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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the Cards 2013

Commentary: With the end of one cycle comes the beginning of a new one and you have the good fortune to be possessed of a great deal of potential. You are surrounded by strong allies in both human and spirit form who are willing to assist you. However, your advancement forward can often be blocked by an oppressive force, do not let it distract you and drain you of vital energy causing you to make poor choices. Instead keep your eyes on your goal and keep your thoughts, words, and deeds consistent with who you really are. Soon you must evaluate the wisdom of holding on to that which does not serve to uplift you so that you that you can keep and protect that which reflect your true-values as well as that which is necessary in order for you to grow. Nurture your creativity and talents and your efforts will be richly rewarded! 

Happy Hoodooing!


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