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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Anti-Candle Magic

Preliminary: Here is a ritual adapted from the Hyatt Material that can be used when someone is burning candles on your name to bring about confusion, cross-conditions, or bad luck in general. 

Before performing the ritual, you may wish to consider why you believe you are crossed up or have a divination performed to determine if you truly are the target of a magical attack.

When performed successfully, the ritual provides relief from your enemies workings against you. It  consists of three parts. 1) They are: Three Ingredient Bath, 2) Candle-Burning Rite, and finally 3) the burning of salt, sugar, and sulfur three times a week.

Three Ingredient Bath

Draw a bath that includes saltpeter, liquid bluing, and sugar. In the bath, pray the Lord's Prayer three times as you bath away from yourself. When you are done, step backwards out of your tub between two lit candles and dress in clean, white clothing. Do not dry off but rather air dry yourself.

Save some of your used bathwater and dispose of it at the nearest crossroads by throwing it over your left shoulder towards the East and walk away without looking back.

Candle-Burning Rite

Mark your name with a red-candle and anoint it with un-crossing oil. Stick three pins in the candle and make your prayer or petition as you sprinkle salt over the flame saying: "With God's blessing, may my enemy stop his evil work against me and let me be. In Jesus' name amen."

Light the candle and let it go to work for you. This should put an end to the enemy's work. If you wish to stop your work at this point, you may do so. However, if your enemy is a particularly strong one or has been particularly harsh with you, then you may wish to take a more aggressive approach with him or her and perform the second part of this spell which will render him or her sick and take away their strength.

Write their name on a piece of paper nine times. If you don't know the name of the person then simply write "my enemy". Next, take 3 pinches of salt in your palm and say the following over it: "With God's blessings, may the enemy who is working against me leave me alone. In Jesus' name. Amen." Spit in the salt and then wrap this up in your name-paper and place this under an over turned saucer.

Now, take a purple candle (for strength and power) and cut off its tip; turn it upside down and dig a new wick out of its foot. Mark the candle with their name or simply "my enemy" as before and dress it with Crossing Oil. Place the candle on top of the over-turned saucer with the name-paper underneath.

Light the purple candle and say: "With God's blessings, may the enemy who is working against me now let me be; and if they refuse may their strength and vitality decrease as this candle burns down.  In Jesus' name. Amen."

Let your candles burn down and watch them for signs and messages. When they are consumed, inspect any leftovers for signs of success or failure of your work and then dispose of the ritual remains

 Salt, Sugar, & Sulfur 

Thereafter, burn salt and sulfur three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will act as an powerful incense to drive away your enemy and his or her evil messes. However, it should be noted that burning sulfur is highly toxic, therefore you may wish to burn a very small amount of sulfur (just a pinch) in a well ventilated area. 

Alternately, lay a line of the powder down at all the entrances to your house and simply burn the salt and sugar alone.

Happy Hoodoo-ing 


Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, Rootwork
Harry Middleton Hyatt  © 1978
Vol. 5, pg 3961, #1018

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