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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Don't You Touch My Mojo!

Dear Carolina Dean,

I really enjoyed your last entry in which you described the Nation Sack. I have been working with such a mojo bag for the past 6 months, albeit with my boyfriend's full knowledge and consent. Even though he knows about my Nation Sack, I have not allowed him to see it or to touch it because I don't want to kill the hand. 

Although we don't presently live together, we often stay over at each others houses and sometimes I do work at my Love-Altar while he is there. Once a month, at the start of my period, I feed my Nation Sack with oil and leave it burning on my altar along side a candle.  I live in a small studio apartment and don't have many options to hide my activities. While my boyfriend has been respectful, and even willing, to go along with me I am also concerned about him accidentally spotting the bag while it is lying on my altar. Do you have any tips or tricks that will assist me?



Hi Diana, 

A Mojo-Bag Wrapped in White Cloth
Thank you for your question. This is an issue that I have come across several times before in the case of practitioners who have spouses, children, and/or roommates. 

While on the surface it may seem easy to say just burn your candle (or whatever) when you are alone; but anyone who has ever lived with another person will understand that this is not always as easy as it may seem. 

Many practitioners try to time their workings when they will be alone and undisturbed going so far as to coordinate with the others who live in the house or apartment. Most of the time roommates will find a way to work out these issues and other times you have to be creative.  Other folks set their altars / work spaces up in an area of the house or apartment where they will not be disturbed such as in a closet, attic, or basement or even an outside storage area. For example, in my apartment I have a 6" X 6" storage area off of my patio which is just the right size to set up a decent working area. It is very important that you not leave any candles unattended in these smaller areas as they present a great fire hazard.

If you cannot time your workings when you are alone or set up your work space in an area of your house or apartment where you will be alone or undisturbed there are a few things that you can do to keep your boyfriend from seeing or touching your mojo bag. For one, you can place an overturned tea cup or bowl over on top of your mojo bag and place your candle on top of that; or you can simply wrap your mojo bag in a clean, white handkerchief or even place it in a small decorative box on your altar. Finally, you may also want to invest in a cheap room-divider which you can set up around your altar area to prevent prying eyes from seeing exactly what you are up to.

Happy Hoodooing!


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