer comes from the book of Psalm 25:1-5.
  • The "Lord" here refers to Lord Ganesha for the purpose of this working as does the enemy refer to anyone or anything that would prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • The prayer also asks that the seeker be not ashamed which to me means not being ashamed of you what it is that you truly want and desire. To achieve one's goal you must not hesitate out of a sense of shame or fear of failure to take advantage of opportunities when they appear before you. 

Happy Hoodoo-ing