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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mailbag Monday: Killin' the Hand

Dear Carolina Dean,

I made a [mojo bag] for a co-worker, but his room-mate intercepted the mail and handled it. Does this mean that the items inside are ruined? Do they need to be disposed of or can they be reused ?


Confused in Kentucky

Hello Kentucky and thank you for your question, 

Fred Sanford showing Lamont his Mojo-Bag
First of all, it is my assertion that the admonition against anyone seeing or touching your mojo bag comes from a time when slaves could be beaten or killed for possessing such an item. 

By telling an individual that their mojo (something they likely paid a heft price to obtain) would lose its power if anyone saw or touched it would ensure that the individual will keep the mojo hidden. In addition, if a slave were to be found with a mojo-bag, then surely it stands to reason that someone likely made it for him or her  which could lead back to the mojo-maker being beaten or killed as well (and probably not before he or she is forced to reveal the names of their other customers.)

Curiously, the rule against anyone seeing or touching your mojo-bag does not seem to apply directly to Nation Sacks as Cat Yronwode illustrates here how a woman allowed her daughter-in-law to retrieve her Nation Sack from where it was hidden and bring it to her.  In this case, one woman is allowed to both see and touch another woman's Nation Sack but not any men.

Therefore, it is my belief that a mojo is not automatically "killed" if another person sees or touches it. However, should this occur you will have to test the mojo. Ask yourself, does my mojo bag feels different? Has my luck (or whatever) change for the worse? If the bag feels different or you're unsure, then a divination would be in order. This can be done simply enough by holding a pendulum over the mojo and ask a few question, such as:

  1. Is this mojo-bag still alive?
  2. Is it strong enough to continuing working for me?
  3. Does it need to be reconsecrated?
If the mojo bag needs to be reconsecrated, I would ritually smoke it in incense, and feed it some condition oil along with my fervent prayers. As part of the rite, I would burn an appropriately fixed-candle and leave the mojo bag in the glow of its flame until the candle is spent. 

If your mojo-bag needs to be redone, I would dispose of any soft items (herbs, powders, petition, etc...) and wash any hard items (roots, coins, etc..) in whiskey, Florida-Water or Hoyt's cologne and remake the bag from scratch. 



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