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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carolina Dean's Magickal Tips & Tricks

Those of you who are already members of my fan page by liking me on Facebook are aware that, as often as possible, I share magickal tips and tricks. Some of these tips are funny, and some are written in such a way as to make you think, but all of them should help you to become better magickal practitioners.  

Until now, these tips have been spread out on Facebook in the form of status updates. Now you can get all my tips and tricks in one place. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I will update this list as I publish new tips and tricks to the fan page and don’t forget to like me on Facebook!

Thank You,


  • Keep a glass of water by your bedside at night. It will gather negative energy while you sleep and nurture a more peaceful slumber. Flush the water down the toilet in the morning.

  • I learned this one from a prostitute who was also a witch....use the ancient butter charm (come, butter, come) to quickly bring sexual intercourse to an end. Simply replace the world 'butter' with the name of the man in question.

  • Open the seed of shepard's purse, if it is yellow you will be rich but if it is green you will be poor.

  • When doing a tarot reading for yourself and the final card(s) indicate a negative outcome. Place postive cards over the negative ones to lesson or negate the outcome. Leave the spread out for a few days, burn candles anointed with appropriate oils near the cards to shift fortune into your favor.

  • To cleanse a room of negativity, quarter an onion. Place 1/4 of the onion in each corner of a room. Dispose of the onion when it turns black.

  • To ease the heartache of a lost love, place Valerian Root, Marjoram, and Violet Leaves in a small bag and tie it shut with a string that has seven knots tied into it. Sleep with the bag under your head (inside the pillow case) for seven nights.

  • To cure your child of the 'thrush' read the 8th Psalm over him or her three times a day at morning, noon, and night for three days.

  • Carry a broomstraw with you tonight as you travel to the witch's Esbat. If you meet the devil you can cut him in half with it.

  • Tear the corner off of a dollar bill and give it to someone......they will never forget you.

  • To know if a man is interested in you, place lemon peels in your armpits in the morning and leave them there all day. When you go to bed, rub the four post of your bed with the peels and if the one you want is interested in you he will come to you in a dream and present you with lemons.

  • Tie a small piece of yarn or thread into a circle and keep this in your wallet or purse and you'll never be without money or friends.

  • To reduce a fever nail a piece of your hair to a poplar tree and say "Poplar Tree, Poplar Tree, I pray theee shake and shiver for me!"

  • Gather dirt from a crossroads and sew it into a little mojo bag with peony root slice, fennel seeds, a small ginger root, and three silver dimes. Carry this for general protection from evil, negativity, and black magick.

  • Sprinkle ashes from your hearth in your shoes for protection.

  • Lick the tip of your finger (you KNOW you want to) and draw protective runes on windows, tools, furniture, your car, etc.... to protect it from physical and spiritual negative energies.

  • Cut your hair and/or nails when the moon is waxing to encourage growth......

  • You wouldn't go online without protection so don't leave your house without some kind of protection either!

  • Hide a mojo bag in a child's stuffed toy to protect him or her while sleeping and bring good dreams.......

  • As a kitchen witch I believe that a house which is physically unclean is also spiritually unclean. Energy cannot properly flow in a cluttered house. So always make sure you home is clean both spiritually and physically so that your home will be a refuge of harmony and comfort to you.

  • Place just a tiny dab of condition oil on a light bulb. Turn on the lamp and allow the scent to permeate the room.

  • Point the figure of an elephant with trunk raised towards your front door to draw in money and prosperity!

  • When you find yourself stressed, write your problems down on paper and put the paper away for one moon phase. When the moon changes, take out the paper again and re-read it. You'll often find that your problems weren't as dire or severe as you originally thought!

  • Don't burn incense near smoke detectors!

  • Always stir your food clockwise to impue it with positive energy.

  • Cast positive spells when both clock hands are rising so that your work will carry the postive energy of your intent.....

  • Save the two bones from a chicken wing. Soak them in salted water overnight, and tie them together in the form of an equal-armed cross with black thread. Anoint with Van Van Oil and carry it with you for protection from evil.

  • Ritually cleanse your home at least four times a year at the changing of the seasons to keep your home spiritually clean, protected, and running smoothly!

  • Make cooking fun! Draw Runic symbols over your food as it cooks and sing for your supper to empower them for love, healing, and peace.

  • Keep your word. As a magickal person your word is law and an extension of your will. If you say you are going to do someting (no matter how simple or mundane) then do it. If not, then you are weakening and negating your will. Keep your word and you will find it easier to work your will in the world through spells and magick.

