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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chakra Cleanse (Wiccan)

Chakras (N): Seven major energy vortexes in the human body. Each is usually associated with a color. These vortexes are: crown-violet, forehead-indigo, throat blue, chest-green, naval-yellow, abdomen-orange, groin- red.

Life is energy and energy is everywhere. It is that which connects us all.  When energy is flowing smoothly and freely then health is maintained.  Think of a river. When it is allowed to follow its own course without being dammed up, diverted, polluted, etc. then the river flows free and sustains not just itself but the plants and animals which rely on it's bounty. 

However, when it is blocked in some way the result can be a fetid river lacking enough oxygen to keep even a few fish alive. So it is true with our bodies. When we are flowing easily health is maintained, but when we experience a block in our energy the system begins to break down leading to emotional problems and eventually physical illness. The Chakra system offers a way to check the energy so we can understand what is happening in our body and become aware of blockages before illness results.  

Just as there are several methods to cleanse your aura, there are several methods which have been devised to cleanse and balance one's chakras.  The most common methods employed uses burning sage and smoking the body. Beginning with the Crown Chakra and moving down to the Root Chakra, visualize each of the chakras one at a time. Mentally scan the chakra and visualize the cleansing smoke driving out all impurities from the chakra and charging it with energy and zest.  If you desire you may wish to chant a little charm or diddy such as the following:
White, purple, blue and green,
yellow, orange, and red –unclean;
I call on you to cleanse your hues,
and shine with a strength renewed!
When you are done, strongly visualize each of the chakras spinning along your spine, glowing brighter than ever before.

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