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Sunday, April 21, 2013

*ENDED* Enter for a Chance to Win a Custom Helper-Doll

Crown of Success Helper-Doll
This week you are entering for a chance to win a free custom Helper-Doll. Helper-Dolls are those dolls which represent intangible concepts such as healing, prosperity, protection, etc... and not necessarily a specific individual although in some cases they can.  They are often crafted in a color or colors which resonate with your goal and contain those herbs, roots, and/or curios that are traditionally prescribed to address your specific issue or goal.

For example, a doll for love will likely be sewn in red or pink cloth and stuffed with coriander seed, cubeb berries, and lemon grass along with a list of traits you desire in a lover.
Helper-Dolls can be made for virtually any purpose such as drawing prosperity, love, success, healing, protection, luck in gambling, creating a peaceful home, etc....Each Helper-Doll I craft is custom-made by hand according to your own need and for this reason no two will be exactly alike. 
Your Helper-Doll will be crafted in a color which is in harmony with your goal and will contain a petition / name-paper and at least 3 herbs, roots, and/or curios traditionally associated with your goal. In addition, each doll  comes with instructions for its use and deployment.

***How to Enter to Win***
  1. To enter the contest simply submit $1.00 per entry via paypal to
  2. Each dollar you submit will then constitute one (1) entry for the drawing to win. For example, $1.00 represents one entry, $5.00 represent five entries, $10.00 represents ten entries, $20.00 represents 20 entries etc....
  3. You may enter as many times as you wish.
  4. Contest ends at 6 pm on April 26 and I will announce the winner at the Carolina Dean Fan Page on Saturday, April the 27th. 
  5. When the winner is announced I will contact you via email to discuss your needs. I will perform a 4 card reading on your situation, prescribe, and construct a custom doll baby specifically for your needs.
  6. You are responsible for providing me with any personal concerns, name-papers, etc...that will go into your Helper-Doll.
  7. Once made, I will mail your Doll to you along with directions for its use and deployment. 
  8. I reserve the right to disqualify any person for any reason. 


Carolina Dean

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