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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Confusing Cartomancy

Dear Carolina Dean:

I have just had a tarot reading ( celtic cross). The first card was the Nine of Cups,  then this was crossed by The Fool. Is there any real significance in this or is this a good omen?. I know the Nine of Cups is a good card to draw but does The Fool  damage that good?


Confused Cartomancer 

MM confused and thank you for your question,

Just like an astrologer cannot give you a full astrological synthesis based simply on your Sun Sign, I cannot give you a full reading based on two cards that appear in a ten-card spread such as the Celtic Cross. For those not familiar with this spread, let us review. 

The Celtic Cross is a classic 10-card spread that every Tarot Card reader is familiar with or should be. It has many variations, and is great for specific questions, or when you don't know what to ask.  After shuffling and cutting the cards, the first card is laid down before you and the second card is laid across the first. The first card represents the general atmosphere of the question, while the second card adds to the meaning of the first card by contrast or contradiction.  Once all of the cards are properly laid out, we would then apply their divinatory meanings in accordance with their position in the spread.

As you can see, these cards address your question by identifying the subject of your question and not its ultimate resolution. The Fool and the Nine of Cups could not be more opposite. On the one hand, the man in the Nine of Cups is wealthy in the ways of the material world, whereas the Fool only has the clothes on his back and what little he can fit into he knapsack. The Nine of Cups is stationary, while the Fool is on a journey of some kind and doesn't necessarily know where he is going. The man who appears in the Nine of Cups is alone with his fortune, while the Fool has the company of his guide in the form of a white dog (dog spelled backwards).

That being said, and without knowing 1) Your Question or 2) The remaining cards in the spread, I would say that your question concerns a dissatisfaction with your present situation in some form, and your desire for a fresh start and a new beginning, perhaps a simpler life closer to spirit? Material things don't bring the spiritual fulfillment that you seek and there is a powerful urge for you to discard those things of a material and/or spiritual nature that do not serve your needs. 

Of course, this is simply my opinion and there are a wide range of possibilities. Each reader will have his or her own interpretation of these two specific cards in these two specific positions.  Even if these same two cards fell in the same two positions for two different people the reader could divine two completely different interpretations. 

My advice to you is to look at your spread from both the perspective of the individual cards in their respective positions and as a whole. Keep a record of your reading(s) in a Tarot journal as you study the cards. These notes will become invaluable assets as you grow in your ability to read and interpret the cards. What does not make sense to you know, can and often does make a great deal of sense later. 

Good Luck! 

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