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Monday, July 9, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Too Many Mojos!

Dear Carolina Dean,

I currently have 3 mojo-bags. One is for [love-drawing], one is for [keeping money], and the third is for [work.] I will be traveling out of the country in a few weeks and I would like to make one for [protection while traveling], however I am concerned that I would have too many mojos.
Is there a such a thing as having too many mojos? Can having several mojo's actually work against me. How many can I carry at one time? Help!


Mojo Mama in Mississippi

Hi Mojo Mama!

Your Mojo is Your Friend
You pose a very good question and one that I hear often. Many rootworkers emphasize that a person's mojo is alive and that it is not simply a charged object but rather a spiritual ally. Therefore, owning a mojo-bag, for lack of a better word,  is a huge responsibility and in many respects it is akin to owning a pet. Just like you build a relationship with a pet you have to build a relationship with your mojo bag---this means giving it the proper food (oils) and care as well as spending time with the mojo communicating your wishes and giving it lots of praise and encouragement when it is working for you.

That being said, my opinion is that you should never have more mojo-bags than you can successfully care for and maintain at any one time. For some people that number may be low, while for others it may be high. It really depends on the individual. Supposing your mojo-bag was properly fixed and consecrated,  it should stay strong and working for you so long as you give it the proper care and maintenance.

How many mojo-bags you carry at any given time is entirely up to you and you have several choices in the matter. You can carry all your mojo's on your person at one time, or you can selectively wear them at certain times and/or on certain days. In my personal practices, I currently have three mojo bags. They are a love-mojo, a money-mojo and a success-mojo bag. 

I carry my success-mojo on the job every day so that I will be successful in my profession. However, I carry my love-mojo on me in the evenings and on weekends when I am away from work and socializing. Finally, my money mojo bag is carried on Fridays when I get paid and on the first day of the new and full moons when they are fed with appropriate conditions oils and prayed over.

You may wish to only carry your love-drawing mojo on Fridays as Friday is associated with Love; or carry your money mojo on the day of the week that you get paid. Ofcourse you will want to carry your safe-travel mojo bag on you the entire time that you are traveling abroad. 

Happy Hoodooing!

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