  • To bring rain, burn the photograph of an ugly or deformed person. It is said that the heaven's will cry out of pity for them.

  • To draw a new love to you, place a violet leaf in your right shoe the first Friday after the new moon and leave it there for seven days.

  • The Universe, God, Yahweh, Jesus, The Goddess, Buddha, Allah....whatever you wish to call the great mystery always within you and all around you through the divine spark of life. Your Higher Power is constantly speaking to your spirit by placing signs in your path, through dreams, and intuition. Do not fear change, but trust in the Higher Power!

  • Don't have a magic mirror, or need to hide your magickal activities? Burn a reversing candle in front of a window at night, it will act like a black mirror and reflect all evil and negativity back to it's sender.

  • Alot of ppl will not agree with me on this, but there have been times when I was on a budget or low on supplies and I had to make what I had last longer. There were many times I took a 12 inch candle and cut it into halves or thirds. This way I got 2 or three spells for the price of one!

  • Fill your home with music that you enjoy to raise your spiritual vibrations and drive out dem demons and debils and anyone more than 10 years older than you.....

  • Add a few drops of condition oil to household products.

  • If your state allows you, save your old driver's license when you get it renewed. Since it has your photo, signature, and birth information you can use it as a personal concern in your spells and rituals. You can turn it into a talisman by drawing symbols on it in permanent markers, place it under candles, or into mojo bags for a start.

  • Save the envelopes that your holiday cards arrive in (especially if they are hand-written) you can cut out the individual's signature and use it in spells concerning that person such as mojo bags, poppets, etc....

  • If G-D (whatever you conceive him or her to be) was sending you a message, it would be CLEAR! If the message was for you, it would come in a language you would understand. If you find yourself fretting over the meaning of a supposed sign or spiritual message..then there is NO message.

  • To separate a rich man from his fortune, gather dust from an ant hill and throw it in his face.

  • Don't bring a wand to an athame fight !

  • Don't forget to burn a candle on your ancestor altars this Sunday in honor of all the Mothers in your family line all the way back to the First Mother.....

  • Lore from various traditions state that evil spirits are turned off by foul odors, so to protect yourself and your home from these astral nasties store your stinky socks and shoes by the front door or under your bed !

  • To speed up the power of a honey jar, place an image of St. Expedite nearby it and include a petition to him in your prayers!

  • To shield yourself from the negative effects of a Mercury retrograde pin the Seal of Mercury over the Square of Mercury, uttering a prayer affirming your protection and then carry it with you.

  • Use a pendulum to help you choose the correct grave from which to gather dirt and communicate with the spirit within. Don't forget to pay for it either!

  • As Sookie learned on True Blood this past Sunday...if you find yourself in the land of the Fey, eat no feed, accept no drink, or you'll never be able to leave!

  • Remember whatever symbols you place on your altar will be magnified when you feed energy into it. You may think that picture of yourself on your Love-Altar is to remind you of a time when you were younger, thinner, etc... but what you're really telling the universe is that you want to stay alone! So may sure those pictures show you with someone who loves and cares about you.

  • After you "breathe life" into your mojo bag don't forget to give your new ally a name. In my practices I name my mojo after someone who has already achieved the goal I wish to achieve. For example, a writer who wants to attain success, fame, and riches might name a "crown of success" mojo little stevie after Stephen King, or JK after JK Rowling.

  • DON'T light your prosperity candles with ten-dollar bills!

  • Do you have a smoke detector(s) in your working space and fear your incense/candles will set them off? Put a shower-cap over it to keep the smoke from triggering an alarm. Just be sure to remove it when you incense/candle has burned out!

  • If you have a physically demanding job carry a whole High John the Conqueror Root in your pocket for strength and stamina! Anoint it with "Crown of Success" Oil or "Five Finger Grass" Oil to ensure you do a good job with all that strength

  • Whenever I make a mojo bag to draw/increase something I add the items in such a way that the ingredients build up or increase. For example 1 lodestone, 2 pinches of this herb, 1 tablespoon of another this way the bag carries the energies of "increasing" and "expanding". For bags designed to move something away from me or decrease, I do the opposite.

  • Place a page from the bible (it can be photocopied) and place this under your "welcome mat" outside your front door to trip up thieves.

  • For protection while traveling (esp for long-haul truckers) hang a pair of baby shoes from your rear-view mirror. For added potency, protective herbs, gris-gris, or a mojo bag may be stuffed inside the shoes.

