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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dream Diary: Of House and Home

Until recently I was never particularly interested in my dreams. They were sporadic, fleeting, and too surreal to clearly decipher. Beautiful homes, teeth falling out, sexual encounters, bouncing through the air, and an inability to run in my dreams have been common themes over the years. In addition, I have always experienced seeing visions, hearing voices and feeling physical sensations of falling asleep. This will be the first in a series of blog posts in which I explore the contents of my dreams as I think they may hold a message for those other than myself.

Dream Landscapes 

Houses and homes are common settings in my dreams. Sometimes it is a beautiful and elegant mansion. At other times it is a high-rise apartment with a breath taking view of a metropolitan city; or alternatively it is over looking the sea. Still other times it is an ordinary home, trailer, or even actual houses in which I have lived at one point or another.

In each case they have a few things in common. They are almost always beautifully decorated with "a place for everything and everything in its place"; they are always unquestionably mine; and they always have unique features like remote control windows.

Many dream books state that houses in our dreams represent the state of our lives---and reflect how our lives are or how we wish them to be. My "house dreams" are somewhat literal and somewhat symbolic. For years I have wished for home-ownership because of the freedom and stability that I believe it offers. At the same time I fear the commitment it takes or not being able to keep the house.

In many ways, I've always been searching for the place in which I belong; the place that belongs to me. My dream-home is a reflection of that desire.


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