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Friday, June 8, 2012

Hoodoo in Review: Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag

Do you know the meaning of LAVENDER LOVE DROPS? This original formula is made with occult herbs often claimed to engender passion and loving kindness in lesbians and gay men. This is not for one-night stands -- LAVENDER LOVE DROPS is said to bring true, passionate, same-sex love!" 

------------------Lucky Mojo Curio Company Catalog

Lavender Love Drops
Though I originally purchased this product in 2003, I vividly remember the day that it arrived in my mailbox. There was this certain man whom I was determined to have. For the sake of this review, let's call him David Beckham (this reason for this will be made clear below).  I made up my mind to do something to make David mine on the night of the New Moon which actually fell on a Friday that month and which made the timing for a love spell all the more powerful. 

The new moon was approaching in less than a week so I ordered the Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drop Mojo Bag right away! To my surprise, the package arrived in the mail on that very Friday afternoon when I got home from work. Now, when I placed my order with Lucky Mojo I didn't tell them what I was planning or how important it was for me to get the package by the New Moon, and yet there it was!

This was the very first commercial mojo bag I had ever purchased and I was excited by the possibilities that it represented. When a friend of mine stopped by that afternoon to pick up some papers on her way out of town, I showed her the contents of the package which included several herbs, curios, Lavender Love Drops Oil, and a Purple Mojo Bag on which was sewn a little Heart and Lovebirds Charm.  

Fifteen minutes after my friend left, I realized that she had accidentally left with the directions that came with the package. I was frantic, how was I going to fix this mojo hand without the directions? When would the new moon fall on a Friday again? The timing was just too perfect to waste. So I called my friend on her cell phone and begged her to turn around. She did some grumbling, but she knew how important this was to me and returned the papers I needed.

Looking over the directions (which I still own almost a decade later) the only things I needed that did not come with the hand were a couple of dimes minted in my and David's years of birth, and a red offertory candle. However, these were easily obtained.  I had also had the foresight to have captured some of David's personal concerns in the form of an unwashed T-Shirt he had left unattended. I cut a small piece of cloth from over the heart of the shirt and this was to be included in the mojo bag as well. 

Following the directions to the letter, I fixed the mojo-bag that very night. From the moment I completed the ritual I had a positive feeling about the outcome. The following Monday, I noticed small changes in David's behavior. I caught him watching me whenever he thought I wasn't looking. He began talking to me more often and about more persona things like what I did that weekend, etc...(boy if he only knew!) 

Things were progressing slowly, and I was eager to see more evident signs that David was to be mine. Then one day while driving home from work I passed as sign on the road that I must have passed a 1000 times before. It said "You Are Now Entering Beckhamville," which was the name of the town I grew up in before the Civil War. Sometime after the war when my hometown was incorporated, the name was changed to Great Falls after our beautiful water falls. As you recall, "David's" last name was Beckham. I took this as a clear sign that I progressing towards my goal. 

Things stayed about the same for the next few weeks, and then one late one night I got hungry and drove up to the only fast-food place we had at the time which was about 20 minutes outside of town next to a gas station at the on ramp to the freeway.  It was after midnight and the last person I was expecting to run into was David, and yet there he was! My fries where not ready so the cashier asked me to pull around to the front of the building where she would bring them out to me. It was Summer so I had my window down. David was coming back from somewhere and was filling his car up with gas. He saw me as he was walking inside to pay for his gas. We began talking and he came back to my house to hang out. 

That night, David and I began what was to be a year-long relationship. Ultimately, we realized that though we really cared for one another we were at different point in our lives and wanted different things. We parted ways amicably when he accepted a job in the Midwest. At first, I wanted to keep my mojo-bag as a memento of my relationship with David. After all, I had carried it for a year. However, I decided to bury the mojo bag in my back yard near a magnolia tree to seal our parting and ensure that we can remain friends. Today, David is a successful businessman, a husband, and a father living in the Midwest. He still writes me about once a year and we have remained good, though distant, friends.

As you can see, my experience with this product was completely successful and I was quite happy with the results I obtained using the Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag and spiritual supplies. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for the beauty of its craftmanship, the authenticity of the formula, or the powerful results one can achieve with its use. For more information about these and other Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies please refer to the links below.


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