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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack Balls

Although they resemble a pendulum, jack-balls are similar to mojo bags in that they each hold objects which are believed to attract or repel certain influences. In this way they are both a type of containerized spell, much like a bottle-spell, or a honey-jar.  Whereas a mojo bag is thought to be a spirit in and of itself the jack-ball, however,  is more an extension of one's own spirit, will, or consciousness.

Mojo-bags are fed a condition oil or a form of alcohol (usually whiskey) on a regular basis to keep them strong and working for you. They are also kept on one's person in a pocket, purse, or pinned to the inside of one's underwear. The Jack-Ball, by contrast, is proactively worked by swinging it by its tail to build up and release energy towards the accomplishment of your goal.

How to Use a Jack-Ball

Jack Balls can be used like a pendulum to divine yes/no answers to questions which are put to it. The types of questions your jack-ball will answer may depend on the type of jack ball you have created. For example, you make a jack-ball to protect your child which includes his or her personal concerns. Therefore, this jack-ball will only answer questions about your child and his or her safety and well-being.

However, unlike a pendulum a jack ball can also be used in magic to exert an influence over people and things. For example, a person may make a jack-ball to dominate their lover (see instructions below) and work it by swinging it around and around in a clockwise circle while making their prayer or petition. In another instance a person may make a money-drawing jack ball and operate it by swinging the ball by its tail toward them calling money to them as they do.

By focusing one's attention on the swinging ball, I believe that the operator goes into a light trance conducive to exerting their will onto the external world.

Naming Your Jack-Ball

Jack-Balls, like mojo-bags,  are believed to be living entities and as such they are often given a name. The name you chose to give your jack-ball is entirely up to you, however, it is traditional to name your jack-ball after the person it is meant work for or the person it is intended to influence.

Nonetheless, I often give my jack-balls (and mojo-bags) names based on their intent or purpose. Such names often come from the Bible (Sampson for a protection mojo) or they are given the name of a fictional character such as Gigolo Joe for a sex-drawing mojo bag.  The jack-ball photographed above was created for a client looking to draw a new love and as such she was named Yenta, a name synonymous with "matchmaker". These are just a few examples of how I assign names to jack-balls and mojo-bags.

How to Make a Jack Ball (Video)
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