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Thursday, December 6, 2012

In the News: Maid Accused of Sorcery to Control Employer

An Emirati man sorting his wardrobe stumbled across two amulets carrying strange words, which turned out to be an act of witchcraft by his housemaid to control the family.
But the man took the maid to the police, accusing her of endangering the life of his two little sons by engaging in sorcery at his house in Ras Al Khaimah.  A criminal court in the northern emirate tried the maid on Sunday on charges of attempting to kill two little boys but she denied such charges. 

“She told court that she put those amulets in the wardrobe after her friend told her that by doing so, she can control her employers,” Emirat Alyoum daily said. 

Commentary:  Like the previous story I reported on, this one occurred in a  part of the world where the practice of witchcraft and sorcery are outlawed and punishable by death. The maid in this story took an incredible risk in leaving the amulets where they could be found. Had she known that there were other ways of achieving the same ends without leaving behind any obvious evidence she may have re-thought her plans.

In the Hoodoo Tradition, there exists a number of spiritual products designed to compel and control others. Different oils, incenses, and sachet powders are available for different situations. For example, Follow me Boy or I Dominate My Man are used to control you male lover.  Boss Fix is used to control an over-bearing Boss. Commanding Oil and Compelling Oil are more subtle and gentle products used to get someone to obey your will.  Essence of Bend Over, however,  is arguably the most powerful and much more coercive condition oil used to rule and have your way. 

In the case described at the beginning of this article, the maid in question would have been wise to use a combination of Boss Fix and Essence of Bend Over to rule her employer, have him treat her with respect reward her financially and to look upon her with favor.  Let's look at a few ways in which someone like the maid in the story referenced above might use Essence of Bend Over to control her employers.

Some of the ways in which Essence of Bend Over could be used include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Bath Crystals could be dissolved in water and used to wash down the employer's walls and floors, or placed in the rinse cycle when washing his clothes. 
  • The house can be dressed with Bend Over Oil by placing a drop at the four corners of the property, then the four corners of the outside of the house, then the four corners of the inside of the house, then the four corners of every room, then finally the four corners and  the center of his or her bed. 
  • Essence of Bend Over Sachet Powder can be used to dress any papers that the employer will handle such as a written request for time off.
  • A few drops of Bend Over Oil may be placed in the employer's shampoo or other hygiene products. 
  • Essence of Bend Over Incense may be burned throughout the house. 
  • A Mojo-Bag may be crafted which includes licorice root, calamus chips, high john root, and five-finger grass, as well as a written petition/personal concerns and fed Bend Over Oil on a regular basis. The mojo-bag would be carried whenever you plan on being around the person you wish to dominate and control.
  • Setting of Lights can be done at your altar on the employer's name using purple candles (for power), dressed with Bend Over oil with one's petition placed underneath praying: "With God's blessings, may I rule over (N) and have my way in our every encounter. In Jesus' name. Amen."
  • A Doll-Baby in the employer's likeness can be made and stuffed with licorice root, calamus chips, high john root, and five-finger grass, as well as a written petition/personal concerns and fed Bend Over Oil. The doll-baby would be worked on a regular basis by aggressively speaking your commands into its ear. Punish the doll when the person does not obey, and reward it when they do. 
  • The employer's name could be written on paper 9 times, anointed with Bend Over oil in the four-corners and center and then placed in the right shoe. With each step taken, make your petition saying: "With each step I take, I walk over (N) so that I dominate him/her in our every encounter!"
These are just some of the ways in which someone can utilize Bend Over products to rule and have their way. 

Happy Hoodoo-ing!

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