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Monday, January 21, 2013

MM: The Numbers Game

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I was reading the page on your website about writing petitions and I have a questions. You say that names are written an odd number of times, usually 3, 7, 9,or even 13. My question to you is, if I am writing a petition for a specific purpose, how do I know the correct number of times to write the name or names?


New to Hoodoo 

Hi New and thanks for your question, 

Basic Petition
As I stated on my website, the simplest petition of all consist of writing the person's name on a square of paper an odd number of times, usually 3, 7, 9, or 13. The most common seem to be 3, 7, and 9; however I am uncertain as to why 5 is rarely if ever used since it is associated with the "five-spot" of deploying ritual remains.  I believe that odd numbers are used, in lieu of even ones,  because odd numbers are thought to be both active and dynamic.

There are many factors that go into deciding how many times a name should be written down when formulating your petitions. Some folks simply have personal preferences and will always write the name a certain number of times. Its just their way. 

In my personal practices,  the number of times you write a name on a petition should be based on your intent and those numbers that are in harmony with your intent. 

For example, three is the number of manifestation but it is also associated with the Holy Trinity. Three is considered an all-purpose number of times to write a name. If you wish to manifest something, heal dis-ease, confer protection, of affect yourself or another in any way---- then write the name three times. 

Seven is a very fortunate number that is associated with luck and attraction. It is also associated with the seven days of the week and the seven classical planets that rule over every human endeavor / goal.  If you are trying to bring about any kind of lasting change, write the name 7 times. That seven is associated with attraction is not to say that it isn't used to move something away from you as well. For instance, a name can be written on a piece of paper backwards to send that person away.

Nine is a very powerful number used to impose your will on others, to cross them, and control them. And finally, 13 is a number steeped in superstition. Often considered an 'unlucky' number it is used when you wish cross or uncross yourself, another person, or to reverse enemy work.  

Again, these are not hard and fast rules. What is important, I believe, is that you find a system or thought process that works for you and to be consistent in your adherence to that system. 

Happy Hoodooing!

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