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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let Go and Let God Ritual

It has been observed that the best of friends often make the worst enemies and there comes a time in everyone's life when you realize that your friend is not your friend, or your lover is only true as long as they can get what they want out of you whether it be money, easy sex, or attention.  

Parting ways with someone to whom you were once so closely connected can often be a difficult process. Many times, being able to move on is hindered by a need of one or both parties to confront the other. This is often done out of a desire to either show the person how much they have hurt you, and thereby get them to understand why you wish to no longer be their friend, or to hurt the other person in return.

Such confrontations often consist of one or both parties explaining what a burden the other person's friendship was, how lucky one person was to have the other, or how much one person did for the other, etc... These conversations usually devolve into personal attacks and judgements about an individuals life choices, mistakes, etc... whereas before the end of the relationship this person was perfectly accepting and supportive of you.

The sense of hurt, loss, and betrayal can be overwhelming and for some people, they need a little something extra to move on with their life. For those people, the following ritual is recommended. 

Let Go and Let God Ritual

At your altar, butte, or flip,  a yellow candle and mark it with the name of the person (written backwards) from which you wish to disconnect yourself. Anoint the candle with  cut and clear oil and light it saying:

"With God's blessing, as this candle burns down to nothing may any feelings I have for (N) or any connection I still have to him / her now burn away til nothing remains. In Jesus name. Amen."

Using a pen, write the name of the person you wish to completely let go of on a fresh lemon. Holding it in your hands, spend a few moments thinking about your desire to free yourself of any attachment or connection to this person. Now take that lemon and beginning at the top of your head and working down to your feet rub the lemon away from your body. Take your time as you do this, and pray the 54th Psalm.

When you are done, place the lemon by the candle and let it remain until the candle burns itself out. When the candle is spent, place any remains in a paperbag along with the lemon and carry it to the nearest crossroads and leave it there as an offering to the Lord for delivering you. Alternately, you can bury the lemon in the earth some where off of your property. As the lemon rots and waste away so will your feelings and connection to the person. 


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