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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Presciptive Rites: Case Study 1, Part 2 (Billy Bottom)

In Part One of this article, I introduced you to Billy Bottom. Billy is a 23 year old gay male college student majoring in business-management. He hadn't been in a relationship in over a year nor had he had any luck meeting men. Billy wanted to know what the future held for him in the area of love and how could attract a compatible boyfriend. 


Billy's reading revealed that he has had bad luck meeting men due to his lack of time to devote to a social life. The cards also hinted that Billy is, at least on a subconscious level, afraid of putting himself out there for fear of rejection or not being able to make a relationship work.

Based on his reading, Billy was given instructions to take a 13 day spiritual bath for cleansing to be followed up with a candle burning ritual. Three weeks later, Billy has met Tommy Top,  a tall MP who is stationed at the local naval base.

The Follow-Up

A month and a half has gone by and Billy has contacted you again. Billy has been really happy with his new boyfriend Tommy Top, they've been out several times and even slept together. However, Billy senses that Tommy is pulling away from him and now they only get together for sex. Billy is afraid that Tommy is getting ready to break up with him but he would like the relationship to continue. 

The Reading 

  1. The Past: The Knight of Wands here represents Billy's lover, Tommy. As you can see by the motion of the card Tommy is rather flighty and isn't known for putting down roots. As you may recall, Tommy is also in the military and likely moves around quite a bit. Given that the Knight is moving away from the next card, The Lovers, Billy's suspicions about Tommy breaking up with him probably have merit. 
  2. The Present: This is always an interesting card. Notice how the man is looking at the woman, but the woman is looking at the Angel above? The Lovers here indicates that Billy still has feelings for Tommy, and Tommy for Billy as well. However, Tommy's interest may be more sexual while Billy's feelings lean more towards something deeper and more profound. 
  3. Future: The Ten of Cups is a card which promises success and happiness.Again, the Knight is moving away from this scene.  It may be that Tommy doesn't believe in or is not mature enough at this time to conceive of himself being in a committed relationship.
  4. Outcome: The Fool is a card of fresh starts and new beginnings. Here, the Fool is moving towards the 10 of cups---- and the symbols on the card are telling us how Billy can bring Tommy about the relationship with Tommy that he desires.

Spell Recommendation

The trick to prescribing spells based on divination is not only to know the basics of spell construction, but also to be able to think of the symbols and pictures of the Tarot cards as spell components themselves. Just like other aspects of divination, however, you will also have to tailor the spells to the clients situation and needs.

The reading suggests that Tommy's interest in Billy is waning and that the only thing they have in common anymore is sex. Tommy's flighty nature, along with the transient nature of his job, keeps him from settling down for too long. Billy doesn't want to end his relationship with Tommy, but Tommy is going to have to mature before he is ready to make a commitment. In the mean time, the cards suggest redefining the nature of the relationship. 

  • 10 of Cups: The Things of My Body 
The ten of cups is a card of family, fertility, and hope. It depicts a heterosexual couple standing embracing one another while children dance nearby. Children are the products of one's body, and they are conceived through sexual intercourse; therefore I would recommend that Billy begin feeding Tommy the things of his body. For example, he may secret a drop of two of his semen or urine in Tommy's drink, or he may bake one of his public hairs into a cookie and feed it to Tommy. Feeding your lover the things of your body, usually by women to their male lover, is an old tradition to tie your lover to you and keep him (or her) faithful. 

If possible, Billy may also want to secretly sew his own hairs into the Tommy's clothing. Tommy's hat-band or underwear are traditional places to hid this type of charm. 

I would also recommend that Billy begin to collect Tommy's personal concerns as well. Billy may wish to make dolls representing himself and Tommy and, just like the couple standing side by side in the Ten of Cups, bind the two together. These could be placed in a shoebox on a bed of magnolia leaves (for fidelity) and stored under the bed.

  • The Fool: Follow Me Boy
Now let's look at The Fool more closely. Some of the items that stand out to me include the bundle, the rod it is tied to, and the little white dog following him on his journey.

The Bundle: I would recommend that Billy start a mojo-hand. The type of mojo I would recommend is called a Nation-Sack. The Nation Sack is a special type of mojo-bag utilized by women (and sometimes by gay men) to dominate and control their lover and keep him faithful. Your intention with the Nation Sack is to tie up this man's nature, make him faithful and loving to you, and prevent him from being able to have relations with any other person than yourself.

The Nation Sack usually consists of specific components such as roots, dimes, and personal concerns. In creating a nation sack, you typically anoint these items with your menstrual blood or sexual fluids because these bodily fluids are believed to capture a man's sexual interest and attention. Once properly fixed, this mojo is often worn on your person below the waist. The man is never allowed to see it or touch it lest it lose its power over him.

The Rod: Next, as soon as possible I would have Billy take Tommy's measure (the rod) with a piece of red yarn in order to make of it an aiguillette, or ligature as it is more commonly called. The aiguillette is a tool used by women (and gay men) to tie up a man's nature; that is, to prevent him from straying by making him incapable of achieving an erection with anyone but you, to make him want you, and to make him want to be with you only.

To make the aiguillette, measure his erect penis from base to head along with shaft with a piece of red yarn or string. Next, you must have sex with him in such as way that he achieves an orgasm and you do not. Collect his semen and anoint the string with it and tie a knot in the string to tie up his nature. The aiguillette would then be included in Billy's Nation Sack.

The White Dog: Finally, my last recommendation to Billy would be to begin regularly setting lights on Tommy's name using Follow Me Boy Oil.  

Follow Me Boy is a condition oil specially formulated to be used by women (and gay men) to dominate and control her lover/husband/boyfriend.

A simply Follow Me Boy spell consists of marking the man's name on a purple candle (purple is the color of power) and anointing it with Follow Me Boy oil and your sexual fluids. Set the candle in a holder and place a photograph of the man underneath. If you don't have a photo, cross and cover his name with your own both 9 times.

Anoint the four corners and center of the photo/petition paper with Follow Me Boy Oil and place a small piece of calamus or licorice root in the center. Fold the photo/petition towards you three times, rotating it clockwise one turn in between each fold. Light the candle and make your prayer or petition saying:

"With God's blessings, may [name] come under my command. As the sheep follows the shepherd, as night follows day; where ever I lead, there let him follow; where ever I stay, there let him be. In Jesus name. Amen."

Allow the candle to burn down on its own and dispose of any left-over wax by burying it in your backyard or in your special burial place.


Six months later, Billy and Tommy are exclusively seeing one another on a regular basis and are planning on moving in together at the first of the year.

NOTE: The pitfall with using these techniques it NOT to automatically think of the same spell every time a certain card appears. For example, if you pull The Fool card again for a different situation such as Health, Protection, or Prosperity; then the solution will obviously not be to use a Nation Sack.

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