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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Service Review: Readings with 53rd Spirit

Note: This is the first in a series of blog post in which I will give an honest and fair review of the services of various Readers, Rootworkers, and Spiritual Practitioners with whom I have either bartered or traded spiritual goods and/or services.

Who is 53rd Spirit?

Let me begin by saying that I will not use her real name in this review as 53rd Spirit advertises her services as a Tarot Reader under that name and so I will refer to her as 53 in my review. Before anyone asks, I once asked 53 about the meaning of her name and though she told me I have forgotten. I believe that it is a reference to one of the Solomonic Spirits, but you'll have to ask her yourself if you're especially interested.

I first met 53 on a social networking site designed for Rootworkers and Spiritual Practitioners and though I found her a little unapproachable at first I later discovered that she was a very warm, friendly, and knowledgeable individual. After we both left "the site" where we originally met, our friendship translated to Facebook where we continued to get to know one another as much as one can on Facebook. 

I am a very open person, but being somewhat in the public eye there are certain details of my life that I prefer to keep private. In fact, 53rd Spirit is one of the very few people that I have allowed to have my personal residential address. We have routinely traded birthday and holiday cards and have both sent and received packages from one another, although I have to admit, I have been much more richly rewarded in that regard with her generous gifts or old and rare tarot decks which I have added to my collection. And I hope that she knows how much I have appreciated those gifts. 


Having read that I am sure that you, my astute readers, can tell that this review will be positive in nature. However, to be honest, as far as I can recollect I have only had a handful of readings with 53 but I have to tell you that this lady was spot on! 

In 2011 I had to defend myself in a court case over an unemployment issue. Basically my employer said I quit and I maintained that I was not scheduled to work and therefore did not show up. I was very worried about the outcome because if I lost the case I would lose my unemployment benefits and probably lose my home as well. 53 did a reading for me that quelled my fears by prophesying my victory. And what a victory it was, but that's another story.

Months later I was depressed over the fact that I had been on unemployment for over a year and 53 did another reading for me of her own volition. She predicted that I would be getting a job in a career that was totally foreign to me. Later, when I got a job stocking the frozen food section of a local grocery store I thought this was the job she had foreseen. I had worked in grocery stores before as a bookkeeper but never as a stock-boy. It was only later when I got a job in the moving-industry did her prediction make sense. 

As 53 states on her website, "All personal card readings are private and done by me with tarot cards or regular playing cards. I do NOT read for "entertainment purposes," but rather to reveal options as presented in the cards and to help you understand the options as we see them together." and I have to agree with her wholeheartedly. 

My readings with 53rd Spirit have always been honest, insightful, and accurate! I highly recommend getting a reading from her today!



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