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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finding Your Fortress in Times of Distress

I get a number of emails from people all over the world each day who are in "spiritual crisis" or who simply THINK that they are in a spiritual crisis. Those who know me, know exactly how tender-hearted I am. I am known for giving out a great deal of free information in order to help people help themselves and I have privately given out free products and services at my own expense to many of my customers, fans, and various seekers. However, no matter how many candles I burn; or how many positive thoughts I send out into the universe there is a limit to the amount of products and services I am able to simply give away. 

In those cases, when a person does not feel empowered to do work for themselves and would like another individual to assist them with a case I always offer the following advice. First, I advise them to pray. Simply pray for themselves from a place of thankfulness and not a place of desperation.

Next, I suggest that you go to the Crystal Silence League and submit a prayer request. Once submitted a large number of spiritual practitioners will pray especially for you and your need. 

Finally,  I suggest that you go here and read about the AIRR Pro Bono Fund, then click here to apply. And if you are in a position to help someone, then you can donate time, supplies, or funds to the program in order to help others too.


Carolina Dean 

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