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Sunday, November 18, 2012

In the News: Four Women Held for Practising Witchcraft

Ras Al Khaimah: Four Arab women were arrested on the charge of using witchcraft and sorcery with the motive of exploiting men financially. The suspects allegedly collected huge amounts of cash from their victims but the total figure was not revealed pending the conclusion of the investigations. 
Colonel Salem Sultan Al Darmaki, head of investigations at the criminal investigation department (CID) of police in Ras Al Khaimah, said the women were apprehended on Thursday after police set up a trap for them.
“An Arab woman complained to the police about the illegal activities of other three women. She herself was arrested as the police suspected her involvement in the activities. The four women were found violating the UAE residency law and practiced witchcraft in an apartment they lived in to dupe men and exploit them,” Col. Al Darmaki said.

A police specialised unit dealt with the case to verify the complaint and succeeded in arresting the head of the group.

“A police informant, a woman, sought an appointment with one of the sorcerers after convincing her that she wanted to work some magic on her husband whom she accused of planning to ditch her for another woman,” a source from the police told Gulf News.

Colonel Al Darmaki said police raided the apartment and arrested the suspects red-handed. An Emirati man was found in the flat at the time of the arrest with the three Arab women. The police found a large quantity of herbs and other materials used in sorcery rituals. Alcoholic beverages were also found in the flat.

Investigations revealed that the woman who had reported the case to the police had been a member of the group at an earlier stage and split from them because of dispute over the division of the money they made.
The suspects confessed to targeting men.

Col. Al Darmaki urged the public to be alert for such fraudsters and inform police at the earliest. “Witchcraft and sorcery activities are punishable by law,” he said.

Source, Four Women Held for Practising Witchcraft
By Aghaddir Ali, Staff Reporter
Published: 7:36 PM  November 2, 2012

Commentary: This was an interesting story that caught my attention because as the Colonel explains above "Witchcraft and sorcery activities are punishable by law," but what he fails to mention that often that punishment is a painful death.

While the writer left out many details such as the exact form of their spells as well as their motivation beyond gaining riches I cannot fathom a scenario in which these alleged witches would risk their lives simply for wealth; however, I would not completely rule it out. It is mentioned that one woman feared that her husband would leave her for a younger woman and presumably create a financial hardship for her. I also wouldn't rule out that their crimes were acted out of a sense of revenge or personal empowerment due to the manner in which women are treated in their society.

I am not versed in the practice of Arabic Witchcraft and Sorcery, however, as a spiritual practitioner I am aware that there are many spells and rituals in the Hoodoo Tradition which are designed to give the female an upper hand in the relationship and to allow her to dominate her man. Today, I would like to share some of these methods with you, my readers.

Menstrual Blood

One of the oldest, most powerful, and perhaps easiest of spells a woman can perform on her lover to dominate and control him calls for deploying one's menstrual blood in the man's food or drink without his knowledge. If he eats her blood, she can control him forever. For those women who, for whatever reason, no longer menstruate or produce menstrual blood vaginal fluid or urine is often substituted.

The Aiguillette

The aiguillette, or ligature as it is more commonly called, is a tool used by women (and gay men) to tie up a man's nature; that is, to prevent him from straying by making him incapable of achieving an erection with anyone but you, to make him want you, and to make him want to be with you only.

To make the aiguillette, measure his penis from base to head along with shaft with a piece of red yarn or string. Whether you do this covertly or with his knowledge is up to you. Next, you must have sex with him in such as way that he achieves an orgasm and you do not. Collect his semen and anoint the string with it and tie a knot in the string to tie up his nature.

The semen-anointed string tied in knot(s) is the symbolic act which ties up the man's nature and will make him always want to be yours. The fact that you were able to 'harvest' the man's semen presupposes that he achieved orgasm and therefore enjoyed the act. The fact that when engaging in intercourse for the purpose of obtaining his semen to anoint the string you have been directed NOT to have an orgasm yourself is to capture his nature and not your own. Such a tool is usually kept in a special type of mojo bag called a Nation Sack (see below).   

The Nation Sack 

The Nation Sack is a special type of mojo-bag utilized by women (and sometimes by gay men) to dominate and control her man and keep him faithful. When you prepare this mojo bag, you are doing so with intent. Your intent is to tie up this man's nature, make him faithful and loving to you, and prevent him from being able to have relations with any other person than yourself.

In creating a nation sack, you typically anoint certain items (roots, dimes, candles) with your menstrual blood (or sexual fluids) because these bodily fluids are believed to capture a man's sexual interest and attention. A woman's menstrual blood has chemicals in it, called pheromones, which attract (straight) males. You are also likely to anoint the same items with some type of condition oil as well, usually Follow Me Boy.

The act of anointing the roots and dimes (usually marked with each individual's year of birth) with your menstrual blood serves two purposes 1) To scent your mojo bag with your pheromones and 2) To mark your territory and establish dominance in the relationship and 3) The dimes are specifically anointed with your fluids/oils to make the man give you money and ensure financial stability for you. Once properly fixed, this mojo is often worn on your person below the wait or even in your bra. The man is never allowed to see it or touch it lest it lose its power over him. 

Follow Me Boy Spells 

Follow Me Boy is a condition oil specially formulated to be used by women (and gay men) to dominate and control her lover/husband/boyfriend. The female equivalent is called Follow Me Girl and is used by straight men and gay women on their respective lovers. Follow Me Boy oil can be deployed in several ways including, but not limited to, anointing the individual, a few drops may be placed in his shoes, shampoo, or his laundry, feeding Nation Sacks, and dressing candles.

A simply Follow Me Boy spells consists of marking the man's name on a purple candle (purple is the color of power) and anointing it with Follow Me Boy oil and your sexual fluids. Set the candle in a holder and place a photograph of the man underneath. If you don't have a photo, cross and cover his name with your own both 9 times. Anoint the four corners and center of the photo/petition paper with Follow Me Boy Oil and place a small piece of calamus or licorice root in the center. Fold the photo/petition towards you three times, rotating it clockwise one turn in between each fold. Light the candle and make your prayer or petition saying:

"With God's blessings, may [name] come under my command. As the sheep follows the shepherd, as night follows day; where ever I lead, there let him follow; where ever I stay, there let him be. In Jesus name. Amen."

Allow the candle to burn down on its own and dispose of any left-over wax by burying it in your backyard or in your special burial place.

Of course, there are other spiritual supplies designed to subdue others and bring them under your command such as Boss Fix, Bend Over ,or I Dominate My Man, etc.... but Follow Me Boy is arguably the most popular when the relationship has a love or sexual element.

Happy Hoodooing

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