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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mailbag Monday: The Well-Read Hoodoo

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I absolutely love your blog and website(s) and find myself reading over posts several times a day. There is so much to absorb and its all so interesting. I was wondering where do you find your inspiration and who do you read?

Time Enough at Last!

Merry Meet Time,

Thank you for your question. I often get inspiration from my daily life, personal experiences, and from people like you from all over who approach me with their questions and problems.

As for who I read, here are links to several of the blogs that I enjoy:

If you like my blog, then chances are you'll like theirs too; so go read some posts and be sure to leave them comments to let them know how much you enjoy their work. As a writer myself, I am sure that that will mean a lot to them.

Happy Hoodooing!

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