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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prescriptive Rites: Case Study 4 (Lonely Guy)

Divination is the process of gaining information about the past, present, or future using certain objects and tools which may include but are not limited to Tarot Cards, Runes, Astrology, Playing Cards, and the use of Crystal Balls---these being the most popular modes of divination today. Using the Tarot, I will demonstrate how to give a simple four card reading and prescribe spell work based on the reading intended to address a person's issue or condition in a positive manner. 

Case Study 4 (Lonely Guy) 

"Lonely Guy" is a 24 year old heterosexual male. He describes himself as a shy, overweight, homebody. He has never been in a long-term relationship with a girl and would like to know why he can't meet eligible women.

The Reading (Tarot of Marseilles Deck) 

  1. The Past: The 5 of Pentacles here is an outward symbol of your own internal feelings. Much like each individual pentacle is separated from one another, you feel separated from others. Hence, this is a card of loneliness, insecurity, and emotional numbness. 
  2. The Present: Rather than a metaphor, the Hermit here is a literal description for who you are. There are hints here that your hermitage is largely self-imposed. Notice how the Hermit is looking at the pentacles? There are people that want to get in and there are people that you want to let in but for some reason you will not let them in.
  3. The Future: The Page of Swords is a young person of either gender, though here I suspect it is female. She is perceptive, insightful, and carries the sword of truth with which she cuts away lies. The Hermit is a seeker of truth, his lamp lights the way for wisdom---but here his back is turned on the Page of Swords (the truth bearer). The lie is that you've told yourself over and over again is that you are not worthy of love, the you're too fat to meet someone nice,  too unattractive, etc..The person represented by the Page of Swords isn't necessarily the girlfriend that you're looking for (though she could be) but rather someone who will help you accept the truth that you are worthy of love and happiness.
  4. The Outcome: The world is the best card in the deck. It represent lessons learned, the completion of a cycle and that you are ready for greater challenges. Here it is the promise of the relationship with a compatible female that you desire. 
Spell Recommendation 

I am not going to recommend a spell for you because I believe that your present state is a product of your negative thoughts about yourself. Simply stated 'what you think, you become'. Until you change your thoughts for the better no spell, ritual, or working will be successful for you. However, I will recommend a technique to help you change your thoughts and thereby help you begin to make positive changes in your life.  Science tells us that it takes 21 days to form new habits (which is interesting because The World is the 21st card in the Major Arcana).
  • For the next 21 days (at least) I want you to make an effort to consciously change your thoughts about yourself. First of all, every day when you get out of bed I want to you to tell yourself  "I am worthy of love. I deserve love. I attract love" Don't just say it once, say it over and over again throughout the day either out loud or silently to yourself. 
  • In addition, each time you think a negative thought about yourself, I want you to stop mid-sentence and immediately replace that negative thought with a positive one. For instance, you might find yourself thinking "I am too fat to meet anyone" change that to "Girls find me irresistible and attractive". 
  • Instead of focusing on things you don't like yourself, each day I want you to think about something that you do like about yourself  and keep a running list. It doesn't matter how big or small the trait is it could be your sense of humor, your handwriting, the color of your eyes, your sense of compassion for others, etc....
  • Some folks find it helpful to write their affirmations down because the added concentration it takes to write something down helps block out extraneous thoughts.
  • STOP referring to yourself as "Lonely Guy"! You think you're being cute or humorous but by giving yourself that name you are re-affirming those old thoughts and beliefs that you are not worthy of love. From now on I want you think of yourself as "Ridiculously Attractive Guy who Has to Beat Women off With a Stick". 
Finally, I want you to check in with me in 30 days at no charge and we will see how you have progressed and re-visit your situation. If at that time we both feel that you have made progress in the right direction I will be happy to recommend a course of remediation for you. 


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