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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Deciphering the Language of Signs

Dear Carolina Dean,

I have recently become very interested in Candle Magick and Candle burning for a purpose and I found your website to be extremely helpful! I have been doing burnings fairly frequently and have been taking notes on each one and I'm really interested to know the meaning of the different types of burns, behavior of the flame, candle, etc. I noticed that you have a section that explains many of these, but I'm sure there's always more info out there!
I obviously have a specific goal that I'm working towards, and it's important to me. What I'm wondering is do you or anyone you know offer a more hands on teaching of candle burning, or a more one-on-one reading of the flame/candle behavior? Going along with that also, can you recommend any more necessary reading on the subject? I would very much like to go about everything in the right way.


Dear Zuko,

Thank you for your question.  The information I shared on my site is a basic overview, however, experience has taught me that (as is the case with many forms of divination) such signs can and often are subjective. Take the tarot, for example, The Fool has a "traditional" meaning; but it can also have a personal meaning for each individual reader.

I'm sure that in your own research you have noticed some contradictions. For example, some folks say that if a glass vigil candle breaks it means that you have broken through an obstacle, others say that a more powerful force have destroyed your spell, etc....

Think of signs-from-candle-burning as another language that you are attempting to learn. I think that you are on the right track by taking careful notes (and possibly photos?) of your candle burnings in a notebook of journal. Leave room for future notes to indicate how the spell played out if any. Over time you will notice a pattern and learn to read the language of the signs.

Good Luck,

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