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Thursday, January 10, 2013

MIPC: Dr. Lotus' Hot Foot Spell

Dr. Lotus:                     So, young man, what can I do to help you?

Theo Huxtable:             I have a problem.
Dr. Lotus:                     Of what nature? Love? Legal? Money?

Theo Huxtable:            There’s this guy, Scott and he's trying to bird-dog my girlfriend. You know, move in on her?

Dr. Lotus:                     What do you want me to do to him?

Theo Huxtable:            Make his arms turn into lobster claws. Then you could make a tree grow out of his neck. Then make his hair catch on fire.

Dr. Lotus:                 So you'd like something painful. Perhaps even copious amounts of blood? Sorry, I don't hurt people.

Theo Huxtable:              So how are you going to help?

Dr. Lotus:                    I don't have to harm the gentleman. It seems to me what is required here is something to make Scott go away.

Theo Huxtable:             What do you mean?

Dr. Lotus:                     I mean, send him to another state or country.

Theo Huxtable:            You can really do that?

Dr. Lotus:                     Most certainly. I have documented proof.

Theo Huxtable:            How do you do it?

Dr. Lotus:                  I take this chicken foot and cover it with vinegar. Then I write Scott's name backward on sheep parchment. I burn the sheep parchment and sprinkle the ashes over the      chicken foot. And Scott will go away and he will know why.

Theo Huxtable:            Perfect.

The Cosby Show, "The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus" 
Original Air Date: Feb. 16th, 1989

Commentary:  Before I begin my commentary I would like to remind my new readers that MIPC stands for Magick in Popular Culture. It is a series of blog posts in which I take a spell, ritual, belief, or practice from fictional sources and analyze them according to real-world metaphysical principles for accuracy or efficacy and even creativity!

That being said, the writer(s) of this episode must have done some research because there appears to be some elements to this spell that have very clear symboligical significance. 

The chicken foot, I believe, here literally represents the victim's own foot or feet. Pouring vinegar over the foot would indicate things turning "sour" for him. In addition, in the Hoodoo Tradition, names are often written backwards on petitions or candles to represent a reversal, backing off or moving away from you. Burning the petition and rubbing the ashes on the chicken foot adds heat to the spell giving the victim the "hot foot" and sending him away.

With this symbolism in mind, I think that this is a clear cut spell; nonetheless, there are a few things I would do to augment it and make it more powerful. Being a professional practitioner, however, Dr. Lotus probably held back portions of his spell to prevent the client from duplicating it with any success.  

First of all, I would flip (or butt) a black-candle, and mark it with the victim's name written backwards. I would then stroke the candle away from me over his name several times saying "(N) as I stroke this candle away from me, so may you move away from me  and out of my life forever. In Jesus' name. Amen."

Then I would write out my petition by writing the victim's name backwards on a piece of paper 3,5,7, or 9 times. I would anoint the 4 corners and center of the paper with Hot Foot Oil. If I had his personal concerns (hair, nail clipping, etc..) I would place this in the center of the petition and fold it away from me three times saying something such as "As I fold this paper away from me, so may (N) move away from me and out of my life forever. In Jesus' name. Amen." and then place the paper under the candle.

Next, light the candle and pray:

"With God's blessings,  as Jesus cast the demon out of the possessed, may (N) be cast out of my life. As Jesus made the blind to see, let (N) see that this is not the place for him to be. As Jesus made the lame to walk, let (N) walk out of my life forever. In Jesus' name. Amen."

Let the candle burn down and when it has done so take the petition from under the candle and tie it to the chicken foot by wrapping a piece of string or yarn away from you securing the petition to the chicken foot. Again, you may wish to say something like "As I wind this thread away from me, so may (N) move away from me. In Jesus name. Amen." Dress the chicken foot with Hot Foot Oil and place it in a jar of vinegar along with red peppers, black pepper, salt, and a few drops of Hot Sauce. 

Finally, dispose of the jar. Choices for disposal include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. At a crossroads
  2. Burial in a graveyard (pay a spirit to send the person away)
  3. Thrown in running water.

NOTE: Since the original purpose of this spell was to hot foot a rival in love, I would definitely add words to my prayers and petitions stating that the person would not only get out of my life but my partner's life as well. For example: "As Jesus made the lame to walk, let John Brown walk out of my life and Jane Doe's life forever! In Jesus' name. Amen."  

Happy Hoodooing!

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