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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divine Retribution Spell

This spell is designed to avenge yourself against someone who has hurt, slandered, or otherwise offended you in some way. Remember, in order for a spell such as this to succeed it must be justified. It is vitally important to perform a divination before doing such a spell to determine if it is or is not justified; and to cleanse yourself with a spiritual bath afterward.

To perform this spell you will need:
  • Taper Candle
  • 3 Votive Candle
  • Two Photos of the Person
  • Two Mirrors
  • Reversing Oil
  • Revenge Oil

Working the Root: Begin by bringing the two photos back to back so that they face outward. Next, place these photos between the two mirrors facing in and lay the mirrors flat on your altar or work space. In this way no matter which way the person turns their evil will come back to them. Surround the mirrors on three sides with the votive candle so that they form up upside down triangle (because you want to bring this person down).

Anoint the votive-candles with reversing oil. Mark the person’s name on the taper and anoint it with revenge oil. Place the taper in a holder and place this on top of the mirrors. Light the three votives saying the following:

“In the name of God the father (light first candle), God the son (light second candle), and God the Holy Spirit (light the third candle)……(light the taper candle and continue saying) I call upon the spirit of divine retribution to punish (Name) for his/her sin against me so that s/he suffers three times the pain and suffering that s/he has caused me. So may she suffer until such time as s/he comes to me  on her hands and knees begging my forgiveness. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.” 

You may change the wording of your petition to suit your needs as desired.

Let the candles burn down and you’re done!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mailbag Monday: Outwitting a Voodoo Doll ?

Dear Carolina Dean, 

I was recently told by a reader that my boyfriend's ex-wife has a voodoo doll of me. The reader believes that she has taken photos of me from facebook and incorporated it into the doll and that any time she gets in a bad mood she takes her frustrations out on the doll. 

Since she lives in another state and my boyfriend doesn't have any contact with her, I do not see how she could have any [intimate personal concerns] other than my photo. 

My question to you is that since she only has my photo and no [personal concerns] can I get out of the way of the voodoo doll by changing my appearance so that I no longer look like the doll? Please help!



Hi Cookie, 

Thanks for your question. The fact that this woman doesn't have your intimate person concerns (other than a photo) does not mean that she will not be able to successfully work magic against you. The more intimate the concerns the more powerful the connection to the individual.  I have known workers to do a lot with very little.

While changing your look does seem like a good idea, I do not think that it offer you any protection. The photo of you that this person used is still "you", just you at a different point in time and space than you are now. In addition, this person presumably has your real name and has baptized the doll in that name.

Therefore, at this point, I would assume that this woman's work is having an impact on your life on some level. If you didn't believe, at least subconsciously, in that possibility you wouldn't be asking this question. These are questions that you should have explored with your reader. However, I can say that were I in your situation I would begin a regiment of protection and reversal spells. Options available to your include, but are not limited to:


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dream Diary: A Rite for Money and Luck

I was at my old house on 56 Poplar St, sweeping my front porch. I was approached by an Asian man wearing a beige sports jacket, jeans, and sneakers. He was taller than the average Asian male and had short hair he wore combed straight back but which was slightly curly on top.

I cannot remember what he wanted or what all we talked about but I clearly recall him telling me that his grandmother used to bury coins, broom-straws, and coco powder near the front door for money and luck.---July 26th, 6:08 am

While I had time to do this when I got home on Friday evening, I felt that something like this should be done early in the morning rather than in the evening; as it is my habit to do magic to draw things to me in the morning at or near sunrise, and magic to move things away from me in the evening near sundown. So, the following morning I got up and collected some broom-straws from my household broom, a coin in each denomination, and substituted cinnamon-sugar for the cocoa powder as I had none.

In order to analyze this rite, I began to think about the individual uses of these items in the practice of magic and Hoodoo. My first thought was that Asian + Broom Straws = Chinese Wash ( a product used for spiritual house cleansing) and that in and of itself  may be something to explore as well. However, I continued to research and discovered that broom-straw is used to drive off evil (people and spirits), to uncross yourself (via a bath), and to ward off the hag that rides you.

I could find no magical tradition that used cocoa in any form of its magic except for its use in Mayan culture where it is known as “the food of the Gods”. It is used to make chocolate cakes, pies, and chocolate drinks; and the coins obviously represent money.

So, symbolically speaking it seems the purpose of this spell is to lure money to you via the sweetness of the cocoa while the broom drives off any evil people or spirits that may also be drawn to the cocoa as well. Alternately, the cocoa may represent an offering to helpful Gods, spirits, energies that would look kind upon the home and bless it with wealth and luck in return for having laid out the offering of cocoa. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Magic Squares: A Primer

What is a Magic Square?

