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Monday, September 3, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Dirty Jobs

Dear Carolina Dean,

I'm very interested in the practice of Hoodoo and have been reading as much about it as I can get my hands on. One thing that I'm confused about is the use of Graveyard Dirt in spells. What makes dirt from a graveyard so special?


Uncle Samdhi

Hi Uncle and thanks for your question,

In the modern era, when people die they are often buried in steel vaults, if they are not cremated.  Before this time, they may have been buried in pine boxes or simply a winding sheet. Over time, their bodies decomposed and returned to the earth. The term "earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust" springs to mind here. Therefore when a worker would pay a spirit for dirt from its grave, they were'nt simply taking dirt---- they were taking the essence of that person's body that had become a part of, and not apart from, the soil.

Graveyard dirt isn't just taken but rather is paid for after negotiating with a suitable spirit.  There are many variables to consider when collecting graveyard dirt for spells and rituals. Some of these variables include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Location of the grave
  • How the person died
  • Obtaining permission 
  • Payment for the Dirt
  • Where to collect the dirt
As you can see the theory and practice of locating, collecting, and deploying graveyard dirt is not a simple matter and will be the subject of a future blog in and of itself. However, I hope that this very brief introduction has helped you to understand the importance of graveyard dirt in the practice of Hoodoo. 

Happy Hoodooing, 

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