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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mandrake Mojo to Enable Conception

Note: This working was written for a heterosexual female with a male partner who wishes to conceive. It can, however, be adapted for use by single women who wish to conceive by artificial insemination or by gay and lesbians couples using a surrogate or third partner in order to conceive a child. 

When the moon is Full, on a piece of paper, write your name on a piece of paper seven-times. Turn the paper sideways and write your partner’s name seven times. In a circle around the two names, write your specific wish such as “birth of a healthy baby”. Anoint the paper with your vaginal fluids / menstrual blood and your partner’s semen. 

Tie the paper around a mandrake root with red thread. Wind the thread towards yourself, as you make your prayer or petition to conceive. Anoint the root with Mandrake Oil and place it in a red mojo bag (for life) along with the following (each anointed with Mandrake Oil as well).

  • Angela Root (good health, females)
  • Flax Seed (protects children)
  • Rosemary (good luck in family affairs)
  • Southern John Root (prevents miscarriage)
  • Sacagawea Dollar (Native Female, carrying a baby)

Carry the mojo bag on you every day. Specifically, pin it to the inside of your underwear as close to your womb as possible. Anoint the mojo with Mandrake Oil once a week.

Finally, when the Moon is New / Waxing, light an orange candle dressed with Road-Opener Oil to prepare the way for your new child to come to you. Pray the 16th Psalm and pay special attention to the 11th verse which says “ show me the path of life.”


Carolina Dean 

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