Albrecht Dürer's Magic Square
A magic square, or kamea, is a representation of spiritual forces in a mathematical format. They are typically arranged in such a way that any row is equal to the sum of any column.

While there are numerous magic squares, this section will deal with only those squares associated with the 7 classical planets. Each of the seven classical planets  have both a Seal and a Kamea, or Magic Square. Whereas the Kamea sets forces in motion, the seal brings them to a halt.

There are other energies and forces associated with each Kamea, for example the intelligences and spirits; however, for the purpose of this article we will speak only of the squares themselves as well as their seals. 
 How Magic Squares Can Be Used in Hoodoo

Sigil Magic

Those familiar with the Seals of Solomon and their uses in Hoodoo should have no problem making use of magic squares and there are a number of uses for them. They are popularly used in the creation of sigils. To make a sigil, or magical symbol, using a Kamea you must first determine a keyword that best describes your goal. For example, if your intent was to be a successful physician, you might choose the word ‘doctor’ to represent yourself as being successful in your chosen vocation.

Using the Western system of Numerology, render the keyword to its numeric equivalent:
                                                                                  D O C T O R

                                                                                  4  6  3  2  6  9

Now add up all the numbers that correspond to the letters making up the word,

                                                                          4 +6+ 3+ 2+ 6 +9= 30= 3

Now choose a square which corresponds to your goal. As in the example above, Jupiter rules success in one’s chosen profession. Draw a circle around the first number in the given sequence signifying the start of the sigil, then draw a straight line to the next number in the sequence drawing a parallel line across the last one signifying the end of the sigil. In the case of a number appearing twice in a sequence, this is symbolized by two triangles joined at the upper-most point. Finally, draw a square around the number which corresponds to the sum of the digits.
This will result in a sigil of the keyword. This sigil can then be used to create a talisman, or it can be drawn on a candle to represent one’s goal, written on a piece of paper and tucked into your pocket, or a mojo bag.
Another example of using this method entails creating sigils of the names of individuals on certain squares depending on your intention. For example, to create a sigil for the purpose of causing a specific person to love you, use the Square of Venus to create a sigil of their name; if you prefer not to work magic on a specific person and choose to increase your own general attractiveness, you may simply create a sigil of your own name on the Square of Venus.

You can use this process to manifest, attract, or dispel virtually any influence you desire. For example, to manifest a new car you may create a sigil for the words "new car" on the Square of Mercury, which rules travel. To get a job or promotion you may sigilize the job title you desire on the Square of the Sun for success.

Putting the "Magic" in Magic Square

Folks who find creating sigils somewhat difficult may utilize magic squares by simply creating a blank square and lightly drawing in the numbers with pencil. Next, you would ritually draw the numbers in the square as you focus on your intent. When using a magic square in this manner, I typically mutter an affirmative prayer over and over as I draw in the number. If you desire, you may turn the square over and write your petition or prayer in a more direct manner.

Deploying Magic Squares

Once you have your sigil or magic square, just what are you to do with it? A sigil may be carved on a candle, drawn on paper and placed in a doll, under a candle, in a mojo bag or worn in the shoe! A magic square may also be used in the same manner. In the case of sigils or squares drawn on paper they may be anointed with condition-oils (or sexual fluids in the case of love or sex spells) and/or smoked in incense before deployment. In addition they can be printed out and glued to Vigil Lights, spell bottles,  or painted on magic boxes. It may be helpful to think of your sigil or square as another form of petition.

You will find that your sigils and squares are much more powerful when you utilize those colors, herbs, times etc...that resonate on the same vibrational frequency in your spells. For example, for maximum power they should be created on the day with which they are associated. Ceremonial magicians who make use of magic squares not only take into account the day but also the hour in which a sigil is created. 

For example, a sigil for second-sight may be created on a Monday in the Hour of the Moon. Magicians have formulas for determining the planetary-hours of the day or night. However, it should be noted that the first hour of daylight each day is associated with the planetary energy that corresponds to that day. Therefore, you would likely make your second-sight talisman at sunrise on a Monday. If this is not possible, you may wish to perform your operation when both clock hands are rising.  In addition, it may be drawn in silver ink, smoked in herbs known for developing psychic ability anointed with a condition oil for second-sight and placed under a fixed silver candle which is then lit with your positive prayers. 

