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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To Break a Spell, Jinx, or Curse

Growing up we had a black walnut tree that grew in our yard. Many times they would fall off the tree still in their green-husks. Me and some of the other neighborhood boys would throw them at each other or hit them with a stick as if they were baseballs. 

I recall one time that I handled those husks so much that they stained my hand! Not only did I have a green thumb, I had all green fingers and a green palms too! My grandma was none too happy to see me walking around turning green.  I had to wash my hands several times in bleach to get that tint off my hands. 

Most folks are aware of how you can use black walnuts in a bath to ride one self of any and all emotions for a person.  This type of bath is usually done after the end of a relationship and helps you to emotionally detach yourself from the individual and put yourself in a positive space.

But did you know that you could also use a black-walnut tree to rid yourself of a witch's curse? To begin, find a black walnut tree growing in a secluded place and call it after the one who cursed you. Draw an X on the tree and drive a nail in its center part way. Everyday, drive that nail in a little farther. 

If the one you name is guilty, they will feel the pain of that nail. When they can't stand it anymore, they'll come for you, or send someone to borrow something from you.  If you give them what they want, it will break the power of the nail and they'll keep tormenting you. If you don't give them what they want, they will have to stop or the pain will kill them.

Alternately, some folks say you don't even have to know the name of the person who cursed you. You just name that X saying "this is the person that hexed me." Then drive they nail in the middle part of the X. Every day you go back and drive the nail in a little deeper as before. After a few days the person who jinxed you will start to feel the pain of that nail and either they'll come around wanting to borrow something from you or they'll send someone to borrow something from you. Whatever you do, don't give them what they ask for. Lie if you have to and say you don't have what they want. 

You see, some part of their spirit will know that what you've done and they'll also know that if you lend them something it will break the working and they'll have fixed you forever. You just keep going to your secret place every day to drive that nail in a little farther and make sure no one sees where you go! Eventually the person will see that you mean business and take the spell off you because, as some folks have it, if you drive the nail in all the way the person will die from their pain. 

Happy Hoodoo-ing 


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