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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mailbag Monday: Enemy Jar

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I did a enemy spell jar on Monday at 10am. I buried it in my back yard is that fine or did I do it wrong?


Tony Nelson

Dear Tony,

Thanks for your question. Before I get to that I would like to address your first statement regarding your magickal timing.  Did you start your spell at 10 or did you finish it at 10? Many folks who observe times in the performance of their spells will do spells of an uplifting or drawing in nature when both clock hands are rising; conversely, spells done to move things away and keep enemies down will be done when both clock hands are falling. However, they will not typically perform spells when one hand is rising and one is falling, unless they are moved to do so by spirit or some great emotion (i.e. striking while the iron is hot). 

As you can see, if you started your spell at 10, it means that one hand was rising and one was falling.  If you finished your spell at 10, then chances are you started while both clock hands were rising and this is traditionally a time when you do work of an uplifting nature. That's not to say that your spell will automatically fail but that that was one more thing working against you in this matter. Again, if you were moved by spirit or emotion then chances are good that you did the right thing by being in the moment.

As to your question regarding the burial of your jar I am going to repeat what I have said previously. The intention of your spell often has a direct correlation on how you dispose of magical remains. Below you will find a general guide-line grouped by intention/goal to help you determine how best to dispose of magickal leftovers. 
  • To Attract Influences- If the work was done to draw something to you such as prosperity, a new lover, or good health,  the remains are buried on your property, often near your front door or under your front doorstep. 
  • To Keep and Maintain- If the work was done to keep something with you indefinitely such as a straying lover, the remains are buried in your backyard.
  • To Move Away- If the work was done to move something away from you such as a jinx, an enemy, or a negative condition, the remains would be buried off of your property. Choices for burial include 1) tossing in running water  or 2) burying at a crossroads.
  • To Increase- If the work was done to create or increase a condition such as prosperity or good health, bury or throw it toward the East so that its strengthen with the rising Sun. 
  • To Decrease- If the work was done to end or weaken a condition such as an enemy's good luck, ill-health, etc.. bury or throw it towards the West so that it will diminish with the setting Sun. 

Although you didn't mention your specific intention/goal with your enemy jar, I suspect that your plan was not to keep him or her around indefinitely. If it were me I would dig it up and dispose of it in a manner more consistent with the nature of the work and your ultimate goal. Finally, a word of caution. It is very important that, as far as possible, you perform a divination prior to any spell work to avoid mistakes and get yourself on the right track. Had you performed a divination before you did your spell you may have been able to make these changes in order to increase your spells effectiveness. 

Happy Hoodooing


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