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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Prescriptive Rites: Case Study 1, Part 1 (Billy Bottom)

Preliminary: Rather than write a generic How-To guide to prescribing spells and rituals based on your divinations, I am going to share a few case studies with you and walk you through the process of prescribing a few spells to hypothetical clients. 

In part one, you'll meet Billy Bottom. Billy is a 23 year old gay male college student. He is majoring in business-management. He hasn't been in a relationship in over a year and hasn't had any luck meeting men. Billy would like to know what the future holds for him in the area of love and how can he attract a compatible boyfriend. 

The Reading

  1. The Past: The Hermit here indicates that Billy has been very focused on his studies as an business-management student. He has given himself very little time for a social life or any type of social activities. 
  2. The Present: The Two of Coins may indicate that in addition to his studies, Billy also works part or full time to pay his expenses; which is another reason (excuse) for not having time for a social life. There is also some sense of fear within Billy that getting involved in a relationship right now, no matter how badly he wants it, will bring more stress into his life than pleasure.
  3. The Future: The Ace of Cups is a very good card here. It represents the beginning of a new relationship either platonic, romantic, sexual, or all three!
  4. The Outcome: The Three of Wands here is an indication of the type of man that Billy is likely to attract. He is tall, with dark hair and may be a merchant or a sailor. There is a naval-base on the island where Billy lives, so this is entirely possible.
Spell Recommendation 

The trick to prescribing spells based on divination is not only to know the basics of spell construction, but also to be able to think of the symbols and pictures of the Tarot cards as spell components themselves. Just like other aspects of divination, however, you will also have to tailor the spells to the clients situation and needs.

The reading suggested that Billy has had bad luck meeting men due to his lack of time to devote to a social life so first Billy is going to have to learn to make room in his life for the boyfriend that he wants to attract. The cards also hint that Billy is, at least on a subconscious level, afraid of putting himself out there for fear of rejection or not being able to make a relationship work.

  • Ace of Cups: A Cleansing Bath 

Let's look at the last two cards in our reading to see what Billy should do. The Ace of Cups promises the beginning of a new relationship so that is where we are going to start. Notice how the wafer that the Dove of Peace is holding in its mouth resembles a Full Moon? Notice how the cup is overflowing with water? And the lilies floating on the water?

I would recommend that Billy take a series of 13 cleanings herb baths beginning on the night of the Full Moon and ending just at the New Moon. My recommendation would be for Billy to bath in a mixture of Lemon Balm (to clear away bad luck and draw new love) Lavender (to attract men) and Master Root chips (for courage). If inclined, I would recommend that Billy pray Psalm 51 (substituting the words Lemon Balm, Lavender, and Master Root for Hyssop).

Billy should complete his bath just before Sunrise each day and carry a portion of his bathwater to the nearest crossroads. There, he should toss it over his left shoulder towards the East and walk away without looking back. Finally, I would recommend that Billy dress himself everyday in Lavender Love Drops and Crucible of Courage Oils.

  • Three of Wands: Candle Spell 
Now that Billy has washed away his ill luck over the past 13 days, it is now time for him to draw in his desire---specifically a boyfriend or lover. Let's look at the final card in his reading again. Wands represent fire, so we will be working with fire to draw in Billy's boyfriend. The most common use of fire in Hoodoo is through the use of candle-spells. Notice how the three wands are arranged around the figure with the man in the center?  Let's think of this in terms of spell components.

To begin, I would have Billy write a list of qualities that he desires in a boyfriend or lover on a piece of paper. When he is done, turn the paper 90 degrees and cross and cover this with his name 9 times. Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with Lavender Love Drops and fold the paper towards himself three times.

Next, Billy should should scratch the words "my lover" across the chest of the red human-figure candle and anoint this with Lavender Love Drops. Set the human-figure candle on top of an overturned saucer under which he has placed his written petition. He should then set three tapers anointed with Lavender Love Drops around this candle to form a triangle (for manifestation.)  If inclined, Billy could connect the three points of the triangle by drawing lines with Lavender Love Sachet Powders.

Then, Billy would light the human-figure candle and then the three tapers and make his prayer or petition. For love work, certain selections from the Songs of Solomon are often recommended. However, Billy may chose to say something as simple as the following:

"With God's blessings may my lover come to me now as quickly as possible and in a natural way. Grant me the wisdom to recognize him when he appears and the courage to welcome him into my life when he does. In Jesus' name. Amen."

Billy allows the candles to burn out on their own and then disposes of the ritual remains. He will then watch and wait for signs of success or failure of his work.


Billy calls you a few weeks later to tell you that he met Tommy Top,  a tall MP who is stationed at the local naval base. Thus far he is very happy with his relationship.

End of Part One. Part Two will be posted in this blog on  December 2nd, 2012

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Madame Nadia said...

Love this post! Great advice for anyone who is getting deeper into the world of spell-crafting, and needs a practical example of how connecting the dots between divination and the actual spell works.