  • Save those turkey bones and let them dry out. You can use them in spells, mojo bags, or a stand-alone talisman to secure love and seduce another.

  • One of the most important aspects to performing successful magic is BALANCE! You can't do half-assed magic and expect to get full results!

  • A Human-Figure Candle makes a handy effigy in a pinch. Just "load" the bottom of the candle with personal concerns by digging a cavity to insert them and then reseal the wax. Name the doll for the individual and then employ it as you would any doll-baby or poppet.

  • If you don't have any personal artifacts for a deceased family member, simply write their full name on a piece of paper and include whatever pertinent information you have (birth/death date) as well as any happy memories or stories involving that person. In this way you are preserving the memory of that event/story and creating your own personal artifact.

  • If you cannot do something as simple as change the way you think, then you will NEVER perform successful magick! Thoughts are things, and you attract what you dwell on. Dwell on the negative and you get more negative; but make your thoughts positive and you attracting positive things, people, and opportunities. Magick, real power, starts WITHIN YOU!

  • Whenever you need a good cry, cut an onion.

  • Burning a candle for one's goals is akin to a journey. The top of the candle represents the beginning of your path and the bottom of the candle is where you end up regardless of your intended destination. The signs or marks that appear on a candle (soot, wax, etc..) the events that transpire while the candle is burning works like a record of your journey, your experiences, and what you can expect to occur.

  • Trying to develop your psychic gifts? Visualize the alphabet from A-Z holding on to each image in your mind before moving on to the next. This process forces the two brain hemispheres to work together and results in increased psychicism.

  • You have heard that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This line of thinking is true for individuals as well. When you have the need to magickally assualt another individual, it is important to target their weaknessess in order to ensure a more successful outcome.

  • If it can be postponed you should never have surgery when the moon is in the head or, as the old-timers believe, you run the risk of bleeding out and other complications.

  • Pour a circle of salt around your candle to protect against other magickal practitioner’s interfering with your spells.

  • Save your shoestrings before discarding old shoes and use them in knot-magic spells for yourself.

  • A change purse makes an excellent mojo bag in a pinch, especially one designed for attracting or hanging onto money.

  • Need a mirror box and don't have time to glue pieces of a mirror inside a box? Simple, place the individual's photo, name paper, etc... between two mirrors (reflective-side in), bind them together, and place in a box. Alternately, you can wrap the bound mirrors in tin-foil (shiny side in) to hold it all together and add an extra layer of reflection.

  • Dedicating a candle-holder allows you to burn candles openly for magickal purposes without raising suspicions.To dedicate a holder you will need one whose bottom is lined with felt. Carefully peel back one section of the felt. Write your petition and fold is as per your usual practice. Fold it up and place it in the base of the holder behind the felt and then glue the felt back. When you are done, you will then use the candle for only the purpose for which you wrote your petition. 

  • Another option for those who feel the need to hide their candle-burning activities is to  make use of  scented candles like those you find in the supermarket.  Most everyone burns these types of candles in their home so it would not be surprising to find one burning in your environment. To use a scented candle try to choose a scent that matches your goal.

  • One of the best things you can do manifest your desires (especially for long-term pursuits or those projects which require consistency) is to build an altar to your own success!
  • NEVER put anything on an altar dedicated to a spirit that you do not intend for the spirit to have. For example, let's say that you keep your altar on top of your chest-of-drawers in the bedroom. You go into the bedroom to change your clothes and place your wallet, change, watch etc...on top of the chest for a moment while you change out of your clothes. Now, though you may have not intended it, the spirit mistakes your wallet, change, an offering! I already hear some of y'all saying well that is not what i "intended" so the spirit should understand. Trust me, misunderstandings happen between spirits and humans all the time and there are spirits that would use a situation such as this to teach you a lesson. So if you do do something like this and have to take back the unintended offering, be sure to leave something in it's place!


Melissa said...

Dean, I don't comment very often -- but I should make the effort because I am *consistently* impressed with your blog. You post such interesting, useful, and doable magick.

I have the Hoodoo Almanac -- of course! -- but I'd love to see you go out on your own. You truly can do it. I'd be first in line.

Marick said...

I vary much enjoyed reading your tips :D L<3ve your blog

Carolina Dean said...

Thanks for your compliments everyone!!!

Cathy said...

Carolina Dean, you are so generous with your knowledge. Your blog really speaks to me. You are creating a work of great value here.

yada said...

amazing. love it