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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sample Reading: The Four Doors Spread

Question: Am I going to find a happy loving relationship?

The cards indicate that you recently ended a relationship (5 of Swords) perhaps within the last month or so. I get the sense here that this man was somewhat domineering (The Chariot) with his opinions and often hurt you with his words (whether intentional or not). There’s also an indication of possible infidelity.

Although you were having your problems, the break-up came as somewhat of a surprise to you (Death) and that you were deeply effected by it (10 of Swords) and now are dealing with feelings of betrayal and thoughts of self-pity. However, notice how the figure’s hand makes the sign of blessing? This break-up was probably a blessing in disguise because ultimately this was not the right person for you nor was it a healthy-relationship.

This period of self-doubt is only temporary; you have faced the worst and survived. Now with the future before you, you have the whole world in your hands (2 of wands). Wands relation to fire, now notice that this figure is standing between two wands (candles) and looking out over the ocean? Part of the rite of Spiritual Bathing consist of stepping backwards out of your bathtub and passing between two lit candles and disposing of a portion of your bath-water at a crossroads. I would recommend going forward that you perform a Spiritual Bath that consist of at least 2 forms of salt (table salt, sea salt, kosher salt, pickling salt, etc…) and a little of your own urine. This is done to cleanse yourself of the associations of the past (see links below for more information). By performing a spiritual bath, you are washing away the negativity of the past so that something positive can take its place.

Whereas Wands relate to fire, pentacles relate to material things (often money, but not always). The Six of Wands here is indicative of the attitude that you should adopt in your life. The cards are saying be generous with yourself, don’t look for someone else to give you happiness but create your own happiness. If you are a familiar with The Secret, you are aware that it is a philosophy that teaches “what you dwell on inwardly, you manifest outwardly”. This is a very old axiom shared by many spiritual traditions. Simply stated, you are seek to attract love, then be loving. Let your thoughts dwell on love, surround yourself with people and things that remind you of love, take time to indulge your senses with pleasure take in the beauty of a sunset, savor the deliciousness of chocolate, or whatever you like.

I foresee the appearance of man in your life who could represent a potential mate (King of Wands). I feel that you will meet him around the middle/end of summer. He has a commanding presence, is energetic, decisive, and a true-gentleman. I also get the sense that he is old-fashioned in the sense that he is the type to open doors for you, stand up when you leave the table, etc…some women see this as sexist so it will be important for you to understand that these are not signs that he thinks you are weak or need protecting but rather signs that he respects and cares for you.

I see this relationship will teach you about being in the moment, enjoying your experiences, taking risks (Page of Wands). This relationship will be spontaneous, lively, and enthusiastic. You will get the opportunity to see new things, and have experiences that will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

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