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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Japan's Divorce Toilet & How You Can Flush Evil Away

Japan's Divorce Toilet 
Kristen Wong

In the Gunma Prefecture in central Japan, women have been praying to the porcelain god, but it has nothing to do with recovering from a night of binge drinking. The Mantokuji Temple is known as the "divorce temple," and within it are a couple of toilets that many modern Japanese women hope will answer their prayers. Read More....

Commentary: What a simple, yet power affirmation! Of course other cultures and magickal traditions hold similar beliefs about toilets. One worker I know gives a modern take on an old spell to curse an enemy by carving an enemy's name on a black candle and dressing it with crossing oil. The candle is burned a little each night on the back of the toilet tank as the moon wanes. Finally, when the moon is Dark, the candle is turned upside down and extinguished in the toilet water calling for the enemy to be similarly extinguished. The candle is later disposed of at a crossroads or thrown in the individual's yard.An older form of this spell exists from the time when outhouses where popular and instructs the individual to tip the candle into the pit beneath the outhouse where it would remain.

While I am on the subject of the toilet, I will caution my readers to always make sure that everything goes down when you flush. Don't be embarrassed if you have to flush more than once or twice! There are many old spells that call for capturing a victims urine or fecal matter in a bottle along with various herbs and charms to stop up the bowels or enflame the kidneys. 

Your own feces or urine can be used in spells and magic as well. Most of you should be familiar with witch-bottles that are often filled with your own urinie (among other things) and are used for protection. A few drops of your urine can be placed in a lovers coffee or tea to bind him or her to you. A person's first mornings urine is often called for in magical baths of cleansing and protection. There also exists a certain type of gambler's hand (mojo bag) that calls for having your female lover go out into an alley and urinate on it while you are inside playing cards.

One spell (which utilizes your own feces) calls for writing the name of anyone, or anything that you'd like to banish on a piece of bath tissue and set aside. Later, you use the tissue as usual to wipe yourself and dispose of the it by flushing it down the toilet.  Finally, a spell to break up a couple calls for writing the names of the two parties on a piece of paper with one name on the left and one name on the right. The paper is then torn in half to separate them. Their names are then smeared with feces and flushed down the toilet. Although another sources states that they should be placed in a brown paper bag along with dog feces and left at a crossroads.

Alternately, if you are attempted to break up the couple so that you can have one of them for yourself you would only smear feces on the name which represents the person you wish to be rid of and flush it down the toilet. The paper representing the individual you desire would be used in another spell to get him or her desire you. 

As mentioned above, its not only human feces that is used in magic but that of animals as well. One recipe for Goofer Dust includes the dried feces of a pigeon. 

Finally, I would also caution anyone who wishes to become a professional rootworker to always keep a box of medical gloves on hand---especially if you have clients mail you personal concerns. Hair, fingernails, etc...aren't terrible gross but you will occasionally receive packages containing bodily fluids that you would not want to handle without protection. That's not superstition, its just good sense! 

Happy Hoodooing! 


Spooky Ghoul from HalloweenAlley1031 said...

Such a simple idea, yet one that you don't normally think of. I could actually use this in my life right now. Thank you for sharing it!!

Carolina Dean said...

I saw in the article that one woman flushed her fat way, if you try this with your diet let me know if it works!