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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Using Divination to Interpret Dreams

Dream Interpretation: An Overview 
There are three main schools of thought regarding dream interpretation. They are:
  1. Literal Interpretation
  2. Reversed Interpretation
  3. Symbolic Interpretation

Literal Interpretation

The literal approach views dreams as they are with little to no interpretation whatsoever. For example, if you dream of being in a car accident then you will be in a car accident; if you dream of receiving a letter
from an old friend, then you will receive a letter from an old friend.

Reversed Interpretation

In these cases dreams are interpreted as representing the opposite of the essence of the dream. For example, dream of a death and there will be a birth; dream of a wedding and there will be a divorce.

Symbolic Interpretation

This approach to dream interpretation holds that elements in a dream are symbolic of something else. Those who follow this approach often make use of dream books which assign meanings to various elements found in dreams. The meanings assigned to these elements often have no logical connection. For example, dream of a bedpan and it augurs a sudden rise in your fortune. Some dream books also assign numbers to the elements. For example, the number assigned to mirror is 953. Therefore if you dream of a mirror, it is a good idea to play that number in the lottery.

It is also possible to use divination to gain insight into a dream. In the example below I will share a dream that I recently had and perform a reading on what it means.

The Dream

I was back in my home town, moving into the first house I ever lived in on my own as an adult. A woman showed up to interview me for a book. As she talked to me I decided to take her down the street to the house I grew up in and we walked along the way. As we walked down the street I pointed out things that had changed since I had moved away. In my dream a gully had been transformed into a beautiful lake. As I walked down the street there was a little white house that had "Crystal Silence League Prayer Space" in red paint written on the front of it. We continued to speak as we walked down the road, people came out of their houses just to see me and wave. I got the feeling I was famous. A little further down the road there was a man selling crystals out of his home, we stopped in and shopped while we talked and I bought a crystal point. I know we talked the whole time, but I don't remember anything she said.

The Reading

This dream was sent to you by your Ancestors (Judgement) to be a wake up call and a gentle reminder that they are around you, they care about you, and they are genuinely interested in what is going on in your life as well as how they can assist you. Problems arise when you refuse to consider the dream's deeper meaning (The Hanged Man, reversed). This is a message that you cannot and should not ignore. 

In order to have a positive, healthy relationship with them, there is often a give and take with the spirits and though your Ancestors are interested in you and your life, you have not reciprocated with them as you should have (Temperance). Notice how the Page of Cups is holding a cup and what appears to be a bowl? The Ancestors are asking for the offerings that you should be making in the first place, they want some of your time, your prayers, and your good thoughts.

Whereas you originally thought the message of this dream was an indication that you should return to the land of your birth, it was more about your Ancestors coming to you to remind you of their presence as evidenced by all the many people that came out to greet you as your "interviewer" walked the path with you. I suspect that the lady who interviewed you was a female-ancestor who was a facilitator and who has a special interest in you. My suggestion to you is that, in addition to making offerings and prayers at your Ancestral-Altar that you also include some kind of crystal on the altar for clarity. 


Since this reading, I have cleaned off my ancestor altar, and renewed my offerings. I have a quartz crystal point that I usually keep by my computer for clairity which I have transferred to my Ancestor Altar. 

In addition, I found a 7 inch tall ceramic female figure in the thrift store a week ago Saturday and though I was intrigued by her I didn't purchase the figure. I returned to the thrift store the following Tuesday and she was still there. This time I purchased her, but really didn't know why. 

After doing this reading and thinking about the dream some more, I now realize the figure resembles the woman in my dream who "interviewed" me. I have cleansed the figure with Chinese Wash and smoked her in incense and she now resides on my Ancestor Altar to represent this specific female ancestor. I am currently in the process of getting to know her and am trying to ascertain her name. 


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