On the Use of Planetary Seals

You may recall at the beginning of this article I mentioned that each planet is associated with a magic square as well as a planetary seal. Whereas the square sets forces in motion, the seal brings them to a halt. What this means is that the seals are used to ward off, repel, or lessen the negative influences of the energy associated with the square.

For example, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, goes retrograde about 3 times a year for approximately 3 weeks at a time. What this means is that from our view on earth, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its rotation around the sun.  During such a retrograde those areas of life ruled over by Mercury are often disrupted.

To shield themselves from such disruptions a person might ritually cover the square of Mercury with the Seal of Mercury and places this under a candle. The candle may be burned for a few minutes each morning along with one's prayers or petitions for things to go smoothly in the realm of travel, communication, etc...Alternately, the Seal of Mercury may ritually drawn on paper, anointed with Mercury Oil and placed in a mojo bag along with other protective herbs, roots and/or curios.

In like fashion, the Seal of Venus may be used to dispel unwanted lovers; or the Seal of the Sun to keep from losing a job or promotion. These are just a few suggestion on the use of the planetary seals. The clever magician will find a myriad of other applications for these powerful symbols. 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mobilizing Mercury

Kamea of Mercury
Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, goes retrograde about 3 times a year for approximately 3 weeks at a time. What this means is that from our view on earth, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its rotation around the sun. 

During such a retrograde those areas of life ruled over by Mercury are often disrupted. In a past entry, I shared a remedy for retrograde planets that you can do during a retrograde to help ward off such negative experiences. Today, however, I would like to share a working to help get things moving in the right direction again after a mercury goes direct again. 

Each of the seven classical planets (associated with the 7 days of the week) have both a Seal and a Kamea, or Magic Square. Whereas the Kamea sets forces in motion, the seal brings them to a halt. How is this knowledge helpful? Well, Mercury goes direct today, to help it (and you) along anoint an orange candle with Road Opener Oil. 

Draw the Kamea of Mercury ----don't simply print it out you want to put your intent into the paper by focusing on your desire for road-opening while drawing the numbers. Anoint the four corners and center of the square with Road Opener Oil. Fold it towards you three times and place it under the candle. Light the candle and pray Psalm 25:1-5.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Herb Magic: Dandelion Root

Taraxacum officinale 

Dandelion Plant
"Dandelion" is French for "tooth of the lion" owning to the shape of the roots. In the Hoodoo tradition it is used to develop the gift of second sight and to make wishes come to pass. 

According to my grandmother, you can tell what time it is by blowing on a dandelion and then counting the number of seeds that remain attached. 

The root of the dandelion may be harvested in the summer months when they typically bloom but some folks prefer to do harvest them in the month of August when the Sun in in the sign of Leo (the Lion). To harvest the root, I usually take a long screwdriver and drive it into the ground on four sides of the plant to loosen the dirt around the root. If the ground is particularly hard I may pour water around the roots to soften the dirt. I then firmly take hold of the root and slowly pull it from the earth. The leaves are removed and the root is set aside to dry.

Dried dandelion root may be chopped up and made into a tea which is drunk three times a week to develop and nurture the gifts of dreaming true and/or second sight. In addition, the root of the dandelion may be used as a pendulum in a similar manner to Queen Elizabeth root.  In fact, I have a jack ball that contains a whole dried-dandelion root at the center along with two black-eyed peas (eyes to see) and a cowrie shell (a mouth with which to speak). I operate the jack ball like a pendulum and anoint it with Psychic Vision Oil once a week. 

In addition, whenever I have a specific question I wish to answer through my dreams, I place the jack-ball in a blue mojo bag along with my question written on a piece of paper. The paper may be anointed in the four corners and center with Psychic Vision oil as well. The mojo is then placed under my pillow where it remains until I get a dream which I believe addresses my question at which time the paper is removed from the mojo bag and burned.

Finally, dried-dandelion root may be included in a mojo bag along with other wish-granting herbs, roots, and/or curios such as job's tears or mojo beans as well as one's petition or prayer written on paper and dressed with a condition oil to make your wish come to pass.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream Diary: The White Room

I am walking along the road and see a decrepit apartment building to my left. There are six apartments in all; three on top and three on the bottom. 

The pain on one door is cracked and peeling. The lines from the cracked pain resemble a Vodoun VeVe, but the image disappears when I move closer to the door. I try to take a photo of the symbol on the door but I cannot. 

I continue my journey walking clockwise around a white room. In the center of the room there are people watching something on a screen but I cannot tell what they are watching. A white poodle walks beside me on the right and a preacher is behind me. I accidentally step on the poodle's paw and I lose his trust....